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Three ways to get more sleep



When determining quality of sleep, duration, continuity and depth are key. For adults to get a good night’s rest, they need deep and uninterrupted sleep that lasts seven to eight hours.

World Sleep Day, which takes place this year on March 15, was created over 10 years ago by the World Sleep Society (formerly, the World Association of Sleep Medicine) to promote the importance of sleep. Restorative sleep is essential for day-to-day functioning and after a good night’s rest, most individuals are more alert and energetic. On the other hand, a lack of quality shut-eye can cause irritability, memory problems and a variety of health issues. If you’re having trouble getting the restorative sleep you need, these three tips can help.

1. Take a nap. If you didn’t get enough sleep the night before, take a short nap. The best time of day for a siesta is the early afternoon. Try to not let your nap last for more than 20 minutes.

2. Get some sun. Going outside or sitting by a window in the morning helps in two ways: it sends signals to your body that it’s time to be alert and it sets your internal clock so you’re ready for bed 14 to 16 hours later.

3. Use white noise. Not only does white noise help you fall asleep but it also helps your brain filter out sudden sounds that can wake you up. Fans can provide white noise and are a great choice because they also keep your room cool.

Finally, if you find yourself unable to sleep at night because you can’t get comfortable, it may be time to change your mattress. Most mattresses have an average lifespan of about 10 years. Getting a new one may help you rest easy and get the restorative sleep you need to feel well rested.

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Interesting Things You Need to Know

3 tips for tackling debt as a senior



Debt among seniors is on the rise. If you or someone you know is struggling financially, these three tips can help.

1. Create a budget. Figure out precisely how much money you earn, spend and save every month. See where you can tighten your spending. Start by asking yourself which of your small, recurring expenses you can reduce or eliminate.

2. Prioritize debts. Determine the interest rate for each of your debts. Make the minimum payments for each debt, and then funnel whatever else you can afford towards the debt with the highest interest rate.

3. Renegotiate with creditors. Discuss your financial situation with your creditors and determine if they might lower the interest rate on your debt, consolidate your debts into one loan or stretch out your payments over a longer timeframe. Reducing your minimum monthly payments can help you stay solvent while paying off your loans.

Finally, if you need extra help, be sure to get it. Contact an accredited not-for-profit credit counselor, a financial adviser or a licensed insolvency trustee. These experts can help you evaluate your debt situation, make a budget and develop strategies to pay off your debt.

If you have financial problems, expert advice can be extremely helpful. However, be cautious about who you trust with your personal information, and be particularly wary of debt settlement companies. These organizations are usually for-profit businesses and many engage in high-pressure sales practices and make false claims. Only work with reputable debt settlement companies that are accredited and willing to provide you with references.

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Interesting Things You Need to Know

3 car care tips for summer



Though summer is typically kinder to your car than winter, sunny weather can still take its toll. Here are three tips for looking after your car during summer.

1. Keep the engine cool. Hot days can make your engine overheat, so it’s important to keep your car’s fluids topped up — they carry heat away from your car’s critical components. Check the levels regularly and be sure to top up your coolant, motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid as needed.

2. Keep your tires inflated. Under-inflated tires are prone to overheating, which can result in a blowout. High road temperatures further contribute to the overheating, so in summer it’s important that you check the pressure in your tires regularly.

3. Protect your car’s paint. The scorching sun can cause your car’s paint to peel and chip. When possible, you should try to park in shaded or covered areas. It’s also a good idea to get your car waxed to provide it with an extra layer of protection. Alternatively, you can apply a UV polish.

Be sure to follow these tips this summer so you can keep cruising all season long.

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Interesting Things You Need to Know

Looming security threat: Your phone number may be vulnerable



Suppose for some reason you lose your phone number. Then suppose it is recycled to people with bad intent. Could the number be used to fetch passwords? Could they get into your email?

You bet they could.

Millions of people get new phone numbers, some of which have been used in the past by someone else. In the best case, the new owner gets lots of annoying FaceTime requests from teenagers. In the worst case, he gets a text every time the previous owner makes a bank deposit. Why? That someone hasn’t changed his phone number with the bank.

According to KrebsOnSecurity, that’s just the tip of an enormous security iceberg. Many companies have built their user authentication programs around phone numbers.

One person who tested the security of phone numbers found this out. He got a new number then went to a large email provider and typed the new number in the login. The provider then offered to reset his password and sent a SMS message with a code. He got in using the code. Except for one thing: He got in to the email of another person, the one who previously owned the phone number.

Imagine what bad actors could find out about you if they could read your email.

The fact is that phone numbers today are tied to a person’s identity and attackers can use the number as an identity document.

It’s not just recycled phone numbers that can be vulnerable either, since there are hacks that allow the theft of numbers.

That makes everyone with a phone vulnerable, but there are some things you can do:

* Close accounts you don’t use.

* If you don’t have to give your phone number online, don’t.

* If your number has changed, go to every account and update your phone number.

* You can also disable SMS text codes.

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Interesting Things You Need to Know

Helpful apps for seniors with disabilities



Mobile apps aren’t just for gamers, daters and Instagrammers. In fact, downloadable apps for smartphones, tablets and other devices now serve many different types of users, including those with disabilities. Here are some of the best apps out there.

For those with a hearing impairment
RogerVoice transcribes phone calls in real time, allowing you to read conversations on the screen of your phone as they’re happening. There’s also P3 Mobile, which allows you to make video-based calls and has features tailored to those who have difficulties hearing.

For those with a visual impairment

TapTapSee uses your device’s speakers to verbally identify what you’re pointing at with your device’s camera lens. Be My Eyes serves a similar function; with this app you’re connected in real time with volunteers around the world who tell you what you’re pointing at.

For those who use a wheelchair
Wheelmap is a digital map (like Google Maps) that shows users which businesses in their area are wheelchair accessible. It’s a crowdsourcing platform, meaning that users themselves add information for businesses that haven’t already been identified, so the map becomes more detailed every day.

All these apps are free and compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Did you know?
Your device has built-in features oriented to those with both hearing impairments and visual impairments. On iPhones and iPads, find and activate these features by going to: Settings > General > Accessibility. On Android devices look under: Settings > Accessibility.

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Interesting Things You Need to Know

A brief guide to selling your car quickly



Generally, spring is a good time to sell a car. As winter winds down, highways, byways and country lanes beckon. The result? A spike in car sales! But this doesn’t mean that propping up a “for sale” sign in your window will suffice. To the contrary, you can count on facing a fair bit of competition, making it essential that you present your car in the best possible light. If you wish to lay the groundwork for a speedy sale, you’ll definitely need to give your vehicle a bit of TLC.

A clean and fresh interior
Dirt, stains, odors and general untidiness detract considerable value from your car and can put off potential buyers. Even an hour or two of cleaning goes a long way. Tidying the interior involves vacuuming, washing the windows and dusting and wiping all the surfaces. It’s also recommended that you apply cleaning products to the carpets, followed by an odor eliminator. A fresh smelling car will sell quicker.

In addition, consider using a scented disinfecting product on the seats. For leather seats, a leather-cleaner is recommended. And be sure to wash those normally out-of-sight areas: clean the trunk as well as the engine. However, you should only clean the engine yourself if you have the know-how and the proper products. Otherwise, entrust engine cleaning to a professional.

A shiny exterior
Needless to say, the exterior should sparkle and a top-grade car wash is the first priority. Also, consider applying wax—spring happens to be the perfect time to do so and spray-on waxes can do the job in about 15 minutes.

Once the inside and outside are spick and span, perform a detailed inspection of your car, putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes. See if there are scratches that can be touched up or rust that might be worth getting removed. However, you shouldn’t go so far as to get your car repainted. Given the price of paint jobs, you’re unlikely to get a good return on your investment.

Good pictures
After thoroughly cleaning your car, it’ll be photo-ready. It’s worth pointing out that taking quality pictures is essential to speedily selling your car, especially if you’re going to have an online ad. It’s best to post clear photos taken from a variety of angles and to also include shots of the interior.

Documents for the buyer
If your car is in good shape, ask your mechanic for a signed inspection report. This will serve as solid reassurance for potential buyers. Moreover, hold on to your receipts to show that you’ve properly maintained your car and made essential repairs.

By taking these steps prior to putting your car on the market, you’re sure to increase your chances of making a speedy and satisfactory sale.

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Interesting Things You Need to Know

Basic manners in the airport, plane



Once upon a time, people got dressed in suits and ties or dresses for the occasion of a flight, which was seen as a special affair. Today? Not so much. And our manners sometimes reflect that more casual take.

But anytime you have a lot of people smushed into limited space, etiquette is an important consideration. So here are some tips for airport etiquette to keep in mind the next time you travel:

– Keep your phone quiet. Somehow, even in 2019, people seem to forget that headphones and earbuds are the best way to keep peace with your neighbors. Enjoy your music and your movie, but remember to keep it to yourself.

– Share armrests. Airplanes have shoved more and more seats into their cabins, which makes elbow room harder to find. Be a dear and leave some room on the armrest for the person next to you.

– Save the fish for another day. Your fellow travelers beg of you: save the fish tacos for a more open-air space.

– Speaking of stink: it’s a sensitive topic, to be sure, but a shower and some form of deodorant is most appreciated.

– Share the charging stations. Stay nearby and keep an eye on your device, and once it’s charged, unplug and let someone else use it. It’s not nice to be an outlet hog.

– Understand carry-on rules and restrictions. Don’t be That Guy, who’s trying to shove an Obviously-Far-Too-Large Suitcase and a set of golf clubs into the overhead bin and holding up the boarding process.

– Have your ticket and ID ready. You know they’re going to check, so have a plan in place for fetching your identification and ticket or boarding pass.

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Upcoming Events

1:30 pm Portraits for Beginners: People ... @ Art in the Valley
Portraits for Beginners: People ... @ Art in the Valley
May 23 @ 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Portraits for Beginners: People and Pets @ Art in the Valley
Learn to create realistic portraits of people and pets. Students will practice drawing and painting techniques used in portraiture. Class meets once a week for five weeks. Students are required to bring their own reference[...]
3:00 pm The Employer Expo @ War Memorial Building @ Jim Barnett Park
The Employer Expo @ War Memorial Building @ Jim Barnett Park
May 23 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
The Employer Expo @ War Memorial Building @ Jim Barnett Park
Have you been thinking about a career change? Are you nearing graduation and not quite sure what you want to do, or what your next step should be? Are you a parent of a student[...]
6:00 pm Painting the Landscape with Oils... @ Art in the Valley
Painting the Landscape with Oils... @ Art in the Valley
May 23 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Painting the Landscape with Oils: Late Spring @ Art in the Valley
This class provides a hands-on experience for painting with oils. Students will focus on techniques for painting landscapes. Class meets once a week for five weeks. Students are recommended to bring their own reference photos[...]
6:30 pm Confederate Memorial Day ceremony @ Prospect Hill Cemetery's Soldiers Circle
Confederate Memorial Day ceremony @ Prospect Hill Cemetery's Soldiers Circle
May 23 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Confederate Memorial Day ceremony @ Prospect Hill Cemetery's Soldiers Circle
The Warren Rifles Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy will again lead the annual Confederate Memorial Day ceremony on the anniversary of the Battle of Front Royal. Where: at Prospect Hill Cemetery’s Soldiers[...]
6:30 pm Watercolor Basics @ Strokes of Creativity
Watercolor Basics @ Strokes of Creativity
May 23 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Watercolor Basics @ Strokes of Creativity
Watercolor Basics Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 6:30 PM – 9 PM Learn the basics of watercolor painting. This is a great follow-up class from the watercolor 101 class, learn about techniques and applying techniques[...]
1:00 pm Meet the Author: Stephen Hudak @ Royal Oak Bookshop
Meet the Author: Stephen Hudak @ Royal Oak Bookshop
May 25 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Meet the Author: Stephen Hudak @ Royal Oak Bookshop
Of Dreams and Leadership: Learning to lead and sharing along the way by local author, Stephen Hudak In this collection of essays, Stephen Hudak shares his thoughts on Leadership and Learning.
10:00 am Design a chair for the SPCA CHAI... @ SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties
Design a chair for the SPCA CHAI... @ SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties
May 27 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Design a chair for the SPCA CHAIR-ity Brunch @ SPCA of Winchester, Frederick, and Clarke Counties
Calling all artists!! Design a chair for the SPCA CHAIR-ity Brunch and save homeless animals. Pick up a chair from the SPCA Thrift Shop, build a chair, up-cycle a chair, paint a chair, or upholster[...]
1:30 pm Watercolor Landscapes: In and Ou... @ Art in the Valley
Watercolor Landscapes: In and Ou... @ Art in the Valley
May 28 @ 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Watercolor Landscapes: In and Out of the Studio @ Art in the Valley
This four week course will focus on learning basic skills to create watercolor landscape paintings: basic composition and use of color and value to create a sense of depth and distance. During the first class[...]
2:00 pm Introduction to Floral Painting ... @ Art in the Valley
Introduction to Floral Painting ... @ Art in the Valley
May 29 @ 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Introduction to Floral Painting with Hillary White @ Art in the Valley
Learn to paint flowers in landscapes, vases, close up and loosely! Use your own acrylic paint, watercolor or colored pencils. You must have basic knowledge of your medium. Instructor: Hillary White, MAT, CDA Wednesday afternoons,[...]
6:00 pm CASA Information Session @ Meet in the Middle
CASA Information Session @ Meet in the Middle
May 29 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
CASA Information Session @ Meet in the Middle
Become an advocate for abused and neglected children in your community. CASA Children’s Intervention Services is seeking volunteers who care about children growing up in a safe, permanent and loving homes. Attend an Information Session[...]