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God Exists – Free seminar starts Jan 7th at 2pm
December 28, 2017

Christian Evidence Seminar

Sundays • 2pm • Front Royal Church of Christ
(140 West 15th Street | Front Royal, VA 22630)

The Church of Christ in Front Royal will be hosting a workshop presenting Christian Evidence, “God Exists”. There will be 10 lessons covering many introductory type questions most people have concerning God. How did we come to the theory there is not God or God cannot be proven. Subsequent topic will be “Cause and Effect” Design, Morality and Creation VS Evolution to name a few.

Each lesson is designed to provide factual information to the reader in simple to understand format. Interested persons may preview the lessons here.  Audio recordings will be added as they become available.

We invite all to come to our special service time 2:00 pm each Sunday afternoon January thru March for a honest discussion of the facts concerning the existence of God.

We pray you enjoy, and profit from, the Christian Evidences Study Courses. May God bless you all.

Local News
WATCH: Valley Forge – “The Crisis”
December 28, 2017

The story of George Washington at Valley Forge is told by Abel Johnson. Johnson’s history lessons aren’t about dates and data. Dressed as a man named Abel Johnston, a Revolutionary War veteran who happened to be Johnson’s great-grandfather six times removed.

The program tells of the horrid suffering 240 years ago of soldiers fighting for American Independence. The speaker is the Rev. Larry Johnson, the great(x4) grandson of a Revolutionary War Soldier from North Carolina.



What Matters Warren
Town Tip Thursday December 28th
December 28, 2017

After flying as an air ambulance pilot in Latin America for several years, local Front Royal resident Tom Zinn came home wondering what to do next. The image of a 3 sided triangle came to him one day which inspired him to create the Trimyd.

The Trimyd is made from 35 marbles. It is sold as a kit that you can put together as a fun family project or a quiet reflective process naming intentions as the marbles are fastened one by one. Be as creative as you wish! There are clock inserts available and many more insert ideas on the way.

Visit Trimyd Enterprises on Facebook or learn more at
Trimyds Enterprises

Interview with Beth Medved Waller and Tom Zinn

Town Notices
ALERT: Peak Shaving Friday Dec 29th
December 28, 2017

Due to the very cold weather,the Energy Services Dept. will do peak shaving tomorrow, Dec. 29th from 7am until 9am. You can help by putting off heavy electrical usage until later in the day.

Peak shaving is a technique that is used to reduce electrical power consumption during periods of maximum demand on the power utility. Thus saving substantial amounts of money due to peaking charges.

Peak shaving also helps the utility provide maximum base load power without starting an expensive to operate peaking generator. In the long-term peak shaving lets the utility reduce its investment in costly new power plants. Their customers who install on-site generating equipment share in those savings, by receiving reduced power rates year round.

Peak demand typically occurs between 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM during the months of July and August, which is the same time non-industrial consumers typically demand the maximum power for family activities and air conditioning.

For Front Royal, the peak demand in during the winter months. The Town Energy Dept will use several techniques to reduce the peak demand on our electric grid.

Typically power companies have a tiered rate structure which involves not only the amount of electricity consumed, but also takes into account when the electricity is consumed. It is common for a facility participating in peak shaving to experience a net energy savings of between 10% and 30% of their electricity bill.

Peak shaving systems use generators and paralleling equipment which allows the generator to monitor the electric grid, startup as necessary and synchronize frequencies with the grid. An added benefit of this equipment would be backup power in case of rolling backups and grid outages.

Use a frugal month to catch up after the holidays
December 28, 2017

The holidays are often filled with extra spending on things like travel, gifts, and food and many people end the year feeling weighed down in the financial department.

Popular blog Frugalwoods suggests that people make January an ‘uber frugal month’ by spending as little money as possible. Although the challenge sounds rather simple, it will require a bit of preparation.

Before starting, analyze all of the currently expected spending for the month. Then, divide those expenses into a discretionary list and a mandatory list. Rent, for instance, is non-negotiable, while a Starbucks latte can be easily skipped. Entire areas, such as entertainment, need a plan to decrease spending by substituting free or cheap options for the normal routines. Plan to stay frugal for the whole month for maximum savings. In the end, with the frugality meter reset, it will be up to participants to decide which behaviors they want to keep using in the future to save money over the long run.

According to Bankrate, using these no-spend periods isn’t just about saving money but also learning to control impulses. Being able to separate actual needs from simple wants will go a long way toward creating sustainable spending habits as well as provide an excellent jumpstart to a more frugal lifestyle.

For people that can’t manage a full month, blog Believe in a Budget recommends starting with a week or even a day. Their favorite, the no spend work week, allows a person to focus in on miscellaneous expenses that pop up during this time such as the before work coffee, expensive lunch at a restaurant, and unnecessary trips to the grocery store after work. It might feel a little strange bringing a bagged lunch to work, but it is also a great way to find more money for savings and investing in the things that are truly important.