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What BLOOD TYPE are you?
January 1, 2018

Photo by Jody Lane/American Red Cross

January is National Blood Donor Month, and the American Red Cross encourages everyone to contribute to this important work. Knowing your blood type is an important part of donating. There are different blood types because not all blood has the same kinds of red blood cells in it.


You’ve probably heard about blood types from your doctor (or at least your favorite television drama about doctors): A positive, O negative, etc. But what do these labels actually mean? Both the letter and the positive or negative symbol refer to antigens that either are or are not present on the surface of your red blood cells. A-type blood has A antigens, B-type blood has B antigens, AB has both, and O has neither. Whether your blood type is positive or negative depends on the presence or absence of another antigen called the Rh factor.


Antigens are essential to how your body identifies and deals with infections. If a patient is given a blood transfusion of the wrong type, the body’s antigens will identify the donated blood as a harmful invader and activate the body’s immune system to reject it. This is why people with type O, which has neither A nor B antigens, can donate to anyone, but type A can only donate to others with type A. If you don’t know your blood type, ask your doctor for information so you can help those in need by donating blood.

Happy 2018 to everyone
January 1, 2018

A new millennium joke is going around. A fellow is in an existential crisis. He tells his friend: At times like these, I wonder what I have done with my life. His friend answers: You’ve had a great life. It’s just that you were on your phone.

Don’t we all know someone like that? Let’s face it, we have all been that person.

Here it is 2018 and as we begin the new year, let’s resolve to engage in the world around us at least as much as the phone in our hands. Our colleagues, our families, our friends — they all could use the best we have to give.

Thank you for your work this year. We are looking forward to a fantastic New Year.

New Year’s Resolutions: Break out into something new
January 1, 2018

So, everyone resolves to lose weight and stop procrastinating. Why stick with the obvious? Here are some resolutions that will make 2018 a little more interesting.

1.  Master some jokes. Why resolve to be more social if you don’t know what to do when you get to the party? Try to find a selection of one-liners that will work in a variety of situations. Find a longish joke that will be suitable to tell at lunch with a friend. Maybe a spicy joke to tell a really good friend. But always have a sweet joke to tell someone’s mother.

2.  Learn a useful phrase in three languages. Hey, you want to be debonair? Here’s your chance. Go for Arabic and Mandarin if you are adventurous. If you want laughs, learn something silly. With one resolution, you tick off ‘learn something new.’ Done.

3.  Learn to juggle. A good party trick that will get everyone else involved and keep you busy while listening to YouTube videos. Hey, you aren’t wasting time.

4.  Give yourself a big win. The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that only 8 percent of resolvers keep their resolutions. That leaves 92 percent feeling like failures. They are resolving the wrong things. Instead, try something that you have a good chance of accomplishing:
– Always drink beer during a football game. If you break this resolution, you’ve probably quit drinking. Win.
– Spend more money on fun. If you break this resolution, you are saving more money.
– Never buy another organizational basket. So, if you do break down, you are getting organized.
– Never go to a gym. No sweat. But if you find yourself sweating, more’s all the better.
– Never become a circus acrobat. Unless you are one now, this is a resolution you can keep.