Letter to the Editor: Caution, children at play on the 6th
March 18, 2018

Ed Justo is a candidate for US Representative for the 6th District of Virginia.

The words expressed herein are the words of Ed Justo for his aforementioned campaign, not those of any agent like the other campaigns, today March 16, 2018.

“I fear the behavior of some of the District leadership, and some candidates as well, has become childish; and I make a demand for it to stop. I include facts and links; not included herein, will be provided upon request. Because I am nothing if not transparent.

I will begin with the other candidates:
Ben Cline campaign has made claims that join my initial statement made on video on February 21st of 2018; available at my facebook page (Facebook/edgopidistrict) titled “delegate list given prematurely”. Actually, it was my statement on that video that started this scandal; he stood quiet, for days, on the topic.

In my original statement on video on Feb. 21st, I called attention to the words of the Dunbar campaign manager Tedrick, who is also the Vice Chair for the District. He admitted having received information regarding delegates. This admission was made, by himself! on an interview provided by Mr Whitelow from breaking through TV; a news outlet On this interview, at 7 minutes 10 seconds, Tedrick admits that: he got the head count of delegates from Waynesboro and other counties, that he got the source of each delegate, and claims that I had no delegates.

I contacted the Waynesboro Chair asking for the information as well, after hearing Dunbar campaign statement that they got information I did not get. Since Dunbar could get it through Tedrick, then I wanted that same information. I asked the Waynesboro Chair for it. His response was that no list was released, that the list was to be provided to the District Committee and so forth.

I contacted Mr Sayre, the Chair for the District. I notified him that: 1. If Waynesboro, and others, released the total amount of delegates to Dunbar only, then she is given an unfair advantage and, 2. If the numbers were released to her before other candidates, she is given an unfair advantage as well.

I explained as follows: By knowing the numbers of delegates from each campaign, and the location of those delegates before the other candidates, she can rearrange resources to acquire more delegates at other sectors, and redirect funds to advertise more in areas she is weak. A day in advance is over 25 doors knocked, 500 mailers sent, and around 200 calls made to voters. Something any campaign benefits from, if they got the information she got before anyone else.

My complaint was proven absolutely accurate, and corrections were made. All candidates can confirm that after my statement to Sayre, a conference call among the chairs was made with the District command and they were forced to agree to release the total number of delegates. Therefore, once more, I called attention to the issue of corruption and to the issue of unfair advantage; acted on it, and reached results. All chairs can confirm this, Sayre can confirm this, other candidates can confirm it as well; all got the same email.

It was not until days later that a stir occurred. Dunbar and Cline, once again through agents, presented themselves at one county demanding head counts of delegates. This was quite troubling because: they were demanding totals before all other candidates got those numbers. Those numbers were given to them, once again, before other candidates (if at all, since I do not recall receiving them). This was absolutely unacceptable! I made another claim of fraud on the release of information on delegates to the District leadership.

In response I got silence. And multiple attacks by various chairs and vice chairs. It started with Troxel, running for re-election. Then Tedrick, speaking again in the name of Dunbar (whom never says anything), throwing insults. I responded to both, but once again it turned into a kindergarten fight; and I could not stand such nonsense.

Fed up with the constant high-school-children-drama generated by the issue as of now, and current additional commentary and fighting; I will clarify my position. I started the disclosure of the unfair acts, so is fair I make this statement and be heard:

1. Tedrick, Dunbar’s campaign guy, should not be the holding the Vice Chair position while working for a candidate because he is using his position to acquire information that is not released to other candidates, and/or was released prematurely to him and the campaign he works for. This could not be a bigger act of corruption to benefit Dunbar; the appropriate word would be “cheating”.

2. Cline cannot claim his hands are clean either; he has gotten the list of republican voters in the District, and likely has been calling them since November. Only elected officials can get this list, and the fact that he has that advantage by being sponsored by Goodlatte, also stinks of corruption. Also “cheating”.

3. Chaz, I am sorry to say, also has had access to that list. He could not have sent the delegate forms to the over 15,000 republicans in Harrisonburg and Rockingham without the voter lists; which he acquired only via Obenshain. An elected official that also has access to them. So he is also smeared with the stink of corruption.

4. Sayre is correct in stating that Cline and Chaz are establishment and have an unfair advantage, because they do and I stated here why; but so is Dunbar. He is also right in stating that the delegate lists are not to be released until the specified date on the rules (I do hate admitting it); because so was agreed on the January 6th District meeting.

Nonetheless, he is not in the clear, and should not hold the torch of vindication just yet. He allowed the release of delegate numbers prematurely, to a candidate he supports in full. Plus, he has not separated himself from the delegate lists while running for the same position Jennifer is. Therefore, he could or has had access to the delegate list, because of his position, while running for that position; an unfair advantage over Jennifer.

Furthermore, I recall repeated mentions that the delegate lists were to be released within 10 days of the deadline for filing to become a delegate by him. This was said all through January, orally, discussed at the January 6th meeting, and I believe on video on one occasion (sadly, the video “disappeared”). The deadline for the release of Delegate Lists is on the convention call as April 7th, that is a fact. But the rules specify only as to the District as a whole; which created the inference that the Chairs could release the lists within the 10 days to everyone as well as the District Chair, as long as the District Chair also releases it on the date in April.

5. There are only two explanations here for all of this: either the establishment (Cline and Chaz) are trying to destroy the party by their corrupt actions, or those opposing them (Dunbar and Tedrick) are too dumb to notice they are doing so by their corrupt actions. Either way, they all should not be elected and should be stopped before they destroy the party in the District.

I ask all delegates to be kind enough to review the actions of those they support, and consider other sources of information other than their candidate. They might be surprised to see that who they support is not whom it claims to be.

Ed Justo 

Doctor house calls are making a comeback
March 18, 2018

The practice of doctors making house calls to treat their patients, once the norm decades ago, has witnessed an uptrend in recent years, according to U.S. News. They highlight an aging mother that felt she suffered more during her experience traveling to a doctor for routine care than she benefited from the treatment itself due to her limited mobility.

Her and her family’s solution, a house call-only independent doctor, served as her primary care physician, coordinated her care with specialists, and even drove her to the hospital when necessary for five years before her death. Receiving attention in this way improved her quality of life and preserved the decency people deserve in their medical care by providing a more personal connection to her doctor than she would get waiting in line for hurried service at an office.

Doctors, for their part, also have reasons to enjoy doing things a little differently than the standard office practice. One such doctor explains that visiting a patient’s home allows them to see a bigger slice of their life and not just their physical ailments. A house in disarray, with signs of neglect, for instance, can signal more significant problems that might need the attention of someone other than a doctor. They also enjoy the feeling of community that comes with taking care of people in proximity to their home and establishing a relationship with them outside of their visits.

In addition to making patients and doctors feel better about their care, one study from the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that the entire medical industry might benefit from the shift in traveling doctors as the average senior using a house call provider paid $8,477 less, on average, than those who didn’t. These same patients were also less likely to be hospitalized, visit the emergency room, or see a specialist which saves everyone time and money in the long run.

Interesting Things You Need to Know
Worldwide celebrations… in green!
March 17, 2018

Since 1762, Irish people around the world have celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. The color green takes pride of place during this national festivity, which commemorates the Christianization of Ireland in the 5th century, by a Scot who had come to evangelize this island; a Scot better known by the name of Saint Patrick.

Legend credits St. Patrick for converting the population of Ireland to Christianity. It was he who taught the concept of the Holy Trinity to the King by using the example of a three leaf clover.

To honor St. Patrick, all Irish people celebrate on March 17, whether they still live in Ireland, are expatriates or descendants of countless emigrants. Even those who have no Irish roots join in the festivities. They take part in parades dressed in green clothes or accessories, eat typically Irish dishes and invade Irish pubs where beer flows in abundance.

In Dublin, the capital of Ireland, the celebrations take the form of a festival spread over several days. However it is New York which holds the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parade on 5th Avenue, passing in front of the cathedral dedicated to St. Patrick. On the other side of the country, the Irish population of San Francisco organizes a huge parade through the streets. A statue of the Patron Saint of Ireland is carried on a float decorated with the national colors of Ireland.

Celebrations also take place in other large American cities, in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe. In Montreal, St. Patrick’s Day is enthusiastically celebrated in the streets where it is also seen as a harbinger of spring.

Local News
Samuels Public Library Adult Programming upcoming schedule
March 17, 2018

The Broken Brain: Creating the Ultra Mind

Samuels Public Library invites you to join us Thursday, March 29th at 6:30 pm for a program hosted by Winchester Brain Injury Group. This program will explore information from the 8 segment program “The Broken Brain”, learning how to “create the ultra mind” in an effort to address traumatic brain injuries, Alzheimers, dimensia and autism.

General Education Development

Samuels Public Library invites you to register and attend the General Education Development course. This course will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 A.M-12:30 P.M (except on school holidays or closings). The GED course is completely free. Let this course be the stepping stone to your success.

English as a Second Language

Samuels Public Library invites you to register and attend the English as a Second Language course. This course will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. The ESL course is completely free. Learning English will not only enhance your quality of life but open many doors and present new opportunities.

Does Not Compute!

Need some help with your computer or a personal device? Come into the Library or give us a call to sign up for one-on-one help with reference staff between 10 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. on most Tuesdays. Patrons are limited to two 15 minute sessions unless time permits. This replaces our “Hello Computer” program.

Exploring Computers

Samuel Public Library invites you to attend our intermediate computer class and improve your skills. Each month explore a new computer program or application in a safe, friendly environment with other intermediate users. Classes are held on Thursdays at 1:00pm-2:00pm

Genealogy Nuts: Shake Your Family Tree

Samuels Public Library invites you to a workshop for beginning to advanced genealogists. Discover your family roots with a team of genealogists who together have researched more than 50,000 names. Classes are held Wednesday nights at 6:00pm.

Crochet Group

Samuels Public Library invites you to come out and learn how to crochet or share your talents. The group will meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 10:00 A.M (April 11th & 25th). All ability levels welcome.

SPL-Books and Beyond

Samuels Public Library invites you to join us for the Books & Beyond Book Club on Wednesday, April 18th at 10:00am, where The Orphan’s Tale by Pam Jenoff.

What the Tech!

Technology can be tricky! Samuels Public library invites you to come out and join us Thursday, April 26th at 4:00 P. M. so you can ask our teen volunteers for help with your personal devices. Bring phones, smart devices, tablets, laptops or e-Readers and plenty of questions. Let our teens update you on the latest tech tips and tricks! Be sure to register so we have enough teens to help!

Writers Support Group

Samuels public Library invites you to come out and join the Warren Wordsmiths, an informal writer’s support group that meets every fourth Tuesday of the month. Have a writing project you are working on? Need someone to bounce ideas or give constructive criticism? Than this is the group for you! This group will meet Tuesday, April 24th at 6:00 P.M.

Vibes in the Libes: Winchester Celtic Circle

Samuels Public Library invites you to join us for a special musical performance by the Winchester Celtic Circle, an established Celtic ensemble from the Winchester area that specializes in traditional Scottish and Irish folk music, on Friday, April 20th at 12:30 P.M. Bring your lunch tell a friend and enjoy.

Unaccompanied and Free: The Rise of A Cappella Pop Music

From Bach chorales to barbershop quartets to movies such as “Pitch Perfect” and groups like Pentatonix, a cappella music has undergone significant changes over several centuries and up to the present day. Join Michael DeMato, Choral Director and Music Instructor at Randolph-Macon Academy, on Thursday, April 26th at 6:00 P.M. for this discussion and performance as we track the progression of the unaccompanied voice to learn where we are today, and where we’re going tomorrow.

Legislative Update
Goodlatte statement on firing of former Deputy FBI Director McCabe
March 17, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, released this statement following the announcement that former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has been dismissed from the Bureau.

“I applaud Attorney General Jeff Sessions for taking action and firing former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe prior to his scheduled retirement.

“Mr. McCabe’s actions have tarnished the reputation of the FBI, America’s premier law enforcement agency.  In his capacity as Deputy Director, Mr. McCabe reportedly leaked internal information to the media and subsequently misled investigators about his actions. This is simply unacceptable and warrants dismissal.

“Mr. McCabe’s firing, following an internal investigation and report by career civil servants at the FBI and DOJ, is important but more must be done to root out the problems at the FBI.  I remain extremely troubled by the decisions made by the Bureau during the 2016 presidential election and the role senior FBI officials played in these questionable decisions and irregularities.”

Real Estate Sponsored What Matters Warren
Bring us an offer, we’re flexible and ready to make a deal!
March 17, 2018

Join Beth Medved Waller on a house tour of: 128 Cabbage White Drive, Lake Frederick, VA 22630 (just over the Warren County line in Frederick County)  $400,000-6 BR/3 BA/3200+ sf plus unfinished basement!

Tour begins with a peak inside the community’s Regions 117 Restaurant/Bar/Coffee Shop!

BETTER THAN NEW! That’s what you’ll find when you step into 128 Cabbage White Drive! Sellers invested in over $25k in upgrades from the base model prior to purchase and added another approximately 15k+ worth of enhancements since then!

From a main level media room to a playroom off the great room, from plentiful (and thoughtfully placed) closets to an extended 2-car garage this floorplan has much to offer, and this house truly feels like a dream home. The lower level has rough in plumbing for future expansion, a window for a future bedroom and is home to the gas hot water heater, sump pump and Culligan water softener system. The exterior is also impressive with delightful curb appeal (including upgraded landscaping), a fenced rear yard, doors from the family room for a future patio/deck and of course an ideal location in the lovely (and non-age-restricted) community surrounding Lake Frederick. Enjoy finishing, boating, outdoor recreation and a fabulous restaurant (with bar and coffee shop) just across the lake!

With a potential of SEVEN bedrooms, this showplace offers five bedrooms on the upper level and two main level den/offices/potential guest rooms. The master suite is fantastic (with his & her walk-in closets, a ceramic tiled bath w/ soaking tub, tiled shower and double sinks). Upstairs is spacious and offers a separate laundry room, and the main level has a superb floor plan for both day-to-day living and entertaining. The formal dining room is upgraded with crown molding and chair railing, the half bath has ceramic floor tile, and the entire main level (floored with gorgeous distressed hardwood) is window-filled and upgraded. The kitchen offers granite, stainless appliances, a tiled backsplash and walk-in pantry. The family room adjoins the open kitchen/breakfast room area and is highlighted with a stone gas fireplace with mantle.

Other upgrades include: Dual zoned heat/ac, natural gas, security system, underground utilities, water filtration system (at the kitchen sink), upgraded trim package, hardwood steps, Broan SmartSense ventilation system, surround sound, upgraded cabinetry throughout, upgraded carpet (including higher end padding), $3,000+ in blinds, painting upgrades (including recent touch ups) & appliances upgrades

The sellers decided to move their children closer to schooling in Warren County, but they already miss their beautiful home and all that this spectacular community has to offer from its convenient location to entertainment options. Act quickly, as this motivated family is anxious to turn the keys over to lucky buyers who want to carry on their memory-making in this fabulous home. They say, “Bring us an offer, we’re flexible and ready to make a deal!”

Listing info link:


Local News
School safety and student support of Florida victims in Warren County 
March 17, 2018

Letasha Thompson addresses school safety during public participation portion of March 7 Warren County School Board meeting. Photos/Roger Bianchini

FRONT ROYAL – At its March 7 monthly meeting the Warren County School Board, administrative staff and several parents discussed the hot-button topic of school safety three weeks after the Parkland, Florida semi-automatic rifle shooting that left 17 students and teachers of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School dead and 17 more wounded.  The Valentine’s Day school massacre in Florida and the aggressive activism launched by student survivors of Stoneman Douglas High School has intensified the gun law debate nationally. 

One week later on Wednesday, March 14, exactly a month after the Parkland, Florida school shooting, 242 students left four county public schools in support of a national student remembrance of the Parkland victims and a call for stricter gun control laws.  The demonstrations were slated to begin across the nation at 10 a.m. in each time zone and last for 17 minutes, one minute for each Douglas High victim. 

School Superintendent Greg Drescher said the head count of participating students was 120 at Skyline Middle School, 80 at Skyline High School, 30 at Warren County High School, and 12 at Warren County Middle School.  He said the school system neither discouraged nor encouraged the event, adding that students who did participate will face no disciplinary consequence for their action.  The two high schools have approximate student populations of 800 each; the middle schools about 600 students each. 

“Some people were offended by it, but for me it was more of a respect thing with 17 minutes of silence for the 17 victims in Florida,” Skyline High sophomore Sophia Conrow said of her participation. 

“We want to give students an opportunity to express their opinions and for some it was really, really important to participate,” Drescher observed, adding, “But we want it understood that education is our primary function, so it’s not something we would expect to occur every week.  But we’ll continue a dialogue so our kids understand our perspective that disrupting class may not be the best way – and I think the kids understand that.” 

A week earlier at the school board meeting, several parents addressed the issue of what Warren County Public Schools are doing to address the ongoing public danger of mass shootings that have all too frequently targeted schools.  The discussion spanned the meeting from public participation at its outset to an informal discussion after the meeting’s official adjournment. 

The latter conversation came when several people unfamiliar with the meeting format rose to ask if they might speak to the matter following the adjournment.  Drescher invited the parents forward to continue discussion of the topic. 

Letasha Thompson was first to address the issue during the public participation segment near the meeting’s outset.  Among her comments Thompson suggested metal detectors be placed on school doors throughout the system as one immediately-available safety implementation.  During the later, post-meeting informal discussion Chris and Melissa Cubbage and Mike Mayer added their thoughts.   

Mayer, who said he had a daughter at Ressie Jeffries Elementary, made an interesting suggestion on a middle ground this reporter had yet to hear on the idea of arming teachers.  That idea was arming some school staff with what he called “bear” or “wasp spray” – essentially a mace designed to shoot a tight stream as far as 30 feet, and which he observed would blind and drop a human to his knees at that distance. 

An ongoing concern appeared to be that locking classroom doors and telling students “to get down and hide” may not be enough.  And Drescher’s earlier remarks on school safety during his Superintendent’s Report indicated school administrators may be on the same page. 

Above, Chris and Melissa Cubbage discuss school safety with school board and staff following the meeting’s official adjournment; below, Mike Mayer raises potential of non-lethal arming of school staffs with ‘bear spray’.

Drescher opened his report on school safety by observing, “The recent school shooting in Florida sparked a series of threats across our nation” before launching into a summary of threats dealt with by Warren County Public Schools on February 21-22, a week after the Parkland school shooting.  During his report Drescher noted that school officials and law enforcement have already met several times in recent weeks to review the system’s emergency procedures and see what kind of improvements can be made.  He also pointed to an increased law enforcement presence “at all our schools” including an added sheriff’s deputy’s presence during school lunch hours. 

Drescher added that he believed procedures in place “were good” and would be implemented if necessary by “good people” but did add that he would be making “further recommendations” in the near future. 

Of the threats to Warren County Public Schools previously reported on by Royal Examiner, Drescher noted that it had eventually been determined the February 21st social media post against “SHS” that led to searches of everyone entering Skyline High School the following day had originated in Ohio and was not targeting Warren County’s SHS. – “I imagine that SHS’s across the country dealt with this,” Drescher said. 

The system also dealt with a threat made against Warren County High School and two directed at Warren County Middle School, the latter situation leading to the evacuation of the middle school the morning of February 22. 

“Our crisis plans were initiated and the evacuation, subsequent searches all went well. I want to thank our students for handling it so well; our parents for coming through a scary situation; our schools’ staff that did a fantastic job at all levels; and all the law enforcement that supported us,” Drescher said. 

“In the cases of all these threats we know who did them. In no case was the threat a real threat.  I would define them all as individuals saying very foolish things.  All have been turned over to law enforcement and all have gone through our disciplinary procedures; and we have followed our threat assessment and mental health assessments as appropriate,” the school superintendent reported. 

And so it goes locally and nationally in the eighteenth year of the 21st Century. 

State News
Governor Northam announces additional powers to protect Virginia’s clean water
March 16, 2018

RICHMOND – Governor Ralph Northam March 16th, announced additional powers to expand the Commonwealth’s ability to protect clean water. SB698 and SB699 establish processes in state law to allow the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to issue a stop work order on all or part of land-disturbing activities associated with natural gas pipeline construction if DEQ determines those activities have caused, or will imminently cause, a substantial adverse impact to water quality. On Saturday, the General Assembly accepted Governor Northam’s amendment adding an emergency clause to each bill and the measures are currently in effect.

“I want to thank Senator Creigh Deeds and the Department of Environmental Quality for working together to empower the Commonwealth to halt construction on the pipelines if there is a serious threat to water quality,” said Governor Ralph Northam. “From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay, and all the rivers and streams in between, our water quality is of paramount importance to our health and our economy and I will protect it as long as I am Governor.”

“If the pipelines go forward, it’s imperative that DEQ have the tools it needs to assure the people of the Commonwealth that water quality will not be compromised,” said Senator Creigh Deeds. “Thanks to DEQ staff for their tireless work to help get these bills through the legislative process, to Governor Northam for his timely amendments and for signing the bills, and to the conservation groups who added their voices to this important conversation.”

“We are pleased the General Assembly agreed to give DEQ the additional authority to protect water quality, and we will use these tools to exercise rigorous enforcement to ensure our water is protected and our natural areas are preserved,” said DEQ Director David Paylor.

State News
Virginia celebrates first women Veterans Week in the Commonwealth
March 16, 2018

RICHMOND – Governor Ralph Northam announced today that Virginia’s inaugural Women Veterans Week will be celebrated March 18-24. Women Veterans Week will be celebrated the third full week of March in succeeding years, as a time to honor the service and sacrifice of the Commonwealth’s female veterans. This commemorative week occurs during Women’s History Month, which serves as an annual declared observance of the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society.

“Throughout the history of our Commonwealth and our nation, women have served with honor and distinction as a vital part of our military,” said Governor Northam. “Virginia is proud to be home to more than 100,000 women veterans, the highest percentage of female veterans of any state in the Nation. As a veteran myself, I have had the opportunity to serve side-by-side with women both in combat zones and on base back home. I commend Senator Jennifer Wexton and Delegate Kathleen Murphy for leading the effort to introduce this Women Veterans Week resolution and their colleagues in the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates for their overwhelming support.”

“I join with Governor Northam in celebrating Women Veterans Week in Virginia,” said Carlos Hopkins, Virginia Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs. “The women we honor are our wives, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers. They are our sisters, our aunts, our neighbors and co-workers. Many are also military spouses. Not only have they unselfishly served our military, they have returned to the civilian world as leaders in their communities, in the public and private sectors, and as the bedrock of their families. Our Commonwealth values their contributions and we want to do everything we can to provide them with the recognition and benefits they have rightfully earned.”

“Virginia proactively supports its women veteran community, by hosting an annual Virginia Women Veterans Summit,” said Annie Walker, Director of the Veterans Education, Transition, and Employment division of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services. “The theme of this year’s Summit is Change Makers & Trailblazers: The Power of Being a Woman-The Strength of Being a Veteran. The summit will bring together nationally recognized speakers and include discussions on a variety of issues facing women veterans. We encourage all women veterans to register and attend.”

Complete information about the summit, registration details, and special events commemorating Women Veterans Week may be found at www.dvs.virginia.gov.


Town Notices
NOTICE: Peyton Street parking lot closed March 19-20
March 16, 2018

The Town of Front Royal has approved Peyton Street Parking Lot to be closed March 19-20, 2018 from 9am-5 pm due to scheduled deliveries.

The closure will be approximately 12 parking spaces from Kidd Lane to Foster’s Alley.

Public Works 540-635-7819