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OPINION: Voters are confronted by a specter from the past



In this election season, voters are confronted by a specter from the past. One political party is spreading discord by advertising that plays on fears and lies to create a wedge. Much like the leader of their party, they want to take advantage of a simmering anger that many can’t express.

Republican candidates are complicit in the deep divisions that are damaging our country. They would remove protections for consumers, deny remedies for pollution and climate change, repeal personal freedoms, and remove affordable healthcare for millions. Rather than reduce economic inequality, they promote the power and fortunes of the 1%.  Their candidates, regardless of how home-grown they claim to be, do not speak for the common person. Their interests lay in increasing advantages for the privileged few.

The Democratic Party draws on a long and deep concern for the common good. Instead of restricting voting, Democrats encourage the expression of all citizens at the ballot box. Instead of allowing corporate and family fortunes to determine policy, we encourage participation from all Americans.

Democrats promote economic security by supporting greater access to healthcare, more affordable education at all levels, and better wage opportunities for individuals whether they live in cities or rural areas. Democrats believe we are in this struggle together, and that improving individual lives will benefit all.

Steve Foremam
Chair, WCDC



  1. Steve Foreman

    November 5, 2017 at 11:26 am

    One of the cherished Republican myths is the one about Democrats being the party of the KKK. While that once was true, Democrat Lyndon Johnson forced through the Civil Rights and Voting Acts which essentially removed that stigma from the Democrats. Nixon was happy to seize the moment to develop a Southern strategy.

    Now the present Republican Party is fine with not enforcing fair voting, and is in favor of unlimited money in politics. With its huge resources behind him, Gillespie led a coordinated campaign to take over statehouses and gerrymander districts throughout the country, resulting in politicians picking voters instead of voters choosing their representation.

    Do not forget that the majority of voters chose a Democrat in 2016.

  2. Steve Foreman

    November 5, 2017 at 11:18 am

    Providing tax breaks for the most advantaged does not contribute to the common good. How does failing to give the disadvantaged help when they need it most harm the state of Virginia? Sequestering the money in the top 10% does not help anyone. When the people that are advantaged use that money to write the laws in their own favor, how is that good for the vast majority? The trickle down theory has been disproved most recently in Kansas. Economic inequality has led to millions of people being without healthcare and the most basic human opportunities. Because a few take advantage of that is no reason not to help the rest.

  3. Kenneth O. Dameron

    November 2, 2017 at 10:07 am

    I would be remiss if I let Mr. Foreman’s blatant attempt to foist his Democrat beliefs (higher taxes, open borders, free health care for all, etc.) on the taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    Ed Gillespie, on the other hand, wants LOWER taxes, responsible health care for lower-income people (via Medicaid), protection of our people by cooperating with Customs and Immigration employees in ridding our Commonwealth of ILLEGAL aliens.

    There will always be disparity of income, and, while our Republic has made significant strides toward equalizing income (food stamps, subsidized housing, earned income tax credit–effectively a negative income tax, graduated income tax rates, etc.), it just is not feasible to divide the pie equally, even if it were desirable.

    However you feel about the issues, please get out and VOTE..

  4. Pat Moore

    November 2, 2017 at 9:53 am

    Talking about division! The Democrats ran a despicable ad on tv showing a Gillespie supporter trying to run down minority children in a pick up truck. What does that say about the Democrats? I consider it desperation. They are going to lose votes because of that ad. It has since been removed but people should see it.

  5. Prudence Mathews

    November 2, 2017 at 9:47 am

    WOW…sounds like a poisonous flavor of Kool Ade being served in our fair town.

  6. James E. Irre

    November 2, 2017 at 9:08 am

    In this voting season, Mr. Foremam, voters are certainly confronted by a specter from the past, but it isn’t from the GOP. Are you forgetting the recent advertisement showing a Trump supporter in ball-cap, sunglasses, and pickup truck with a confederate flag flying chasing down black children on the street? The Latino group that sponsored the ad said it was stopped because of the terrorist attack in New York City. Really? What the hell did that ad have to do with a Muslim terrorist that Senator Schumer’s “Diversity Visa Lottery” program let into the country. What about the ads during the Bush campaign showing a Republican shoving grandma off the cliff? And the list goes on.

    Your remarks are nothing more than fatuous lies. Division is the way the Democrat party keeps any power that they have. They have nothing of substance to offer so rely on specious attacks to strike fear in people. That fear keeps people who stupidly get their news from the Communist News Network, PMSNBC, and other left-wing outlets voting for liars.

    And who was it that said his plan would cover everyone? Who was it who said, you no longer have freedom of choice regarding health insurance? But don’t worry because you can keep your plan and your doctor. LIES! Idiot insurance companies made a deal with the devil. Now that it isn’t working they’re pulling out. Anthem was going to pull out of Virginia completely, but I suppose political pressure brought to bear changed that. Only now they only offer plans in certain counties. So now, I’m not only restricted by state lines, but also by county lines. Everyone in Warren County is the denied the right to the free market. The right, and FREEDOM, to enter into a contract with an insurance company has been taken away! And you want us to vote for another stinking Democrat who will do more of the same to us!

    You say Democrats promote economic security by supporting greater access to healthcare, yet Democrat policies and laws are taking all that away from us. And the moronic Republicans, with majorities in Congress and control of the White House can’t seem to muster up enough votes to repeal a law that is damaging the American economy. All you idiots say, “We can’t let the free-market take health insurance! It’ll never work! Millions will die in the streets if we let the market take over!” IT’S NEVER BEEN TRIED! HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW IT WON’T WORK?

    Fact is, the Democrats have been driving wedges for decades. You people haven’t had an original idea in my lifetime, and probably longer. Democrats routinely pit one group against another for political gain. Democrats have been promising the black community all kinds of things for years. When is the last time the Democrats delivered? Remember the race riots in the 60’s? Southern Democrats were behind segregation and used water cannons and dogs to put down a race of people who the Democrats saw as inferior. Couldn’t drink from the same water fountain, use the same bathroom, sit at the lunch counter, or ride where they wanted to on the bus.

    Mr. Foremam, you disgust me.

  7. Bob Scott

    November 2, 2017 at 7:23 am

    It sounds to me the author is the one spreading lies and discord…the Democratic Party is the one that got voted out of office by the the American People last election, dispose the attempt of the Democrats to high jack the election with their grandstanding myths and flegrent mistruths. Isn’t the Democratic Party the party of the KKK, slavery and keeping people beholding to the government through welfare programs and life lifelong servitude…how about it Front Royal…let’s let people learn to stand on their own two feet, be responsible for the own actions and control their own future without Uncle sugar paying their way…until you are held to account for your own future, people will never take action on their own…

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