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State News
Governor Northam to join White House briefing on infrastructure
February 9, 2018

RICHMOND – On Monday, Governor Ralph Northam will join President Donald Trump, members of the administration, and state and local officials from across the country for a White House briefing on infrastructure.

At the meeting, Governor Northam will advocate for infrastructure needs that are critical to the Commonwealth’s economy, including dredging the Port of Virginia, improving the reliability and safety of the I-81 corridor, achieving universal broadband access, improving the I-95 rail corridor, and ensuring the solvency of the federal Highway Trust Fund.

“During my campaign I made a commitment to take advantage of every opportunity to make life better for all Virginians and to work with the president on issues where common ground may be possible,” said Governor Ralph Northam. “We can all agree that the Commonwealth has critical infrastructure needs that demand our attention, to include investing in the dredging of Virginia’s port, improving the safety of the I-81 corridor, connecting all Virginians with access to broadband, improving the Interstate 95 rail corridor, and the ability to plan future projects with the confidence that the federal Highway Trust Fund will remain available.

“Over the past several years Virginia has led the nation in how we plan, fund, and build major infrastructure projects. My team and I will apply that experience as we evaluate the president’s forthcoming infrastructure proposal and advocate for the best possible deal for Virginia taxpayers and our economy.”

When: 10:00AM, Monday, February 12, 2018
Where: The White House

State News
STATEMENT: Sen. Warner on Bipartisan Budget Agreement
February 9, 2018

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA) issued the following statement on the bipartisan budget agreement passed by Congress and signed by the President:

“Today, I voted to keep the government open and provide certainty for our budget after months of unnecessary delays and frustrating efforts to kick the can down the road. This bill ensures that the military, the federal workforce, and other programs have a roadmap for the next two years by fixing the “stupidity on steroids” of the sequester cuts first enacted in 2011. In addition, this bill provides critical funding to address important priorities like fighting the opioid crisis, disaster relief, and included an additional four years of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and bipartisan Medicare reforms.

“I do have grave concerns about language that has been inserted into this package which may hinder the ability of the Senate Intelligence Committee to conduct aggressive, real-time oversight over the entire intelligence community. I intend to work with Chairman Burr and my colleagues in the coming weeks to resolve this issue.

“I voted for this package reluctantly. While it includes many worthy priorities, it was put together without any semblance of fiscal responsibility, and comes on the heels of the budget-busting $2.5 trillion Republican tax package. Experts tell us that when you combine this spending bill with the tax package, the deficit will easily blow past one trillion dollars next year. In 2015, it was less than half that.

“I was in business longer than I was in politics, and I know that there are times when you need to make critical investments, and even sometimes operate at a loss. But this has gotten to a point of being indefensible. Unemployment is low, the economy is stable, yet here we are, putting money on the nation’s credit card. In the absence of leadership from the White House, Congress must step up and get serious about finding balanced solutions for our long-term fiscal challenges.”

Tips For Driving Small Business Success With Strengths-Based Leadership
February 9, 2018

You may be familiar with Gallup’s international bestseller, “Strengthfinder 2.0,” which has been helping professionals not only identify their strengths in the workplace but also how to further develop them. Not surprising, Gallup scientists have also been studying leadership and how a strengths-based approach to management can fuel the success of businesses.

“The data shows that organizations that work from a strength of their people are more profitable, productive, and have a higher level of employee engagement,” explains SCORE Mentor Jan Makela, who recently completed a Gallup Strengths coaching course.

How might you approach managing your small business with a strengths-based approach?

Here are five simple, practical tips from Makela to get you started:

  1. Know your own top five dominate strengths (i.e., the themes that are your natural strengths). Focus on growing and getting better at what you already do well.
  2. Don’t focus on what are not your strengths. But learn how to minimize your weaknesses by using your strengths to overcome areas that are not naturally strengths for you.
  3. Realize your talents give you a unique and powerful edge. The wonderful thing about talents is that they hold great potential for us. It is through our talents that we tap into our greatest potential for success.
  4. Learn to recognize the formula for a strength:

Skill + Knowledge + Experience (also known as Talent Xs) = Strength

  1. Don’t try to fix your own weaknesses—or those of others. It can’t be done. Prove it to yourself: Rewrite this sentence three times with your non-dominant hand. How does it look, and how easy was it to do? Compare it to your dominant hand. See the difference? Focus and grow your strengths.

Transitioning your leadership style to one that recognizes and nurtures strengths may require a shift in thinking and some extra work in the beginning. But the more you practice it and see positive results, the more natural a part of your company’s culture it will become.

“You grow people from their strengths not from their weaknesses,” says Makela, “So find out what your employees’ strengths are and what they do best. Given the opportunity to excel, they will exceed your expectations.”

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