Sponsored Posts

Introducing Sponsored Posts: The ideal way to draw attention to sales, promotions and special events. Put your promotional message front and center of thousands of Warren County residents

The best way for a local business to find new customers and retain local customers is to keep its company name and marketing message out in front of as many local people as possible.  With thousands of local residents visiting the Royal Examiner every day, no other media source can match the reach and frequency of a sponsorship ad on the Royal Examiner.

What are Sponsored/Feature Posts?
Sponsored posts are a type of native ad, although native ads encompass more than sponsored posts. Like all native ads, sponsored content is crafted to look like the environment in which they appear. They’re not jarring or disruptive.

Sponsored content, also known as advertorial, have been around traditional media for a while. For example, if you open a magazine, sponsored content often looks just like an article. You may not even realize that you’re reading sponsored material because it’s witty, entertaining, educational, or all of the above, and it definitely doesn’t drip with salesy “buy buy buy!” language.

And you need to seriously consider sponsored posts because they have the power to get you in front of your target audience.

Plus, through sponsored posts, you’re able to go where your audience lives already, and not just wait for them to come to you– all the time hoping that they find you and not your competitor.

Sponsored/Feature post are $199. You get four (4) weekly posts.  Each additional month, the four (4) posts are only $99. Your message, you provide us the content. We do have feature material available, but limited. ask for details.