Faces of Our Valley
Faces of Our Valley – WhiteHouse Foods – Gary Auerbach
June 18, 2017

White House Foods is a family owned company located in Winchester, VA. They have been processing apples and making quality apple products Since 1908. With a strong heritage and generations of traditions they take pride in expanding their orchards for the next generations.

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ABOUT GARY: They call me Mr.Frisbee or the Frisbee Guy

For those of you who don’t know the whole story here it is in a nutshell:

After winning the world freestyle frisbee championships in 1995, I started teaching frisbee skills and telling frisbee stories at schools and summer camps as well as demonstrating my techniques at trade shows, parades, picnics, corporate team building events, sports banquets and more.

In 19+ years I’ve probably seen close to half a million kids, parents, coaches! My goal is to show people that learning to have fun with a frisbee, in the form of simple tricks that everyone can do, will make them want to become lifelong frisbee players…like me!

While I’ve also played at four world club championships in Ultimate and play Disc Golf regularly I know from years of experience that tricks are what really captivates the hearts and minds of kids of all ages.

For nearly 20 years I’ve been showing people what they can do with frisbees and, to me, that is the single most important part of my shows. By letting them discover and imagine what is possible they may also become lifelong frisbee players.

Audiences are forever amazed, enriched and inspired by my frisbee presentation, as well as educated and entertained, and always at an age appropriate level.


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White House Foods is a family owned company locate...

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