VIDEO: One last plea to Save the Afton Inn


Bruce Rappaport pleads to Town Council to “Save the Afton Inn” at the October 10th Meeting:


  1. We cant even afford to pay our teachers and police competitive wages but people want to spend tax money to save a building which whose only claim to “historic” is that its old. Because be sure there is no white in shining armor charging out of the private sector to foot the bill for renovation.

  2. Watched the impassioned plea of Mr. Rappaport to “save the Afton Inn” and was impressed with his apparent sincerity and desire to retain the “Olden Days” appearance of the key intersection of Royal Avenue and Main Street.

    However, I would remind Mr. Rappaport that the property has been for sale for several years now with no buyer coming forth. Several people have looked into renovating it, but ultimately decided that it was not economically viable.

    Even at this late date, I believe that if Mr. Rappaport, perhaps in conjunction with the outfit he described, offered to BUY the property, the EDA would accept a reasonable offer. Then he could renovate it and put it to whatever use he decides on, consistent with Town regulations.

  3. My sentiment exactly! Hollis Tharpe and the Town Council….. you work for us. Don’t forget that. We don’t want this building torn down. This building is on the national register of historic places. Call congressman Bob Goodlatte folks…

  4. I agree, completely, with Mr. Rappaport. I wish the Afton Inn building could be saved and I think it can if Council will take a long hard look at the facts. Please, SAVE THE AFTON INN for future generations of Front Royal to enjoy. There is so little evident history left in our town it would be a great loss if we loose the Afton Inn building.

    Thank you for listening.

  5. YAAAAAAWWWNNNN!! This reminds me of a Southern Baptist church wide meeting….

    Bocephus: “Clem, dat dare light bulb ain’t been changed in ten years, and der ain’t no need of changing it now!!”

    Clem: “Bocephus, you know dat light bulb has been broke for nine of dem years? When we tried to change it last time, bulbs were only twenty five cents. Now der a whole dang dollar!!”

    Bocephus: “What’s yer point?!?!”
    Clem: “Point just made.”

  6. It is my understanding the Inn could be restored for less than if they tear it down. I have said for years they need to keep these buildings. No one wants to come see a new 7-11 which is what goes up after the destruction of a historical building. We are tearing down our history which is what tourists come to see. They should restore it to look like the original building not like the architect drawing that doesn’t go with the rest of the buildings. Put the porch up with the columns for people to walk under with the gorgeous hanging baskets on Main Street. It would be perfect sitting across from the court house.


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