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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Life Savors. We all have them.

Those moments in every-day life that cause us to pause, soak in the moment and file it away in our memory banks. Our lives are busy, often ordinary and routine, but it’s the moments that move us in some way that we choose to savor, to hold dear to our hearts.

Those moments, those life experiences, are what Royal Examiner invites you to share with our readers! If you would like to share your slice of life, please email your story to Editor Norma Jean Shaw: njshaw@royalexaminer.com.

Life Savoring Moments

Boy Scout Troop 52: Christmas tree sales history

Boy Scout Troop 52 has been selling Christmas trees for 49 years; it is the main fundraiser for the troop. It is estimated we...

Chewbacca Miracle: Mom laughs her way to prayers answered

You probably saw the video: A young woman sitting in her car, dons a Chewbacca mask and laughs. And laughs. And growls. For about...

Disability doesn’t deter local volunteer

Thomas Arsenault believes “Everybody should do something in public service,” and if there is someone who could sit back and avoid becoming involved in...

She Brought Peaches

Today we kick off LifeSavor with an essay by Cathy Wolfe-Heberle. She is the C.E.O. of Blue Ridge Opportunities, which is a private, non-profit...