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3 tips for installing recessed lights in your basement



Lighting a basement can be a challenge, but recessed lights are a great option. They provide a widespread light source and tuck conveniently out of the way, making them ideal for low ceilings. Here are three tips for installing recessed lights in your basement.

1. Use the right placement
Make sure you position your recessed lights evenly throughout the space to avoid creating dark spots. As a rule of thumb, divide your ceiling height by two to give you the space required between each light. For example, if your ceiling is eight feet high, then position your lights four feet apart.

2. Opt for full brightness
Basements are usually quite dark. Therefore, you should opt for recessed lights that produce at least 600 lumens. This will ensure you have enough light to fully illuminate the space. If you want to be able to tone down the brightness for movie night, make certain to put the lights on a dimmer switch.

3. Consider color temperature
Don’t underestimate the importance of color temperature. For example, warmer tones make a room feel cozy and intimate, whereas cooler temperature hues make a space feel bright and energetic. To prevent your basement from feeling dark and dingy, lights that cast cooler temperatures are best.

Keep in mind that installing recessed lights can be a challenge. Therefore, it’s best to contact a professional to ensure this job is done right.


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How to be a responsible hiker



Hiking has become an increasingly popular summer activity. However, the influx of inexperienced hikers on popular trails has led to various problems. Here are a few tips on how to be a considerate hiker.

Respect nature
Bring back all your garbage, including apple cores and other biodegradable materials. Also, make sure to stay on marked trails. If you stray off to create a shortcut or go around a puddle, you could trample fragile plants. You should also avoid picking up sand, flowers, rocks, and other parts of nature. What’s more, don’t disturb or feed wild animals.

Be civil
Most hikers want to enjoy a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. Shouting or listening to loud music, for example, is rude and inappropriate. However, a friendly “hello” or a smile is always appreciated. Additionally, don’t stop in the middle of a trail. You should also let fast walkers go around you and prioritize those climbing if you’re descending. Moreover, share the beautiful views by not spending too long taking pictures at scenic outlooks.

Be prepared and careful
If you’re not well prepared or don’t know your limits, you could put yourself in danger. Therefore, bring plenty of food and water, even on short walks. You could be outdoors much longer than anticipated if you get injured. You should also bring the right equipment like a good pair of shoes, a first aid kit, and a whistle. Finally, choose a trail that matches your abilities and respect all trail signs and instructions.

One last, important piece of advice: don’t risk your life for a selfie.

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Use warm colors in your decor



Do you want to repaint or decorate a room or two in your home? In 2022, warm colors are all the rage. Here are some tips to help you choose the right color and achieve the desired results.

Balance warm shades with cool tones
Combine warm colors with cool elements to create a sense of balance. For example, yellow or orange walls go perfectly with a polished concrete floor or wrought iron furniture.

Use them in the appropriate places
Yellow is a particularly stimulating color that has been shown to improve concentration and productivity. Therefore, it’s ideal for your home office or the bedroom. Moreover, red has a restorative, soothing effect, while orange evokes friendliness and creativity.

Think about the mood you want
Do you want to create an intimate or energizing space? Answering this question will help you determine the intensity of the colors to choose. Canary and mustard yellow, for example, evoke two very different moods.

Consider the effect of lighting
Both natural and artificial lighting can impact color. Before you start painting, make sure to try the colors in your space. Apply a few samples to the wall to see how your lighting affects the finished result.

Do you need help creating the perfect decor? Consider consulting an interior designer.


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When to prune your trees and shrubs



Although trees and shrubs can grow very well without intervention, occasional pruning helps promote optimal health. Here’s what you need to know.

Shrubs like rhododendrons and lilacs bloom from last year’s stems, whereas others, like roses and hydrangeas, bloom from new growth. It’s best to prune shrubs that flower from old wood immediately after blooming. However, shrubs that bloom on new growth should be trimmed in the spring.

In general, shrubs and trees go dormant in the spring before their buds open. This is the best time for pruning because the plants heal faster. Late fall is also appropriate. However, pruning in the winter should be avoided.

Furthermore, mid-summer is ideal for pruning trees that produce a lot of sap in the spring, like maple, birch, and willow.

Lastly, pruning large trees and fruit trees should be left to the experts. For the best results, contact a professional tree pruner in your area.

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How to choose the right cycling accessories



Whether you’re new to biking or a seasoned rider, investing in the right accessories will make your time in the saddle more enjoyable. Here are a few tips for choosing the right cycling gear.

Every cyclist needs a well-selected helmet. Don’t hesitate to try on several models to find the perfect fit. The helmet you choose should be comfortable, easy to adjust, and stay in place when you make sudden head movements. You should also select a helmet that’s suited to the type of cycling you do. For instance, road helmets don’t have a visor and are sleeker than mountain biking helmets. If you enjoy varied biking activities, a hybrid helmet may be best.

If you’re an avid cyclist, invest in proper clothing to significantly improve your comfort and enjoyment. Moisture-wicking socks and fabrics can help keep you cool and dry on hot summer days. Cycling jerseys often have practical back pockets for carrying small items like your keys and phone.

The right pair of cycling shorts can make a big difference on long rides. Choose a pair of shorts made from a comfortable material like chamois or nylon spandex. Make sure the shorts have as few seams as possible to reduce the risk of chafing. The thigh band should also remain in place without cutting off blood circulation. Although bib shorts take some pressure off your abdomen, they’re not very practical for women. It’s up to you to decide what you like best.

Bags and panniers
There are many different cycling bags to choose from to serve you on a long ride. A seat bag is good to store small items like your wallet, a repair kit, and snacks. However, a handlebar bag makes it easy to access things like a camera or map. If you need to carry camping gear or a change of clothes, a pannier attached to your bike’s luggage rack is ideal. Invest in a waterproof model or saddlebag covers to keep your belongings dry.

If you need personalized advice, speak with the sales staff at your local bike shop.

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Bring your office to the backyard



Do you work from home? Whether you want to escape distractions or enjoy some fresh air, moving your office outside could boost creativity and productivity.

Depending on your needs and the available space, you can create an open office by installing an overhang on your deck to protect you from the weather and the sun’s powerful rays. This option is ideal for summer. However, it may not work when making calls in the middle of a rainstorm. Therefore, you may want to build a complete room, similar to a converted shed, which can be used year-round.

Things to remember
Above all, your workspace must be functional to ensure you’re as productive as you usually are in a traditional office setting. You must also have access to electricity and a stable internet connection. You may also need to consider investing in an air conditioning, ventilation, or heating unit.

If a backyard office appeals to you, work with local businesses and contractors to make it happen.

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4 benefits of hiring experts to maintain your lawn



If you don’t have the time or energy to cut your grass or trim your shrubs, you may want to consider hiring a lawn maintenance company. Here are four advantages to hiring professionals to keep your yard tidy.

1. They have the right equipment. If you hire a pro, you don’t need to buy or rent expensive pieces of machinery like a tractor, mower, hedge trimmer, fertilizer spreader, and more. You don’t have to lose time and money on maintenance either.

2. They use effective products. Professional lawn companies use high-quality, specialized fertilizers, pest treatments, and weed control solutions to keep your lawn lush, green, and healthy.

3. They know precisely what your lawn needs. Depending on the condition of your yard and the time of year, you can count on the professionals to dethatch, aerate or fertilize your lawn to keep it looking its best.

4. They get the job done fast. Lawn maintenance experts are committed to building customer loyalty. Therefore, they’ll do everything they can to meet or exceed your expectations.

You have everything to gain by doing business with pros! Contact a lawn maintenance company in your area to learn about its many services.

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9:00 am Kids’ Fishing Tournament @ Shenandoah River State Park
Kids’ Fishing Tournament @ Shenandoah River State Park
May 21 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Kids' Fishing Tournament @ Shenandoah River State Park
Held in the picnic area by the river. 2 prize categories: biggest catch and most unique catch Children ages 15 years and younger are eligible to compete Check in with the ranger at Shelter 1[...]
10:00 am Birds of the Woods and Fields @ Sky Meadows State Park
Birds of the Woods and Fields @ Sky Meadows State Park
May 21 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Birds of the Woods and Fields @ Sky Meadows State Park
Sensory Explorers’ Trail Join Shenandoah Chapter Master Naturalist Margaret Wester and explore the habitat of birds and the woodland wonders utilized for their survival. Discover the diverse stories of the Eastern Bluebird, Tree Swallow, Wood[...]
11:00 am National Kids to Parks Day @ Sky Meadows State Park
National Kids to Parks Day @ Sky Meadows State Park
May 21 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
National Kids to Parks Day @ Sky Meadows State Park
Children’s Discovery Area This National Kids to Parks Day, join us for fun-filled activities and music at our interactive discovery stations. Kids, pick up a scavenger hunt brochure and hike on the Track Trail or[...]
2:00 pm Common Scents: Historic Perfume ... @ Sky Meadows State Park
Common Scents: Historic Perfume ... @ Sky Meadows State Park
May 22 @ 2:00 pm – May 23 @ 4:00 pm
Common Scents: Historic Perfume Making Workshop @ Sky Meadows State Park
Historic Area. Have you ever wondered how to harvest the fragrance of a flower or capture the irresistible aroma of sandalwood? Then this hands-on workshop is for you! Join us and learn how people in[...]
5:00 pm Let’s Come Together @ DoubleTree by Hilton
Let’s Come Together @ DoubleTree by Hilton
May 22 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Let's Come Together @ DoubleTree by Hilton
A Night of Prayer and Worship, All are Welcome Prayers led by Pastor John Miller of Abundant Life Church and other Local Pastors DoubleTree by Hilton 111 Hospitality Dr. Front Royal, VA Sunday, May 22[...]
6:30 pm Front Royal Wednesday Night Bingo @ Front Royal Volunteer Fire Deptartment
Front Royal Wednesday Night Bingo @ Front Royal Volunteer Fire Deptartment
May 25 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Front Royal Wednesday Night Bingo @ Front Royal Volunteer Fire Deptartment
Bingo to support the American Cancer Society mission, organized by Relay For Life of Front Royal. Every Wednesday evening Early Bird Bingo at 6:30 p.m. Regular Bingo from 7-9:30 p.m. Food and refreshments available More[...]
8:00 pm Astronomy for Everyone @ Sky Meadows State Park
Astronomy for Everyone @ Sky Meadows State Park
May 28 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Astronomy for Everyone @ Sky Meadows State Park
Historic Area: Discover our International Dark-Sky Park! Our evenings begin with a half-hour children’s “Junior Astronomer” program, followed by a discussion about the importance of dark skies and light conservation. Then join NASA Jet Propulsion[...]
7:00 pm 2022 Memorial Day Community Band... @ Gazebo
2022 Memorial Day Community Band... @ Gazebo
May 30 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
2022 Memorial Day Community Band Concert @ Gazebo
2022 Memorial Day Concert by Front Royal Community Band Monday, May 30, 2022, 7pm, at the Gazebo on Main St. (sponsored by American Legion Post #53)
6:30 pm Front Royal Wednesday Night Bingo @ Front Royal Volunteer Fire Deptartment
Front Royal Wednesday Night Bingo @ Front Royal Volunteer Fire Deptartment
Jun 1 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Front Royal Wednesday Night Bingo @ Front Royal Volunteer Fire Deptartment
Bingo to support the American Cancer Society mission, organized by Relay For Life of Front Royal. Every Wednesday evening Early Bird Bingo at 6:30 p.m. Regular Bingo from 7-9:30 p.m. Food and refreshments available More[...]