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Kristie S. Atwood: We all must ‘Ask Why’



Today the kids and I took a day trip to Washington, D.C. It was the first time we have visited the Holocaust Museum and there I saw the #askwhy. This has stuck with me all day. In no way am I saying I have experienced anything near what the Jewish faced during that horrific, evil time, but we (all of us) need to “ASK WHY?”

Prime examples:

-Valley Health getting rid of its Women’s Care Unit and ICU in a planned new hospital.

-Building officials and local government leaders–whether hired or elected–bending rules and only following laws when they choose to.

-County attorney saying the USBC and Code of Virginia do not require policies and procedures?
(This one, I said much more, like what is my county? A fly-by-night circus?)

-Citizens receiving special treatment when it comes to overdue taxes.

-A Contractor LLC who claims to be in business since 2002 and advertises as fully-licensed and insured, who has built many homes in Warren County, yet has never bothered to get a Contractor Firm License. County will not act on behalf of citizens harmed by this LLC.

You know why? Because no one comes forward to #Askwhy. No one holds these government employees and elected officials accountable. When you #Askwhy, you make people uncomfortable, you knock on a door, these too-comfortable people don’t want to answer.

The time has come to #Askwhy and let that lead to Who? What? When? Where? How? and a whole Pandora’s Box of other questions these officials and leaders don’t want to answer.

It is time to make these people answer to us, hardworking average citizens.  They work for us. They are here to protect us, serve us, and ensure our safety.

But you know what?  They are failing miserably. With my house nightmare, (By the way,  anyone who would like to know how my family “trashed” the house, I welcome you to come to look.) My family tends not to play in insulation or make exhaust vents look like something from Trailer Park Boys.

My rights have been violated and I have steadily asked why. I have emailed Warren County employees; the administrator, the county attorney, the information officer, the Building Official. I have emailed the Board of Supervisors and you know who has stood up for this Warren County citizen? No one!!!

They are all too busy covering each other’s ass to do the right thing. I have given them chance after chance and no one will stick their neck out and say “This woman has a point, we need to look into it.”

So here it is fellow citizens:  David Beahm, the Warren County Building Official committed a Class 3 misdemeanor when he issued the applying entity of Buracker Construction LLC a building permit. Beahm illegally transferred the applying entity’s name to Buracker Construction, BUT that company did not have a valid Warren County Business license until June/July 2018. That is 16 years in business, NO valid contractor’s license with the LLC and no business license for just Buracker Construction. These are the cold hard facts.

How many of you operate a business in Warren County without the proper licenses?

I told Warren County officials and the Board of Supervisors I was taking this issue public if they did not act. The whole group of them are violating my 14th Amendment right of “equal protection of laws”.

Since the Building Official is a permanent title until retiring or being removed, I demanded–and still demand– that Beahm be removed from his office. His actions, or lack thereof,  have enabled an improperly licensed contractor to cause great harm and distress to my family.

There are more citizens out there who have been damaged. I know, because they have reached out with their stories. David Beahm, Warren County building official,  did not ensure my family’s safety or oversee his department’s work. I recently found during the time my home was being built, Beahm was President of the Virginia Building and Code Officials. Beahm was away from the office at least 1/3 of the time with no one else with the certifications to cover his absence.


WHY did Doug Stanley and the Board of Supervisors allow this to happen?

WHY will they not look into the situation and hold him accountable?

WHY do they allow large conflicts of interest to take place on BOS-appointed boards and allow employees with conflicts of interests to be employed in departments they should not be?

WHY do these employees and officials feel untouchable?


Who can answer my question?

My Granddaddy said, “There is never a dumb question.” so start asking and holding those accountable.

It is time for Warren County citizens to clean house. I think we need to start going done the line demanding resignations. It is time to straighten up and fly right!

Submitted by Bentonville, VA resident Kristie Sours Atwood



  1. Newman

    August 24, 2018 at 5:19 pm

    Always ask “why” 5 times. This is a simple management technique championed if not invented by Toyota Motor Co. “Why” is this? Because it gets to the root cause of the problem…or in this case corruption and incompetence.

  2. James

    August 5, 2018 at 9:23 pm

    Unfortunately, the last person that asked the hard questioned was Councilman Egger that was stonewalled by her fellow councilman. Since her departure, the hard questions regarding the EDA has not been answered and her father has picked up the cause of of holding both the town council and board of supervisors accountable. Only until the recent indictments of the EDA director that Mr. Egger’s outcry of the possible illegal activities has now been confirmed. It’s been sad and interesting to watch as the individuals involved try to cover up these activities. You are absolutely correct in stating it’s time to elect new leadership in our community. The first time coming up is the upcoming town election for council and mayor. There appear to be several new people running that are not part of the good old boy network. Maybe it’s time to give others a chance to get the answers to the many questions not being answered today. It’s a real disservice to our community that the mayor is running unchallenged and another retread past councilman is running again. I don’t expect that the answers will come forth to the public from these individuals. Change is hard for many but maybe starting with new leadership elected in the town might start the process that would lead to the change in the board of supervisors next year. Guess you have to start somewhere or it will be the same old same old with no questions being answered in the future.

  3. Jim Coats

    August 2, 2018 at 8:46 am

    Will be as interesting to see who answers as what the answers are.

  4. Jim Coats

    August 2, 2018 at 8:36 am

    Valid questions we all need answers to

  5. Concerned Citizen and Parent

    August 2, 2018 at 7:29 am

    Kristie, I’d like to applaud you for asking these questions, and I’d like to take it further.

    Warren County schools teacher retention rate has dropped significantly since Greg Drescher took over as Superintendent.

    WHY? (Hint: Pay is only PART of the problem)

    Greg Drescher continues to be involved with the shady EDA, despite having a full-time job as Superintendent of Schools in a county that continues to have problems in its schools.


    The county is entertaining the idea of a multi-million dollar bridge over the Rockland Road rail crossing (prize for stupid idea of the year) when they can’t retain teachers, partially because of low pay.


    • Kristie

      August 3, 2018 at 9:47 am

      Put the questions out there, they need answers

  6. Leslie

    August 2, 2018 at 7:26 am

    Don’t give up! Doing what is right is a fight! Your situation is unjust and the tip of the iceberg to all that goes on here. The citizens that care need to stand up and hold them all accountable! Too many cover ups and dishonest work in this county! Why?

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