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What Matters Warren
Town Tip Thursday – Blue Ridge Educational Center (BREC)
March 1, 2018

Blue Ridge Educational Center (BREC) is a local non-profit organization focused on the educational needs of Warren and surrounding counties. Established in 2000 as a tutoring center, it has grown to become a licensed day school for students with disabilities. At BREC, a structured, yet creative and flexible learning environment is provided.  Students can build the skills needed to pursue their educational goals and succeed, according to Executive Director April Strosnider.

Beth Waller talks to April Strosnider for our Town Tip Thursday:

BREC’s greatest need is community support. It’s work enables others to live and participate meaningfully in the community where they reside and enriches the resources our community has to offer, which is the essence of a non-profit organization.

To learn more:  Blue Ridge Educational Center.

Work Notes: Networking in large companies
March 1, 2018

New job? Take enough time to get acclimated but start early to build a network of company contacts.

At a firm with only a dozen employees, it is easy to meet everyone at once and get a quick read on company culture. At larger firms, networking is essential to gain a greater understanding, not only of culture, but also the business as a whole.
Many large companies have onboarding events and these are excellent opportunities to meet fellow newcomers and veterans alike.

But after the meet-and-greet is over, most people can benefit from knowing a wider group of people within a company. It’s not about office politics — or it shouldn’t be, according to SkillSource founder Jennifer V Miller. Knowing a wide group within a large company can add value if you are willing to lend a hand where necessary.

Lunch dates are useful for meeting people. Ask peers to invite people from different departments.

Stay in touch with promotions and awards in the companies. Drop an email of congratulations, even if you don’t know the person well.

When you do meet new people, encourage them to do a short infomercial on their roles.