What Matters Warren

What Matters Warren
Heather Davis and Tammy Ruggiero present The Bridge Project
January 13, 2018

Local poet and writer, Heather Davis has launched a project called The Bridge Project into our community with the intention of connecting people across all types of differences.  The call is out for us all to participate by creating art or writing that expresses what is inside our heart.  How do we want to connect?  What does connection mean to us individually?  In a world that feels so divided sometimes, let’s join together and build a bridge!  The final product will be a bridge for display all around town to admire and explore. How fun!

Theme: How we connect to other people across differences of age, gender, race, class, religion, culture, sexuality, nationality, ability, etc.
Requirements: Create artwork and/or write on 5 x 7 watercolor paper.
Submit: Send to Stover Insurance at 214 East Jackson Street, Front Royal, VA 22630 or place into marked boxes at Blue Wing Frog, Happy Creek Coffee, or the Samuels Public Library. DEADLINE: February 15, 2018

Note: Finished artwork will become part of a community art installation and will not be returned. Please send your name & contact info with the artwork.

Workshops: Free art/writing workshops will be held on January 20 and 27 at the Samuels Library from 10 am-12 pm to create the cards. Ages 12 and up.
Event: Finished cards will be affixed to a wooden slat rope bridge for display at a public event celebrating our connections across difference.
What Matters Warren
Town Tip – Warren Coalition upcoming pancake fundraiser and Mental Health Conference
January 11, 2018

The Warren Coalition has two great events coming up.

There will the a Character Pancake Day that is a fundraiser to help support all of the great work the Coalition does with over 3,000 of our children per year.  The other is a Mental Health Conference in February with the theme of recognizing trauma in children, with a special emphasis on fostering resilience and coping skills.  Below are links and details.  Please share this information, participate if you feel a fit for either of these events!

Pancake Day
, January 20 | 10am-1pm
For more details and ticket information visit: www.warrencoalition.org/pancake-day
To purchase tickets in advance, please call the Warren Coalition office at 540-636-6385.
Please note that tickets are non-refundable.

Mental Health Conference
, February 2 | 9am-3:45pm

To register, visit our EventBrite page.

Interview with Christa Shifflett and Beth Waller
A What Matters Initiative
Video by Jenspiration LLC
What Matters Warren
Town Tip – What is a Vision Board?
January 11, 2018

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

Join us at Open House: Meet in the Middle (213 E. Main Street) this Sunday from 1p-4p with Dr. Neema Tillery Moore as she provides a course on creating a vision board!

Vision boards help inspire, motivate and are a great way to help us make 2018 the best year yet! She will provide instruction, supplies and refreshments but encourages participants to bring magazines or photos or goals/dreams/wish-lists, etc. to add to the board.

FREE FOR THE FIRST 10 PARTICIPANTS. COST $15 to cover supplies/food–BETH WILL SPONSOR THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE TO SIGN UP, hurry and accept this invitation–she’ll explain how she’s used a vision board successfully for three years!

What Matters Warren
Town Tip – St Luke Community Clinic
January 5, 2018

St. Luke Community Clinic provides medical care for acute, minor illnesses and chronic medical problem care for low-income or uninsured residents of Front Royal and Warren County, VA. It has recently added dental services as well.

On the front porch at the St. Luke Community Clinic there is a clothes rack with jackets, hats and gloves for those in need. Also a blanket box. If you are cold this winter, please come and warm yourself up! Blessing box is located in the front yard of the clinic. Please consider dropping off nonperishable donations. Easy as can be, just stop by and drop any time.

St. Luke Community Clinic welcomes medical and nonmedical volunteers (especially dentists, hygienist), monetary donations, blankets, jackets, hats and gloves. For the Blessing Box, nonperishables and personal hygiene items and perfect! C-CAP is located in the basement and welcomes all clothing donations.

Below are a few statistics from 2017 St. Luke 2017 updates.


• St. Luke started Reiki Therapy that is made up of 3 volunteer Certified Reiki Therapist.
• St. Luke continues to see diabetic patients on Thursdays to meet their diabetic needs.
Numbers for 2017 through November 30, 2017
• Total Patients: 715
• Total Patient Visits: 2,983
• Chiropractor Visits: 50
• Every Woman’s Life Visits: 74
• Reiki Therapy Visits: 27
• Ear, Nose, and Throat Visits: 18
• Mental Health Visits: 205


• St. Luke now has (6) volunteer dentist
Numbers for 2017 through November 30, 2017
• Dentist Visits: 190
• Dental Hygiene Visits: 27

Community Out-Reach:
• St. Luke continues to visit Samuels Library on Tuesdays to take blood pressures.
• Involved in the 2017 Point of Testing in January to count the homeless population in Warren County.
• Attended various health and safety fairs within the community. (Valley Health and Fire Department Safety fair)
• Continue to maintain the Blessing Box placed in the front of St. Luke.
• St. Luke helps patients with applications for government phones.
• Continue to have Social Services at the clinic on Thursday evenings.

Partnerships with the following organizations:
• Community Foundation of Northern Shenandoah Valley
• National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics
• Valley Health/Warren Memorial Hospital
• Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics
• United Way

Clinic Hours:
Monday 9am – 5pm Appointment Only
Tuesday 9am – 5pm Walk-in Clinic
Wednesday 9am -5pm Appointment Only
Thursday 9am – 4pm Diabetic Clinic
Thursday 5pm – 7pm Walk-in Clinic / New Patient Registration / Social Services

St. Luke Community Clinic
316 N. Royal Avenue
Front Royal, VA 22630
[email protected]
phone: (540) 636-4325
fax: (540) 636-1743

Interview with Beth Medved Waller and Vicki Davies

What Matters Warren
Town Tip Thursday December 28th
December 28, 2017

After flying as an air ambulance pilot in Latin America for several years, local Front Royal resident Tom Zinn came home wondering what to do next. The image of a 3 sided triangle came to him one day which inspired him to create the Trimyd.

The Trimyd is made from 35 marbles. It is sold as a kit that you can put together as a fun family project or a quiet reflective process naming intentions as the marbles are fastened one by one. Be as creative as you wish! There are clock inserts available and many more insert ideas on the way.

Visit Trimyd Enterprises on Facebook www.facebook.com/trimyds or learn more at trimyds.com.
Trimyds Enterprises

Interview with Beth Medved Waller and Tom Zinn

What Matters Warren
Town Tip Thursday – December 21st
December 21, 2017

Front Royal Women’s Resource Center is CALLING ALL DREAMERS! Do you have a dream to transform your life, but could use a financial boost to make it happen?

Watch this video to learn more about Dare to Dream.

Do you want to continue training in a career path, purchase materials to grow your business, or start a new organization, but currently lack the funds? If you are a woman in Warren County apply for a Dare to Dream Grant from the Front Royal Women’s Resource Center. These grants of up to $1,000 provide women with an opportunity to continue moving forward with their goals.

Click here to download the application: Dare-to-Dream-Application-2018

The 2018 Dare to Dream Grant campaign begins Wednesday, November 1, 2017 and runs through Friday, January 12, 2018. Applications are available at Samuels Public Library and at the Front Royal Women’s Resource Center Office (27 Cloud Street, Front Royal, VA).   Please mail your application to FRWRC, PO Box 1748, Front Royal, VA 22630. You can also apply using the Online Application. If you have a dream or know someone in your life who has a dream and needs a financial boost to make it happen, this is your opportunity. Grants run up to $1,000.

Dare To Dream Enrichment Grant Description – Presented by the Front Royal Women’s Resource Center

These annual grants provide women with an opportunity to take a bold step forward in their lives or support the momentum if they are already on their way. Past recipients have used their grants to go to school or start a business. They have purchased computers, attended beauty school, created nonprofits and attended training programs along with many other projects.  Here is the link for Past Funded Projects.

Women residing in Warren County and ages 18 years and older are eligible for funding through this grant.  Applicants may not be enrolled in high school.

Front Royal Women’s Resource Center http://frwrc.org

Interview with Beth Waller and Rebecca Vaughan

What Matters Warren
UPDATE: What Matters W2 in Africa
December 19, 2017

On December 14th we headed to Africa to meet Herbie Kawuma, a Ugandan performing artist & CEO of Light Up Life Foundations (and recipient of Norway Youth Ambassador 2012).

Together with Herbie we are spreading awareness of and raising money for the children of the ghettos in Uganda. We are headed to the front lines to help them with food, clothes, shelter, school supplies, school fees and more. The children we help may be able to break the cycle of poverty and depression by giving them HOPE.

HOPE that tomorrow will be a better day, HOPE that someone out there really cares and hope for an education that may open doors to future opportunities they never knew were in their reach. TOGETHER WE CAN…just like Herbie’s song explains!

Your generous support is appreciated beyond words. THANK YOU!

Click here to help us reach the goal.

What Matters Warren
Town Tip Thursday – December 14th
December 14, 2017

Doug Stanley, County Administrator for Warren County, gives us an update on both the South Fork Bridge Project and the Morgan Ford Bridge Project.  As we all have notice, the double bridges are so close to completion!  Morgan Ford is moving right along and promises to allow higher clearance for canoeists.  The new construction and height will help prevent the bridge from flooding as often as well.  Watch video to learn more!

The Royal Examiner, your source for LOCAL news and events.

Interview with Beth Waller and Doug Stanley

What Matters Warren
What Matters Warren: Operation Warm is in full swing here in Warren County
December 13, 2017

Operation Warm is in full swing here in Warren County. Your $20 donation will bring brand new jackets to children who need help staying warm this winter.  The Front Royal Rotary Club has brought this program to the area and have collection boxes all around town.  They are working closely with Warren County Social Services to identify those kids who can benefit the most.  A thought to consider,  maybe this year have a few less presents under the tree and donate the extra money to Operation Warm for a few new jackets that can really make a difference.

Collection box locations: Royal Family Bowling Center | Royal Cinemas | Southern States | Rural King | Social Services | Government Center

To learn more about the program and its origin visit:  www.operationwarm.org

To stay connected and learn more about our local Rotary efforts visit: www.facebook.com/FrontRoyalRotary

Interview with Beth Waller, DeAnna Cheatham, Rick Novak and Doug Stanley

What Matters Warren
WATCH: Now ready to be dispersed into the community
December 8, 2017

This week, Linda Allen from the Center for Workforce Development housed in Brooklyn’s Marketplace and Kathy Leonard from Roth of FR stopped in the Buckton Presbyterian Church off Strasburg Road to pick up 25 cozy warm sleeping bags that were handmade with love.  Over the past year, a group of amazing women have been meeting and sewing these sleeping bags with the intention of sharing them with the homeless to help keep warm over the cold winter months.  We are so fortunate that we have organizations like the Center for Workforce Development and ROTH of FR who work directly with the homeless and do all they can to make a difference and make connections.

Please note: December 15th and 29th there will be a community breakfast, free of charge.  All are welcome. Good food and good company at the Cavalry Episcopal Church located at 132 N Royal Ave, Front Royal, VA.  Safe place to enjoy a hot meal, engage in conversation or just sit quietly in peace.

If you know of anyone who is in need, please don’t hesitate to contact either organization right away for help.

Linda Allen | 540-550-0110 |Center for Workforce Development | 206 East Main Street | Front Royal, VA | www.facebook.com/Center-for-Workforce-Development-Inc-1263716117045639/

Kathy Leonard |ROTH of FR:  www.facebook.com/ROTHofFR
Join the ROTH of FR group page: www.facebook.com/groups/ROTHofFR

*ROTH group page will keep you up to date on needs that people have out in the community.  You never know what you might have extra in your basement that someone else could really use.  Great way to know how to donate and support others!

To view the original story about the ladies who make the sleeping bags for the homeless, click here.