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Able Forces Couple Spearheads a Local Remembrance of 9/11



From 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Monday, September 11, 2023, Skip and Kathy Rogers of the Able Forces Foundation held a 9/11 Patriot Day memorial at the Front Royal Gazebo/Village Commons area to those lost and those who served as first responders at September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, with a fourth hijacked plane lost in a crash in a wooded area of Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 people, 2,977 to be specific, perished in that deadliest terrorist attack on American soil 22 years ago.

We asked Rogers if he and his wife planned for this to become an annual remembrance of the sacrifice of that day 22 years ago. “We do,” Rogers replied, noting that it was his wife who pointed out the prior week that there was no local 9/11 memorial service planned for downtown this year. “She said, ‘We need to do something.’ And she took it upon herself and started gathering up a lot of mementos from our work. And I got up with Lizzie (Lewis, Town Director of the nearby Front Royal Visitors Center), and Lizzie said, ‘Go’.”

Sheriff Butler and deputies helped launch the event. Below, Skip and Kathy Rogers interact with interested passers-by. The first photo Courtesy of Chris Laurence, others by Roger Bianchini

Between greeting visitors to his display, Rogers told the Royal Examiner he looked at this inaugural of what he plans as an annual event as one with a two-pronged message, first a remembrance of those who died on this date in what was a national tragedy and secondly, getting engaged in your community to its betterment.

‘So, we’ve had just a wonderful little remembrance. It’s Patriots Day, and Kathy made up a bunch of brochures for things you can do today to celebrate Patriots Day — thank a police officer, a fireman, first responders in general. And as important, or maybe more importantly, to get engaged as a volunteer. We have a lot of needs in our community and most communities, and this is a day of not only unity but of service. We’ve been asking people to reach out to places like C-CAP (Congregational Community Action Project) … the Salvation Army needs volunteers, you can adopt a street (for cleanup), you can be a Royal Ambassador, but get involved in your community,” Rogers urged those he encountered between 9 and 11 a.m. Monday morning, as well as those who will read or hear about it after the fact.

As Skip greeted another visitor, Kathy Rogers directed our attention to the flag-draped across the Gazebo with some very unusual stripes. “That’s the 9/11 flag, it has all the names of the people that were killed on 9/11. I had a Flag of Heroes that had just the firefighters and those first responders on it. But I did an event once, and the guy next to me, his friend, was on the flag, so I gave it to him. So, I’ll have to order another one of those.”

The Flag of Honor with stripes composed of the names of all those who perished on 9/11 – far too many names.

Kathy noted that the casualty list consequential of that day actually stretches into the two wars fought in the aftermath of those terrorist attacks, Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. “The military lost over 7,000 and over 34,000 wounded,” she said, observing, “I mean these people, even the ones that were injured in the World Trade Center and all the firefighters, have inhalation injuries that will last all their life. And there are so many people who continue to suffer every day. I mean, look at all the wounded warriors, and that was all a result of 9/11,” Kathy reiterated of the consequences of that day.

“Our company started as a result of 9/11,” Mrs. Rogers pointed out. “Skip went to visit Walter Reed (Hospital) with a former Sgt./Major of the Army and saw all the injured guys and said we have to do something. And that’s when we started the (Able Forces) Professional Services to get them jobs. And then we started the Foundation at the same time to help with things of a financial nature.”

The conversation then turned back to the role of first responders as Skip introduced us to one visitor he had been conversing with who had his own 9/11 experience to share. “My name’s Doug Baker,” he said, introducing himself as a person with a volunteer firefighting first-responder background, continuing, “I was down there on vacation when it happened. And everybody was running every which way, and I jumped in and started helping people — I was just helping people out to my left and my right because God put us on this earth to help … They touched my heart. I was helping this one person up, and I looked up, and the thing started tipping like it was tipping over. And I said we have to hurry up and get you out. And I just kept on helping get people out with no gear.” That turned the conversation to the official NYC first responders on the scene with gear.

Doug Baker, center, with an expression of affection for the organizers of a remembrance of an event he stumbled into as a vacationing volunteer first-responder 22 years earlier.

“A lot of them didn’t get out, a lot of them got out, and a lot of them didn’t. It happened so fast, it was awful,” Baker said, recalling the escalating situation he had stumbled into with an ability to lend a hand. “If you were there and seen that in person,” Baker said of how fast things went from bad to worse that day in lower Manhattan. “I couldn’t imagine,” Skip offered.

Thank you, Doug Baker, for sharing your time and experience this day 22 years later, and thank you for your God-given impulse to help, not only while on vacation on 9/11, 2001, but throughout a life of volunteer emergency services to the communities you have lived in.

And that presents us with a nice segue back to Skip and Kathy Rogers hope that this annual remembrance of this date in 2001 and its ongoing consequences can be a stimulus for all of us in a position to do so, to become more involved in our communities by offering a volunteer’s helping hand to the betterment of our community and our neighbors in need in that community.

Some perspectives on displays at the 9/11 remembrance table, including of soldiers impacted in wars that were to follow as a direct result of that day in 2001.


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Community Events

Kids’ Day Moves Indoors but Fun Remains Unshaken



Warren Coalition partners with local agencies to adapt and enhance the celebration.

As the first raindrops fall and the sky turns a shade darker, Warren County residents might be revisiting their weekend plans. But, those looking forward to the Celebrate Kids Day have nothing to fear, as the event will go on without a hitch. This event is from 1 pm to 4 pm on Sunday, September 24.

Thanks to quick thinking and a community that rallies behind its children, the Warren Coalition, in collaboration with Warren County Parks & Recreation, has made suitable adjustments. The event, initially planned outdoors, will now be majorly hosted inside the 15th Street Gym at the Health & Human Services Complex and the Diversified Minds Conference Room. This change, aimed at dodging mud and incoming light rain, comes after Diversified Minds graciously opened its space for the celebration.

Despite the change of venue, the day’s line-up remains as exciting as ever. From inflatable rides and pumpkin painting sessions, for the first 200 children to face painting and a plethora of games, children are in for a treat. Additionally, the music, performances, and cake walks promise a day full of energy and laughter. Local agencies have come on board, amplifying the joy and ensuring an array of fun-filled activities for children of all ages.

For those who don’t mind a sprinkle or two, the pitch burst, and pony rides are still on the roster, along with a petting zoo to add that extra touch of delight. As forecasts suggest, the rain should recede by the afternoon, giving ample time for these outdoor activities to shine.

Yet, this spirit of adaptability isn’t just seen in the Coalition’s event planning. The Celebrate Kids Day is more than just an event; it’s a testament to Warren County’s commitment to its children and the community at large. Rain or shine, the county proves once again that the spirit of celebration cannot be dampened.

Warren Coalition’s “Celebrate Kids Day” Has New Home This Year


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Community Events

A Step Back in Time: George Mercer and Winchester’s Historic Weekend



Reliving the 1750s: Mercer’s Legacy and Winchester’s Pivotal Role.

Winchester, Virginia – It’s not every day that one gets a chance to walk through history and meet some of its iconic figures. On Oct 7 and 8, 2023,  at Abram’s Delight, history enthusiasts and curious locals alike will get just that chance as members of George Mercer’s Company of the Virginia Regiment prepare to recreate life from the mid-1700s.

Tony Elar Jr., a captain of the Mercer’s Company re-enactment group, points out that George Mercer wasn’t just any historical figure. “Mercer was Washington’s aide-de-camp at Fort Loudoun, effectively becoming his right-hand man,” said Elar. The fort, which stands as a testament to Winchester’s defense strategies during the French and Indian War, was also a hub for repairing weaponry and offering soldiers some much-needed rest.

One might imagine the fort as a quiet place, but Elar paints a different picture. “The Virginia Regiment sometimes had about 500 men in town, stationed at the fort. And these soldiers? Well, they had their share of fun, often sneaking off to local taverns,” he chuckles, recalling the many letters Washington had to pen to local innkeepers, asking them to keep his men away from alcohol.

Fast forward nearly 270 years, and George Mercer’s legacy is alive and kicking. Thanks to Elar’s group, which was formed in 2015, the history of the Virginia Regiment and their authentic 1756 uniforms (shipped from none other than England!) are showcased at regional events.

Beyond the reenactments, the weekend promises more than just a visual treat. As visitors explore the camp at 1340 S. Pleasant Valley Road, they’ll get a sense of the clothing, culinary arts, and weaponry of the period. “We camp out overnight, with tents set up exactly as they would have been back in the day,” added Elar, admitting that the busy South Pleasant Valley Road corridor makes for some noisy nights.

And for those wondering about the heavy woolen attire in potentially scorching weather? Elar laughingly remarked, “Once you start sweating in wool, it’s almost like having an air conditioner!”

But the weekend’s highlight? Engaging tales of Winchester during the French and Indian War. With no battles on record here, the spotlight is on Fort Loudoun and how French officers, upon surveying the fort, deemed it “too powerful, too strong” to attack.

Furthermore, visitors are in for a special treat. Middletown Mayor Charles Harbaugh IV will bring a young Col. George Washington to life, with whispers of a surprise visit from General Edward Braddock, the colonies’ commander-in-chief at the war’s beginning.

Winchester isn’t just a location. It’s a time machine to the 1750s, bringing forth the tales, sounds, and sights of a bygone era. An era of resilience, strategy, and iconic figures. All are invited to this journey, with no admission fee for the ceremony, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday at Abram’s Delight.

Click here for more information on the ceremony.

Abram’s Delight is open Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Sunday, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Admission: Adults $6.00; Seniors $5.00; Students K-12 $3.00

Click here for more information on Abram’s Delight.



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Experience fall in the mountains at the 2023 Hands & Harvest Festival



Highland County’s annual Hands & Harvest Festival returns with county-wide fall fun during the weekend of October 6 – 8, 2023, where everyone is invited to celebrate the traditions, harvest, and crafts found in this rural mountain community.

From farms to a fire tower, visitors can experience the sights and tastes of the season while viewing the beautiful countryside of fall foliage.  On the self-guided Harvest Trail, the public is invited to take part in traditional fall staples like cider pressing, making apple butter, or picking pumpkins at local farms and maple sugar camps, or they can try something different like viewing the process of creating colorful barn quilts or taking a tour of a mini equine sanctuary.  While traveling, guests can get their Virginia Maple Syrup Trail passports stamped at five sugar camps – get them while you can before the trail program ends on March 31, 2024 (

Community activities include an exciting 5K Fall Color Run, Valley AeroSpace Team Rocket Launches, the restored Sounding Knob Fire Tower, popular annual sweater and used book sales, historic Monterey walking tours starting from the Highland Inn, and more.  New attractions like the Charles Pinckney Jones House Museum, the working cattle farm of Hazy Hollow Farm, and the grand opening of the local artist gallery The 3rd Space add to the opportunities to create lasting memories.

Free entertainment in Monterey is available for the entire family!  Kick off your weekend on Friday afternoon with bluegrass music at the Highland County Courthouse Lawn from Eyes on Him while you shop.  On Saturday starting at noon, children can take a ride on Andy’s Bug Train that is sure to bring smiles.  On Sunday afternoon, join in the excitement of an old-fashioned Street Dance on Spruce Street with one of Virginia’s oldest clogging groups, the Little Switzerland Cloggers, as well as local square dance callers Ellen and Eugene Ratcliffe for a rollicking performance and interactive fun.

Get an early start on holiday shopping at the Arts & Crafts Vendor Market located on the courthouse lawn.  Complete your shopping needs by visiting an old general store or unique venue nestled among the countryside like Sugar Tree Country Store, Blue Grass Mercantile, Jenny Wren Gatherings, Ginseng Mountain Farm & Store, The Church at the Old Oak, or the new Highland Roots Market.

Bring your appetite, because there will be abundant food options available around the county.  The Friday Highland Farmers’ Market, Puff’s BBQ, and Martinez Kitchen will be open on the courthouse lawn.  Fall-themed menus at local restaurants with expanded hours are sure to please.  Whether you visit traditional staples like High’s Restaurant and Hull’s Hideaway Restaurant & Tavern or newer establishments like Claire’s Cakes & Café, The Curly Maple, or the Monterey Inn, your tastebuds will thank you!  Plus, Big Fish Cider, Co. will be open with their award-winning craft ciders in Monterey.

Many adventures await with a visit to Highland County, Virginia.  The full schedule, details, and addresses of all the festival happenings can be found at  Maps with daily schedules will be available at local stores and on the Highland County Courthouse Lawn in Monterey during the event.

The Hands & Harvest Festival is brought to you by the Highland County Chamber of Commerce.  Top sponsors include Bath Community Hospital, Fair Lawn Farm, and the Highland County Arts Council.

The Highland County Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)(6) membership nonprofit organization with a mission to lift up local businesses and entrepreneurs, promote Highland County, and champion economic prosperity and quality of life.  For more information, please visit

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Lake Frederick Annual Veterans Association Picnic & Fundraiser 2023



Last week, the Lake Frederick community gathered to honor veterans from all over, including the guest of honor Captain Dale Davis, US Army Retired. Captain Davis has served on the Lake Frederick Veterans Association as President for the last seven years. He was celebrated at the picnic and thanked for his efforts through the years.

At the event, the Randolph-Macon Academy Drill Platoon commanded by Cadet 1st Sergeant Michael Hays ’25, and Color Guard commanded by Cadet 1st Lieutenant Kamila Yusupova ’24, opened the event with the long-standing military tradition of pass in review and presentation of colors. Winchester Pipes and Drums did an amazing job assisting the ceremony. The Association has 307 veteran members from Lake Frederick and the greater Lake Frederick area!

After the ceremony, R-MA cadets were invited to join Lake Frederick residents, guests, and families during the picnic. Music by Robbie Limon Band created a fun atmosphere for the rest of the day!

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Walking with History: A Fundraiser Tour to Remember the Fallen



Battlefield Tour and Virtual Experience to Benefit Wreaths Across America.

This October, history enthusiasts have the unique opportunity to walk the grounds where the Battle of New Market transpired while simultaneously supporting the non-profit Wreaths Across America. At the heart of this initiative are historians Sarah Kay Bierle and Jon Tracey, who are combining their passion for history with a cause close to their hearts.

Scheduled for Sunday, October 1, 2023, from 2-4 p.m., the fundraiser battlefield tour at New Market Battlefield State Historical Park promises attendees an enriching experience. While tracing the paths of the Virginia Military Institute Corps of Cadets and the Union soldiers they clashed with, participants will cover approximately 1.5 miles of historic terrain. Tickets are required for the fundraiser tour and are $25 per person and may be acquired here.

However, it’s not just about the battle itself. The tour will delve deep into stories of the soldiers and cadets, detailing the lengthy process of laying these heroes to rest, with many finding their final resting place in Winchester National Cemetery.

For those unable to step onto the battlefield in person, there’s a virtual alternative. A donation of $17 grants access to a recorded history program available on October 7, discussing fresh research on the Battle of New Market and the significance of Winchester National Cemetery. Tickets for the virtual program may also be acquired here.

The goal is straightforward and noble: to raise $3,000 to help Wreaths Across America place more wreaths at Winchester National Cemetery during the holidays. Bierle and Tracey are leveraging their extensive research and guiding skills, even donating their time to this worthy cause. Their commitment is evident in their past works and affiliations, with both holding significant positions at Emerging Civil War, a platform dedicated to sharing original articles related to the American Civil War and fostering a community of budding researchers and historians.

Their motivation? For Bierle, the gratitude she feels for the sacrifices of soldiers resonates deeply. “This year, we will have the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of these fallen soldiers… they are not forgotten,” she expressed. For Tracey, who has extensively researched Winchester National Cemetery, the act of remembering is diverse. Whether it’s walking the battleground or placing a wreath, each gesture is a tribute to the soldiers’ memory.

With the combined allure of history and a heartwarming cause, this fundraiser offers a unique experience for attendees, both in-person and virtual. As Bierle encapsulated, “Come join us on October 1 or virtually on October 7. We hope many will join us… to create a meaningful, honoring experience.” The layers of Civil War history in the Shenandoah Valley beckon with a message of remembrance, learning, and tribute.

Click here to make a donation to Emerging Civil War’s fundraiser for Wreaths Across America and participate on the battlefield or virtually.

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Democrat Hopefuls Engage with Virginia Voters Ahead of 2023 Elections



Meet and Greet at Sherando Park Aims to Connect, Inform, and Energize.

In an age where connection often comes at the click of a button, face-to-face interactions still hold unmatched value. As the early voting kickstarts for 2023, Frederick County in Virginia is set to witness such genuine connections this Sunday. The Sherando Park Large Pavilion will serve as the backdrop for local Democrat candidates as they meet their constituents, eager to share their goals and understand the aspirations and concerns of the residents.

The afternoon’s proceedings will begin with welcoming remarks from Stephens City’s Mayor, Mike Diaz. Following the warm welcome, the limelight will fall on the trio of aspirants: Mady Rodriguez, vying for House of Delegates in District 32; Steve Foreman, eyeing the House seat for District 31; and Emily Scott, competing for District 1’s State Senate slot. Given the relatively recent formation of these districts, citizens are prompted to confirm their polling locations on the Virginia Department of Elections website.

Steve Foreman, no stranger to media scrutiny due to a Warren County controversy, acknowledges the enthusiasm that envelopes this year’s voters. He said, “I think voters are motivated this year like none other,” attributing not just to the localized library concerns but to broader issues like reproductive freedom, voting rights, and pivotal public school funding.

Ridriguez and Scott echo Foreman’s sentiments but with distinct perspectives. Scott, with her roots in the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen, began her campaign journey by focusing on tangible topics like road and bridge safety. Yet, her interactions shed light on an overwhelming concern about reproductive rights. She asserts, “This is a human rights issue,” emphasizing her resolve to champion both individual freedoms and day-to-day issues families grapple with.

For Rodriguez, her academic and community-centric roles at Shenandoah University and Laurel Ridge Community College have painted a consistent picture. The foundation of any thriving community, she believes, lies in “excellent public education, good jobs, and affordable housing.”

It promises to be an enlightening afternoon this Sunday at Sherando Park, with Frederick County residents getting an invaluable opportunity to align their visions for the future with those of the candidates.

In Politics, the Power Lies in Conversations and Connections.

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Front Royal Wednesday Night Bingo @ Front Royal Volunteer Fire Deptartment
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Front Royal Wednesday Night Bingo @ Front Royal Volunteer Fire Deptartment
Bingo to support the American Cancer Society mission, organized by Relay For Life of Front Royal. Every Wednesday evening Early Bird Bingo at 6:30 p.m. Regular Bingo from 7-9:30 p.m. Food and refreshments available More[...]
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Front Royal Wednesday Night Bingo @ Front Royal Volunteer Fire Deptartment
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Front Royal Wednesday Night Bingo @ Front Royal Volunteer Fire Deptartment
Bingo to support the American Cancer Society mission, organized by Relay For Life of Front Royal. Every Wednesday evening Early Bird Bingo at 6:30 p.m. Regular Bingo from 7-9:30 p.m. Food and refreshments available More[...]
11:00 am The Farmer’s Forge @ Sky Meadows State Park
The Farmer’s Forge @ Sky Meadows State Park
Oct 14 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Farmer’s Forge @ Sky Meadows State Park
Historic Area. The forge is fired up and the blacksmiths are hard at work showing off their skills. Members of The Blacksmiths’ Guild of the Potomac have set up shop in the forge, located behind[...]
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Astronomy for Everyone @ Sky Meadows State Park
Oct 14 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Astronomy for Everyone @ Sky Meadows State Park
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