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Holiday serenity is achievable
December 17, 2017

Soon the turkey will be roasting in the oven and the sound of holiday music is heard throughout the land.

This is a time often pictured as chocked full of conviviality, cheer, warm heartedness, and a reaching out in love to those around us.

But sometimes, when we are burdened with too much to do in too little time, the holidays can become a time of anger and frustration.

To help keep your feelings of good cheer, peace, and serenity, you might want to try some of these ideas.

* Realistic goals: Compile a list of what needs to be accomplished during the holidays. Eliminate what you can and formulate a game plan that allows you to do a little at a time so the holidays are not a burden but a blessing. Don’t be afraid to evaluate family traditions and change what needs to be changed.

* Restraint: Don’t become carried away with spending money on gifts and decorations, racking up huge bills that make reading the mail a dreaded experience. The guilt you will feel if you spend wildly will be enough to spoil any holiday. Stick to your budget.

* Share: Remember not everyone has the ability to have a pleasant holiday season. Pick one or two charities and give of both your time and treasure.

* Time for yourself: Sometimes we become so wrapped up in making sure everyone has a wonderful Christmas that we forget about ourselves. Take time each day to be alone and enjoy a quiet moment.

*Empathy: You might become agitated while stuck in traffic or feel impatient with an inexperienced salesclerk but remember the people around you may be dealing with frustration too. A smile can be contagious.