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Royal Examiner responds to Berdyck denial of Tran e-mail



The top of Matthew Berdyck’s Facebook page on Jan. 24 – we’re not sure what the presence of 'Twilight Zone' creator Rod Serling, or the guy sitting at the desk in the back means.

On January 20th and 21st respectively, this reporter’s Opinion piece “In Defense of Jennifer McDonald and the EPA” and follow-up story “Superfund ‘watchdog’ reached out to ITFed owner prior to attack blog” were published on the Royal Examiner news site.

Since those publications, blogger and self-proclaimed Superfund watchdog Matthew Berdyck has been posting increasingly shrill and accusatory online statements and videos, as well as sending a number of similarly-toned e-mails to the Royal Examiner, among others.

We have made an editorial decision to NOT engage Mr. Berdyck directly over his litany of false accusations made against us as a news organization or this reporter personally for, among other things, having a name he can’t spell or pronounce – (that one actually made me laugh out loud – “Roger Biawhateverhisnameisnoonecares,”).  However, we HAVE decided to respond to Mr. Berdyck’s assertion that he did not send the referenced e-mail of December 23, 2016 to ITFederal CEO Truc “Curt” Tran.

Among the places Berdyck has expressed that denial was in a January 22 “cease and decist” (sic) message to our news department threatening litigation if we did not retract the information in that story.

We at Royal Examiner stand by the legitimacy of that e-mail and the quotes attributed to Berdyck in our story “Superfund ‘watchdog’ reached out to ITFed owner prior to attack blog”.

While our initial copy of the Berdyck-Tran e-mail was received from a third party, EDA Executive Director McDonald, the “From” source of the e-mail to Tran – <> – is the same e-address from which Berdyck’s first several hostile messages to Royal Examiner were delivered January 20, the day BEFORE publication of the story about the content of that e-mail.  Following our request for further verification, Tran communicated through McDonald that the Berdyck e-mail dated December 23, 2016, “was sent directly to him, but that he did not respond.”

However, following receipt of Berdyck’s January 22 claim that, “At no time I have I (grammar in context) communicated with ITFedral (sic), Curt Tran, or any of his employees or agents …” claiming defamation, we again sought direct, first-party verification from Tran himself.  So, we sent that request to the same e-mail address Berdyck’s December 23 e-mail to Tran was delivered to.  The following morning we received two e-mails from Tran.  The first had the succinct reply – “Yes.  I will forward you the original email as well.”

That forwarded Berdyck e-mail to Tran dated December 23, 2016, was identical to the first copy we received from McDonald, with the same three-word exclamation “Soli Deo Gloria!”

Tran’s Latin exclamation initially attached to his January 18 forward to McDonald was apparently a reaction to the appearance that day of Berdyck’s “” blog widely circulated online here under the title “EDA Executive Director Caught In Web Of Lies Over Avtex Redevelopment”.  It was our January 20 response to this blog in our OPINION and BREAKING NEWS sections that changed Berdyck’s initial assessment of our coverage of ITFederal and Avtex redevelopment from “brave, and brilliant” to “fake news” three days later.

About those ‘Comments’

In a side note to our readers, we have received numerous COMMENTS to those two pieces concerning Berdyck’s allegations about McDonald, ITFederal, the EPA and Avtex Superfund site.  We appreciate the support, background information and related links regarding Mr. Berdyck’s past; and we apologize for having posted only about a quarter of those COMMENTS due to time constraints related to editing requirements and verification of some information related to Berdyck’s personal, as well as cyber history of similar behavior in various locations around the nation that have been included in many of them.

In a related matter, we have noticed that in one of Mr. Berdyck’s e-mails dated January 23 sent to numerous local officials, he makes a rather startling announcement – “I’ll be issuing a national press release to announce my run for Mayor in 2018.” – And in an earlier e-mail to McDonald dated January 19, he states, “I’m warning you though, if this course of action you are taking continues, by the time this is over, it will be me that is running this town.”

However we wonder, if Berdyck lives in Linden as he publicly claims, is he planning a move into town before the BIG announcement?  We are sure a worldly fellow such as he is aware that one must live within the boundaries of a municipality they plan on running for elected office in.

And lest he also deny writing these posts about taking over Front Royal politically, they both came from the same <> e-address as the above-referenced e-mails to Tran and Royal Examiner.



  1. sean

    September 19, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    A little late to the party, but captain crazy pulled the same Shenanigans when he visited my small Southern California town, 2 years ago.
    He boasted of many accomplishments that all turned out to be fake.
    Carried out stalking and harassment campaigns on anyone who dared question his motives or credentials.
    Even threatened to physically harm a member of my family.
    He’s a vile, vindictive sociopathic stalker and a con artist.
    In addition, he is notorious for contacting his stalking victims places of business and trying to get them fired.
    I highly recommend no one engage him, in person or online.

    • Roger Bianchini

      September 20, 2017 at 12:47 pm

      Late to the “party” or not, Sean – that is essentially this community and our experience with him. And others he has focused on across the country who have contacted us, report the same. He has been out of this area for several months now, though there are occasional rumors or reported sightings, none of which have yet been verified – and hopefully never will be.

  2. Kate

    March 1, 2017 at 12:58 am

    From Wikipedia: “Grandiose delusions are a subtype of delusion that occur in patients suffering from a wide range of psychiatric diseases … Grandiose delusions are characterized by fantastical beliefs that one is famous, omnipotent, wealthy, or otherwise very powerful.”

    Read Mr. Berdyck’s blog and draw your own conclusions.

  3. Terrence Williams

    February 16, 2017 at 5:02 pm

    Given that has no actual research or scientific testing, this would make their fundraiser more than suspect. I have already alerted the local police and filed a report about this (possibly being) some kind of scam to get money to buy guitars or some such.

    I would like to see evidence of any of Matthew Berdyck’s claims. He says he toppled Chris Christie and I cannot find one word about them having any interactions. I even contacted his office and after two weeks, they got back to me and said they never received any emails or phone calls from Mr. Berdyck.

    I think this entire thing is some kind of scam and Mr. Berdyck (has all the signs of a) con artist.

  4. Another one of Matthew's victims

    February 13, 2017 at 3:04 am

    If you come across Matthew Berdyck online, do NOT engage him – he has … a notorious reputation for stalking. Block him immediately and make NO contact. Report all abusive practices to the platform Matthew published them on (Facebook, Google, etc.) Any serious threats, including threats of physical violence, should be documented and reported to your local police department. All other cyber crimes should be reported to the IC3 (

  5. Too Legit to quit

    January 27, 2017 at 5:45 am

    Mr. Berdyck will double down on his unfounded allegations. This is his MO. Stir up some dust, pretend to be a “good samaritan” and as soon as anyone questions his motives, disagrees or dissents with him he turns to infantile insults and threats which in the end will be deleted to which he then claims to have never uttered any of these words. As somebody who has been at the end of Mr. Berdyck’s wrath I suggest to anyone eho choses to deal with him to make their information private and keep their finger on the print screen button.
    If Front Royal needs some pointers in how to respond to Mr. Berdyck’s silly behavior please refer to the residents of Barstow. The self proclaimed “environmentalist” and “philanthropist” is not who he presents himself to be.
    If only certain people would come with the disclaimer “handle with care” it would save many from these sort of headaches and heartburns.

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