OPINION: Random Acts of Bureacracy Make Me Cranky
October 12, 2017

Everybody seems to be aggravated about something all the time these days.

I don’t remember it being this bad when I was growing up or even when I was raising a family.

My aggravation started when I received an email from my bank letting me know that my credit score had changed and to call their credit service department ASAP to review.

My mind started to race about the possibility of my identity being stolen. Visions of the many advertisements promoting identity protection ran through my mind as I recalled the internet stories telling how peoples lives were destroyed while trying to correct the situation. I called the credit service to get the full story of the situation.

The credit service was accommodating informing me of the reason why my credit score had decreased by more than 100 points in the last 30 days. It was caused by the 3 new notifications of accounts that were put in collections . I was taken back being unaware of any reason for the need for collects and what was generating the problems.

The first issue pertained to an unreturned library book valued at $30 that was placed in collection. I discovered that my son had checked out a book and the library assumed I was responsible for the book, not my 20 year old son with the same first name. I had to contact the local library to correct this mistake and shift the responsibility to my son and inform the collection and credit service to take it off my report

The second issue was a $25 charge for a missed appointment of my adult daughter from our family medical practice that was reported to collections. This situation developed because the doctor’s office did not realize that my daughter had reached an age that she was responsible for her own health care and was never sent a bill for missing the appointment. This was corrected after many conversations with several administrative assistants informing them that I was not responsible for these bills for my adult daughter. They reluctantly informed the credit service of the mistake that would take 60 days to show up on my report.

The most time consuming collection issue was dealing with the free magazine subscription that I was given as gift for purchasing retail products at a national retail store for opening up an account. I was told the subscription would be free for 6 months and would cancelled after the 6 months was over. The problem occurred after the 6 months subscription had ended, the company continued the bill my account each month for several months without my knowledge since the account was closed. It was sent to collection for non payment. It was time consuming and frustrating to correct because of the time it took to find the right person in the company that had the power to correct the problem. It took over a week to locate the person that understood the situation which apologized for their internal $40 billing mistake.

I’m mad as hell for the amount of time that was required to contact each company and having to talk to many different people to locate the person with the authority to correct the mistake. The reality of having to wait for up to 120 days for the corrected information to be received and changes reflected on my new credit report is irritating All this aggravation created over a total $95 of internal mistakes from the companies and organizations that reported these collections issues not of my making. I had to address these issues to correct because of the impact to my credit score which affects our day to day lives.. This was very aggravating and I am mad as hell to have to go through it. I am sure that I am not the only person to have this happen to them, so I can understand why people are so aggravated with life. My sign would read “ just aggravated ”

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  • James says:

    The trouble is the amount of time it takes from your day while trying to work your day while trying to reach the people at these companies . The system has become so automated, non personal and is triggered by very small amounts of money, causes tremendous aggregation that can not be ignored. You had better be on top of your credit report

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