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AG Herring’s legislative package to go into effect July 1st



~ Herring’s legislative package helped to make 2020 the most progressive legislative session in Virginia history, includes bills that will make Virginia’s criminal justice system more fair, equal, and just; protect vulnerable communities; protect consumers, and more ~

Attorney General Mark R. Herring’s legislative package, which helped to make the 2020 General Assembly session the most progressive in Virginia history, is set to go into effect tomorrow, July 1st. Attorney General Herring’s package includes bills that will make Virginia’s criminal justice system more fair, just, and equal; protect vulnerable communities; make Virginia an even more open and welcoming community; and more. Additionally, Attorney General Herring’s package included comprehensive consumer protection reforms that will go into effect in January 2021, after Attorney General Herring asked Governor Northam to move the effective date up earlier citing the need to better protect Virginians during these difficult financial times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Tomorrow, when these new, progressive bills take effect, it will be a new day in Virginia. I have fought for these measures and reforms for years, even when the General Assembly was led by Republicans who would block our every move,” said Attorney General Herring. “With things like decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, we are creating a more fair, just, and equal Virginia. We were able to pass comprehensive consumer protections so that Virginians can take out certain kinds of small-dollar loans without falling into a vicious cycle of debt and high-interest rates. Vulnerable communities can now feel confident in knowing that their Commonwealth is behind them and ready to protect them from hate or other threats.

“Virginians voted last November for commonsense gun reform and this year we were finally able to deliver. For too long, too many Virginians were losing their lives at the end of a gun and Republicans were okay with keeping that status quo. Our communities and our families and loved ones are now safer because of these new gun safety measures like the one-handgun-a-month law, that I successfully defended in court just last week; a red flag law; and universal background checks.

“I want to thank my colleagues in both the Senate and the House for helping to pass my priorities this year. And I look forward to seeing how much more we are able to accomplish next year.”

Criminal Justice
The General Assembly passed House Bill 972 (Delegate Charniele Herring) and Senate Bill 2 (Senator Adam Ebbin) that will decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.

“Virginia’s approach to cannabis hasn’t been working for far too long, needlessly saddling Virginians, especially Black Virginians and people of color, with criminal records. Those days are now behind us,” said Attorney General Herring. “With this historic legislation, we are making Virginia a more just, fair, equal, and progressive place. While decriminalization is an important first step on Virginia’s path, we cannot stop until we have full legalization in the Commonwealth.

“I want to thank my colleagues in the Senate and the House for helping me make this a top priority and I look forward to the progress that Virginia will make on this issue in the coming years.”

Attorney General Herring has become the leader on cannabis reform in Virginia following his call for decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana, action to address past convictions, and a move towards legal and regulated adult use. In his call for cannabis reform, he cited the unnecessary negative impact of a criminal conviction for possession, the expense and social costs of enforcing the current system, and the disparate impact on African Americans and people and communities of color. In December 2019, Attorney General Herring held a cannabis summit for policymaking stakeholders in Virginia that focused on policy and included experts from attorneys generals’ offices, state agencies, and legislative operations in states that have legalized cannabis, as well as cannabis policy experts.

Protecting Vulnerable Communities
The General Assembly passed Attorney General Herring’s package of legislation that he says will better protect Virginians and vulnerable communities from hate crimes and white supremacist violence. The bills will update the Commonwealth’s definition of a hate crime, protect Virginians from violence and intimidation by hate groups and white supremacists, and make it harder for hate groups and white supremacists to threaten, intimidate, or hurt Virginians with firearms.

Additionally, the General Assembly passed House Bill 6 (Delegate Jeff Bourne) that added discrimination on the basis of a person’s income to the list of unlawful discriminatory housing practices and House Bill 1663 (Delegate Mark Sickles) that creates explicit causes of action for unlawful discrimination in public housing and employment under the Virginia Human Rights Act.

The General Assembly also passed House Bill 704 (Delegate Mark Keam) that provides that there will be a policy in Virginia that promotes environmental justice.

“It is so important to make sure that vulnerable communities throughout Virginia know that their elected officials and their state stands behind them, ready to protect them, their families, and their fundamental rights,” said Attorney General Herring. “It is incredibly gratifying this year to finally have my hate crimes and white supremacist violence legislation passed after many years of being held up in committee by Republicans in the General Assembly.”

“Preventing discrimination, both in housing and in unemployment, as well as putting policies in place that will promote environmental justice here in Virginia are all crucial elements to building stronger, more inclusive communities. I am proud I was able to help get this important legislation passed.”

Attorney General Herring’s hate crimes and white supremacist violence legislative package is below:

Updating Virginia’s definition of “hate crime”: This bill will create protections against hate crimes committed on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. (House Bill 618 Delegate Ken Plum)

Empowering the Attorney General to prosecute hate crimes: This bill will allow the Attorney General to prosecute hate crimes through the Commonwealth’s network of multijurisdictional grand juries. (House Bill 787 Delegate Lamont Bagby)

Prohibiting Paramilitary Activity: This bill will further restrict the kind of paramilitary activity by white supremacist militias and similar groups that were seen in Charlottesville in August 2017 (Senate Bill 64 Senator Louise Lucas)

Firearms at Permitted Events: This bill authorizes communities to ban firearms in a public space during a permitted event or an event that would otherwise require a permit. (Senate Bill 35 Senator Scott Surovell)

Protecting Virginia Consumers
This year, Attorney General Herring supported two bills (House Bill 789 Delegate Lamont Bagby and Senate Bill 421 Senator Mamie Locke) that were passed by the General Assembly that will enact comprehensive predatory lending reforms in Virginia. The legislation tightens the rules on exploitative predatory lenders and closes easily abused loopholes so that Virginia borrowers are afforded protections regardless of the type of loan they seek. It will also give Attorney General Herring’s Predatory Lending Unit more tools to enforce these new protections and better combat predatory lenders operating in the Commonwealth. These bills will go into effect January 2021 after Attorney General Herring asked Governor Northam to move the effective date earlier citing the need to better protect Virginians during these difficult financial times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Attorney General Herring also supported House Bill 1553 (Delegate Rodney Willett) that will further protect Virginia borrowers by putting tighter restrictions and regulations on debt settlement service providers.

“This much needed comprehensive consumer protection legislation closes easily abused loopholes and tightens the rules on exploitative predatory lenders ensuring that Virginia borrowers do not have to worry about falling into a cycle of debt and high-interest rates if they take out certain kinds of loans,” said Attorney General Herring. “Virginia consumers deserve to be protected during every phase of the loan process and this comprehensive legislation will help with that.”

Firearms on School Property
Attorney General Herring’s bill House Bill 1080 (Delegate Patrick Hope) further clarifies that only trained, authorized individuals may carry a gun at schools. This bill follows an opinion Attorney General Herring put out that concluded that schools could not designate just anyone as a special conservator of the peace and allow them to carry a firearm on school property.

“Our kids deserve to go to school in a safe, secure learning environment. Adding guns and armed, unqualified individuals to our classrooms and our schools does not align with that goal,” said Attorney General Herring. “The last thing we need to do to keep our children safe is to put more guns in schools and in the hands of untrained, unqualified personnel. I hope we can all work together to continue to find safe, effective ways to make our schools safe and welcoming places for our kids to learn and grow.”

In-State Tuition for DREAMers
In 2014, Attorney General Herring sent a letter to the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia, the presidents of Virginia’s colleges and universities, and the chancellor of the Virginia Community College System advising that Virginia students who are lawfully present in the United States under DACA quality for in-state tuition.

This year, Attorney General Herring supported House Bill 1547 (Delegate Alfonso Lopez) that further clarifies that any student is eligible for in-state tuition, regardless of citizenship status, as long as they have fulfilled the necessary requirements.

“Every student deserves in-state tuition in their own home state, regardless of what their citizenship status is,” said Attorney General Herring. “I hope that knowing that their right to in-state tuition is now protected in Virginia code and no one will be able to deny them a higher education will give DREAMers peace of mind.”

Driver’s License Suspension
Attorney General worked with the General Assembly this year to ensure that there was a permanent fix that ended Virginia’s license suspension policy and strongly supported Senate Bill 1 (Senator Stanley).

“No one should have their license suspended just because they are unable to immediately pay their fines,” said Attorney General Herring. “This was a bad policy from the start and it disproportionately affected minority communities and I’m pleased we were able to change it.”

Confederate Monuments
Attorney General Herring has pushed for legislation that will give localities the ability to remove, relocate, or contextualize Confederate monuments and statues and Senate Bill 183 (Senator Mamie Locke) will do just that.

“These grandiose Confederate monuments memorialize one of the darkest periods in Virginia history and they represent oppression and injustice to so many who call our Commonwealth home,” said Attorney General Herring. “Giving localities the ability to remove or contextualize their monuments will allow these communities to tell their own stories – an important step on Virginia’s path to becoming even more open and welcoming.”

Marriage Records
Last fall, Attorney General Herring sent a memo to clerks of the court around Virginia explaining that state law “does not require a clerk to refuse to issue a marriage license when the applicant declines to identify his or her race and that clerks should issue a license regardless of an applicant’s answer or non-answer to that inquiry.” Along with the memo, clerks also received a newly updated marriage license form that gave applicants the option to decline to answer a question about the applicant’s race.

Since issuing the memo, Attorney General Herring has been advocating to have the question about an applicant’s race removed from the marriage license application altogether. House Bill 180 (Delegate Mark Levine) removes all requirements that an individual’s race be included on any kind of marriage record, divorce report, or annulment report.

“It was never clear why any of these records and forms included a question about the applicant’s race,” said Attorney General Herring. “I’m glad my office was able to initially find a solution by changing the forms and now this new legislation will change it in Virginia code.”

Protecting Animals
Attorney General Herring has made it a priority to strengthen enforcement of animal cruelty and other animal-related crimes. This year, Attorney General Herring’s Senate Bill 114 (Senator David Marsden) will put certain animal care statutes under the Virginia Consumer Protection Act and give the Office of the Attorney General even more tools to protect animals.

In 2015, Attorney General Herring created the nation’s first OAG Animal Law Unit to serve as a training and prosecution resource for state agencies, investigators, and Commonwealth’s Attorneys around the state dealing with matters involving animal fighting, cruelty, and welfare. Illegal animal fighting is closely tied to illegal gambling, drug, and alcohol crimes, and violence against animals has been shown to be linked to violence towards other people.

“Individuals who harm or kill animals are truly disgusting, and oftentimes these types of crimes can lead to other, more serious crimes as well,” said Attorney General Herring. “I am incredibly proud of the fantastic work my Animal Law Unit has done to crack down on animal abuse and cruelty and I am glad we will now have even more tools in our toolbox to go after these terrible crimes.”

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Skyline High School Scholarship Winners – Class of 2020



The Royal Examiner congratulates the following Scholarship Winners from Skyline High School. These scholarships will help students lessen the impact of college tuition costs, and decreases the number of loans that may be needed.

Carl and Emily Thompson Charitable Trust Foundation – Top Academic Female Student  – Taylor Bolt

Carl and Emily Thompson Charitable Trust Foundation – Top Academic Male Student – Jake Ross

Acorn Scholarship – Adrianne Kinsey and Mia Ralls

American Legion Auxiliary Unit #53 Scholarship – Kirsten Renz

Angel’s Korner Scholarship – Chloe Phillips

Beautification of Front Royal – Chloe Phillips and Walker Wilkins

J. Berkeley Pomeroy Memorial Scholarship – South Warren Ruritan Club – Kristal Nguyen

Beta Rho Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship – Andrew Thompson

Calvary Episcopal Church Scholarship – Zane Clark and Kristal Nguyen

Cedarville Ruritan Club – Roberta Close Grove Memorial Scholarship – Kristal Nguyen

Dr. Craig Zunka & Joellen McNeal Scholarship – Matthew Presley and Kristal Nguyen

Francis “Lou” Clark Powell – Warren County Retired Teachers’ Association Memorial Scholarship – Victoria Dunivan and  Andrew Thompson

Front Royal Axalta Scholarship – Taylor Bolt

Front Royal Chapter #6 Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship – Mia Ralls

Front Royal Church of the Brethren “Circle of Love” – Thomas Stelzl

Front Royal Elks Lodge #2383 Scholarship – Teagan Johnson and Thomas Stelzl

Front Royal Little League Scholarship – Samuel Harris

Front Royal Moose Lodge #829 – Mackenzie Amos

Front Royal Rotary Club – Jenna Stanley

Izaak Walton League Scholarship – Jordan Kenney

John W. Evans V Memorial Scholarship – Carrie Gibson

Kiwanis Club Scholarship – Ashleigh Dickman

Loyd Family Education Foundation Scholarship In Memory of Cody Loyd – Kristal Nguyen

Madelyne Rose Memorial Scholarship for Justice – Destinee Manning

OH Yeah! Keith Sanker Honor Scholarship – Wyatt Spiker

Royal Fury Basketball Scholarship – Heather Brogan and Andrew Thompson

Shenandoah Area Secular Humanist Scholarship – Mia Ralls

Skyline Caverns – Sabrina Wilkins

Skyline High School “Band Aids” Scholarship – Reid McMillin-Goodwin

Sodexo Scholarship – Sophia Conrow, Hudson Fortney, Bryona Foster, Alexandra Haffer, Kayla Hudson, and Reid McMillin-Goodwin

“The Mat Time Award”/Outkast Wrestling, Inc. Scholarship – Morgan Robinson

Town of Front Royal Scholarship – Andrew Thompson

Harry G. Turnmeyer FR Credit Union Scholarship – Jacob Lowery

Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute Scholarship – Teagan Johnson

Warren County Girls Little League Scholarship – Carrie Gibson

Warren County Sheriff’s Scholarship – Morgan Robinson

Warren County Youth Cheerleading Association Scholarship – Aaliyah Chunn

Warren County Education Association Scholarship – Jordan Kenney

Warren County Farm Bureau – Ashley Foster

Warren County Retired Teachers Association Memorial Scholarship In Memory of Robert Leonard, Frank Moxie and Fern Perry – Jordan Kenney

Warren County Rotary Club – Zane Clark, Jordan Kenney and Mia Ralls

Warren Memorial Hospital Foundation Scholarship – Megan Haun, Adrianne Kinsey and Matthew Presley

Wells Fargo National Bank Scholarship – Kristal Nguyen

Wells Family Scholarship – Jordan Kenney, Adrianne Kinsey and  Thomas Stelzl

WHAT MATTERS “Hometown Scholarship” – Andrew Thompson

Winchester Frederick County Conservation Club, Inc. Scholarship – Chloe Phillips

Women of the Moose Scholarship – Heather Brogan

Lord Fairfax Community College Scholarships

Michael E. Smith Principal’s Scholarship – Chloe Phillips

SHS College Career Pathways Scholarship – Avery Smith

SHS College Board Scholarship – Mia Ralls

Blue Ridge Technical Center Awards

Pam McInnis Award – Teagan Johnson

Senior Carpentry Award – Benjamin Mandiak

Senior Nurse Assistant Award – Emily Nicola

Skyline High School Athletic Honors & Scholarships

SHSAA Scholarship – Emma Benson, Heather Brogan, Aaliyah Chunn, Zane Clark, Sayf Smadi, Andrew Thompson

Hawks Water Scholarship sponsored by Air Serv of Front Royal, Jack Evans Chevrolet of Front Royal, and Skyline Athletic Association – Mackenzie Amos, Lauren Heflin, Morgan Robinson and Andrew Thompson

Students who have earned a credential or certificate through Lord Fairfax Community College:

Samuel Baugher – Certificate: General Education & Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Emma Benson
– Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Taylor Bolt
– Associate of Science Degree: Science; & Certificate: General Education

Heather Brogan
– Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Charles Carey
– Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Owen Chenery
– Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Kierstyn Cornwell
– Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Sydney Crafton
– Certificate: General Education

Ashleigh Dickman
– Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Eve Fincham
– Certificate: General Education

Hudson Fortney
– Certificate: General Education

Ashley Foster
– Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Alyssa Foxwell
– Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Marcus Funk
– Career Studies Certificate: Basic Electrical Tech; HVAC; & Industrial Maintenance Tech – Basic

Megan Haun
– Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Lauren Heflin
– Certificate: General Education

Kayla Hudson
– Certificate: General Education

Alex Lalumondiere
– Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Destinee Manning
– Certificate: General Education & Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Seth Mills
– Career Studies Certificates: Emergency Medical Technician & Pre-Allied Health

Kristal Nguyen
– Certificate: General Education & Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Jasmine Payton
– Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Mia Ralls
– Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Ethan Reinhardt
– Career Studies Certificates: Basic Electrical Tech; HVAC;  Industrial Maintenance Tech – Basic

Kristen Renz
– Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

David Shenk – Career Studies Certificates: Basic Electrical Tech; HVAC; Industrial Maintenance Tech – Basic

Jenna Stanley
– Associate of Science Degree: Science; & Certificate: General Education

Jaime Stewart
– Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Sabrina Wilkins
– Certificate: General Education & Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Walker Wilkins – Certificate: General Education & Career Studies Certificate: Pre-Allied Health

Skyline High School Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony

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LFCC and Shepherd University sign nursing transfer agreement



LFCC and Shepherd University have signed a new 2+2 (two years at LFCC and two years at Shepherd) R.N.-B.S.N. agreement that will provide a seamless pathway for nursing students from LFCC to earn their bachelor’s degree at Shepherd.

Under the agreement, LFCC students who earn an associate of applied science degree in nursing, have a minimum grade point average of 2.7, and who have not matriculated at any other institution of higher education will be guaranteed transfer admission to Shepherd to earn a bachelor of science degree in nursing.

“We now more than ever need healthcare professionals,” said Dr. Scott Beard, Shepherd provost, during a July 30 virtual signing ceremony. “We’re in an area with vulnerable populations where there is a lack of access to healthcare, and there’s a critical shortage of nurses and advance practice nurses nationwide, so this initial pathway from the R.N. to the B.S.N. is just one step in those students’ journeys.”

Dr. Anne Davis, LFCC vice president of academic and student affairs, called the agreement a win-win for students.

“This feels like it’s a great fit for our students because they’re accustomed to an environment with that personal touch and small class size,” Davis said. “I think Shepherd is a place where LFCC students will find a home, somewhere where they’ll be valued for who they are as a person. It’s an exciting opportunity. It’s pivotal for healthcare in the environment that we’re in now, so we thank Shepherd for opening its doors to our students and giving them this pathway.”

“We’re just thrilled to receive Lord Fairfax students,” said Dr. Sharon Mailey, dean, College of Nursing, Education, and Health Sciences, and director, School of Nursing at Shepherd. “They’re motivated, they’re excellent academically, we just really enjoy having them here, and we want to make this their home. We also want them to keep the connectivity with Lord Fairfax. They don’t lose their identity; they just take on a new mantle of being a B.S.N. from Shepherd University.”

Learn more about LFCC’s nursing program at

Pictured (top row, l. to r.) are Dr. Virginia Hicks, assistant provost, Shepherd Academic Community Outreach; Kathryn Tagnesi, interim director, Lord Fairfax Health Professions; Dr. Scott Beard, Shepherd provost; second row, Dr. James Gillispie, dean, Lord Fairfax Humanities, Social Sciences, and Student Development; Dr. Craig Santicola, dean, Lord Fairfax Professional Programs; Dr. Sharon Mailey, dean, Shepherd College of Nursing, Education, and Health Sciences, and director, School of Nursing; third row, Dr. Michael Groves, coordinator, Shepherd R.N. to B.S.N. Program; Dr. Richard Stevens, dean, Shepherd School of Graduate and Professional Studies; and Dr. Anne Davis, vice president, Lord Fairfax Academic and Student Affairs.

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Adopters can help Winchester SPCA’s holiday wishes come true with $100K from the Petco Foundation



Individuals who have adopted a pet from the Winchester SPCA are invited to share how their pet has changed their life to help give your local SPCA a chance to receive a $100,000 grand prize Holiday Wishes grant award from the Petco Foundation. In partnership with BOBS from Skechers, the Petco Foundation is granting more than $750,000 this holiday season to qualified animal welfare organizations across the country. Awards will range from $5,000 to $100,000, and adopters with winning submissions will receive up to a $1,000 Petco shopping spree and a prize pack with BOBS from Skechers shoes.

“We’re calling on all Winchester SPCA adopters to help us earn a lifesaving grant award this holiday season from the Petco Foundation by sharing their stories,” said Winchester SPCA Executive Director Lavenda Denney “Thank you for choosing adoption; now you can make our holiday wishes come true by helping us earn lifesaving funds to bring more pets in need together with loving families.”

Through September 23, adopters can submit their story at Stories should highlight how pets have changed their adopter’s life for the better, in big and small ways, and should celebrate the love of their adopted pet. Submissions must include four photos to illustrate the story and can include video as well. Adopters must contact the Winchester SPCA for the organization’s point of contact, email and phone number to include in their submission. Adopters are also encouraged to visit the Holiday Wishes homepage for more information and to read stories from previous winners.

The deadline to submit a Holiday Wishes story is September 23, 2020, noon CST. Winners will be announced during the holiday season. For a full list of prizes and submission FAQs, visit

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State Police release details of high-speed chase, arrest of Herndon woman



On Wednesday, August 12, the Virginia State Police (VSP) issued a press release on the circumstance of the multi-jurisdiction pursuit and arrest of Herndon resident Jennifer L. Arnn. The release indicates the date of the incident as Thursday, August 6. Our initial report indicated the incident occurred on Friday, August 7, which is listed as her booking date on the RSW Jail website. VSP Public Information Officer Brent Coffey explained that Arnn spent Thursday night at the hospital for injuries incurred during the incident, which appear to be reflected in her jail booking mug shot.

Jennifer Arnn faces one animal cruelty charge resulting in the fatality of dog or cat; one reckless driving charge, one vandalism charge of intentional damaging of public property. Photo courtesy of RSW Jail.

That incident began with a reckless driving “Be on the Lookout” issued in Berkley County, West Virginia, after which VSP spotted the vehicle on I-81 in Frederick County, Virginia.
Below is the VSP release in its entirety:

WARREN CO., Va. – A Herndon, Va. woman is behind bars on multiple charges after she fled law enforcement Thursday (August 6, 2020). Virginia State Police have charged Jennifer L. Arnn, 39, in Warren County with three felony counts of assault on law enforcement, one felony count of intentional damage, one felony count of eluding law enforcement, one felony count of animal cruelty, one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence, and one misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana.

On Thursday at approximately 11:17 a.m. the Berkley County Sheriff’s Office issued a “Be On the Lookout” for a reckless driver. A short time later state police observed the suspect vehicle, a 2016 Mazda CS-X on I-81 at the 307-mile marker in Frederick County. State police initiated a traffic stop on the Mazda which stopped but took off when approached by a trooper.

The Mazda continued on Rt. 277 in Frederick County. The Mazda was eventually contained and stopped on I-66 at the 4.6-mile marker in Warren County. The driver, Arnn, was taken into custody without further incident. Arnn was transported to RSW Regional Jail and held without bond.

During the course of the pursuit, Arnn pushed her dog out the window. State police were able to locate the dog, but it did not survive its injuries.

Arnn struck three state police cruisers during the pursuit. One of the state police troopers suffered minor injuries during the incident.

The pursuit reached speeds of up to 100 mph.

Woman held at RSW Jail after state police chase, animal abuse-fatality charge

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Lynchburg City Council appoints Doug Stanley as new City Manager



On Tuesday, August 11, Lynchburg City Council ended its search for a new City Manager with a vote to appoint Douglas P. Stanley to succeed the current City Manager, Bonnie Svrcek who will retire effective September 1, 2020. Stanley is the former County Administrator for Warren County, Virginia. He will assume his duties as City Manager on September 1, 2020.

Before taking a public vote during City Council’s work session, Mayor MaryJane Dolan stated that City Council had conducted a nationwide search for the City Manager’s position, and they were pleased with having had a number of very qualified candidates to consider. “Even with having to deal with a nationwide pandemic, we had a very competitive pool of talented candidates from across the country,” said Dolan. “Council has been very deliberate in making its choice, and we have complete confidence in Doug being the right person to lead the organization. Bonnie leaves behind a strong leadership team that will provide great support for him as he becomes acclimated in his new position.”

Stanley served as Warren County’s administrator for 20 years. He began his career in public service at the age of 25 when he was hired by Warren County as a Zoning Administrator. He became Planning Director at the age of 27 and then County Administrator in 2000, only the fourth person to hold the position of administrator in the county.

During his tenure with Warren County, he directed the construction of an over $200 million Capital Improvement Program including the construction of a new high school, renovation of a junior high school to a high school, the renovation of a former high school to a middle school and the construction of a new middle school, a library, a community center, and the renovation of a baseball stadium. He also spearheaded the concept and development of the creation of a three jurisdiction regional jail and served as its board chair.

Stanley is a graduate of Mary Washington College where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Geography. He received a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Graduate Certificate in Public Administration from Shenandoah Institute, Marsh Institute. Stanley is also a graduate of the Senior Executive Institute-Weldon Cooper Center at the University of Virginia.

His wife Jenny is an English teacher, and they have two children, Jenna and Whill.

“I want to thank the Lynchburg City Council for selecting me to be the next City Manager. My family and I look forward to this fantastic opportunity the next chapter in life brings. For me, it is not simply the job; it is about getting involved and becoming part of the community. I look forward to meeting citizens and stakeholders and becoming an active participant in our community.

Lynchburg is known throughout the Commonwealth for its stable and visionary leadership both at the Council and staff levels. I am honored to be following in the footsteps of Bonnie Svrcek and Kim Payne, two people who I have a tremendous amount of respect for, and I look forward to working with the dedicated staff of the City of Lynchburg in moving this community forward. I have a proven track record of 20+ years of local government management experience having been successful in Warren County, Virginia in helping the community rebuild its tax base, improve its infrastructure, and build strategic relationships with community partners and stakeholders. I am proud to have left Warren County a stronger, more vibrant, and resilient community, and I look forward to bringing that experience to the Hill City.”

(Press release from the City of Lynchburg)

Town Talk: A conversation with Doug Stanley

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New Student Welcome Week coming up at LFCC



With the start of this fall semester’s first classes less than two weeks away, LFCC is rolling out the welcome mat – virtually, in most cases – for its new students.

A series of online sessions is scheduled to provide information on everything from career pathways, to available resources, to what a typical college day is like. Additionally, LFCC swag and important information will be handed out during curbside pickups.

“This year, with physical and social distancing a must, we’ve been given the chance to reinvent our New Student Welcome program, using both the virtual platforms – like Zoom – that we are now so accustomed to using while still keeping up with the traditional in-person festivities, but with a twist,” campus life and student engagement specialist Chris Lambert said. “Instead of just one day to welcome our new students, we have extended it into an entire week, which will allow us to introduce new sessions and programming options.”

The first set of fall classes starts Monday, Aug. 24, with other classes beginning Sept. 8 and Oct. 19. Most classes will be delivered remotely, but some classes that require in-person delivery will be on campus.

A busy slate of information and introductory sessions is scheduled for Aug. 17-22. Highlights include:

  • A New Student Panel that will let students know how they can get involved at the college, and what student life looks like these days. The panel will feature current LFCC students and is at 5:30 p.m. Aug. 17 on Zoom.
  • Ask the Faculty is a general question and answer session that will be on Zoom at 2 p.m. Aug. 20.
  • President Kim Blosser, Fauquier Campus Provost Chris Coutts and other college officials will have a special session just for parents and supporters of students to ask questions about LFCC and college resources during a Zoom session at 5:30 p.m. Aug. 19.
  • Curbside welcome pickups will be all week at all locations, with varying times.
  • Resource chats for everything from campus safety, to online learning, to academic accommodations are planned.
  • Zoom sessions on career pathways, including health professions, engineering, business, education, humanities and arts, transfer planning and undecided students are lined up.

For in-person classes, LFCC will follow the latest guidelines issued by the Virginia Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Students attending these classes will be required to sign an agreement stating they won’t attend class when sick or if they’ve been exposed to someone with coronavirus, will wear a mask while in class and will practice social distancing and follow other safety measures.

To see the full schedule of events, and get Zoom codes, visit

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King Cartoons

Front Royal
Rain Shower
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Feels like: 70°F
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Humidity: 97%
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