OPINION: Thoughts on Alabama and America
December 13, 2017

Let me start by offering the disclaimer that I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I am neither conservative, nor liberal. I am who I am. When I vote, I look at the person, their voting record, values, and previous experience with a real job. I try my best not to become nauseated with party affiliation.

Last night’s Alabama election results should (but probably won’t, given the sad history of party politics in America) send a message to Democrats, as well as Republicans…quit thinking that you are immune to the realities of life, and that, because of the prestige and power that comes with your position, that you are immune from the following:

Obeying the law.

Doing your job, as an elected official, and looking out for the best interests of those you were chosen to serve, as opposed to yourself, and those whom you have allowed to own you, through their contributions to you and your campaign.
Living by the same standards you have the audacity and hypocrisy to demand to others that they should live by.

Creating and voting for laws which you have no intention of following yourself.
To think that more than 48 percent of a state can still vote for a moral reprobate is mind boggling.

To hear excuses such as “It was more about the balance of power” which influenced my vote simply goes to show why the two party system in America is corrupt, and eliminates the U.S. as “One Nation Under God.”

One can only hope and pray that, whether it is the new Alabama Senator, a sitting Senator, Congressperson, or Governor of any state or Commonwealth within our nation, that, at some point soon, a tide of decency in politics will rise, we will vote for who is right, against who is wrong, and hope and pray that the ability to do such (as opposed to voting for “the lesser of evils”) will one day make a consistent showing among our Election Day options.

One can always dream.

Michael S. Williams is a resident of Front Royal, VA.

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  • Waller H. Wilson says:

    Where as I fully agree with everything in Mr. Williams’ next to last paragraph, in the meantime, when ever an election promises to be close, vote for the lesser of two evils as you perceive it rather than not voting at all or voting for someone who can’t possibly win–a write in candidate or a third party candidate.

  • Dale Carpenter says:

    As you say Mr. Williams, your comments are a dream.

    In the meantime you might also consider 40 years of outstanding service to his fellow citizens defending the Constitution and upholding the Judeo/Christian values that this country was founded on.

    In that 40 years, Roy Moore consistently sought to uphold the laws of the state of Alabama and, when the liberal humanists (that grow in number each day) began their assault on common sense and natural law (as in promoting sodomite unions and killing babies in the womb), he stood almost alone in support of the traditional family values that have made this country the envy of so many nations.

    By the way, your judgement of Roy Moore is based on 40 year old “allegations” (according to you he is guilty without a trial) and the assumption that people cannot change (or I guess according to you, even repent).

    Hopefully you will not be held accountable for anything you did 40 years ago that you would today, not even think of doing.

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