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Time for the appraiser? Make your home shine



If you are selling or refinancing, the lender will have your home appraised.

It’s different from a home inspection. A home inspector is primarily preoccupied with the internal workings of a home, and looks for current problems or things that could become a problem.

An appraiser is trying to determine the value of your home, comparing it to prices of similar homes in the area, and weighing the location of the home including neighborhood and proximity to schools.

The appraiser will look at the size of the lot and the condition of the home itself.

An appraisal is key to selling a home, since a low valuation might force the seller to reduce the price. A higher valuation might come in handy, however, if you are refinancing, giving you extra equity in your home and making a loan deal easier.

Some say there is no point in doing a complete house cleaning for an appraiser, but that isn’t necessarily true. A clean, well-groomed home inside and out, can help boost the evaluation of how well a house is maintained. They look for signs of neglect such as appliances that don’t work, floors that are damaged, carpets that are torn or dirty. Even paint can be a factor.

If you are preparing for an appraisal, do make sure your home is clean and tidy inside and out: Mow the lawn, pull weeds, put away lawn equipment. Get rid of clutter.

Remember the appraiser will take photos. Tidy up the pool area, if you have one, as well as the bedrooms and baths.

If you have pets, be sure to confine them during the appraiser’s visit, if for no other reason than to be polite. But you might also consider how the cat’s litter box will look on film.

The appraiser will also find out the age of your home and evaluate its effective age. Doors, lights and windows should all work.

It’s best not to trail the appraiser around the house, but you could point out things like a recent renovation of a kitchen or bath.

Just try to make your home appear maintained, loved, and up-to-date.

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Four ways to display your decorative dishware



Are you tired of keeping your beautiful dishes hidden away? Why not use them to decorate your home so you can enjoy them all year round? Here are some ways to turn your dishware into decor:

1. Exhibit them in a cabinet. If your dishes are family heirlooms or especially valuable, the best way to display them is behind glass. Choose a glass-fronted cabinet or hutch with shelves for showing off your collection.

2. Hang plates on the wall. Hang your most beautiful ornamental plates and other dishes on the wall using hooks or plate hangers, either individually or as part of a tasteful arrangement.

3. Use individual pieces as accents. Choose a few key dishes to use as decor in your living room, kitchen or bedrooms. Larger pieces like teapots and tureens can stand on their own on small tables or shelves while smaller dishes like teacups can be used to dress up bookcases and bathroom counters.

4. Re-purpose them in your home. If you have dishes you’re holding onto but no longer use, consider turning them into something new. Old teacups, plates, bowls and pitchers make great vases, planters, candleholders and soap dishes.

Another way to display your dishware? Remove the doors of your kitchen cabinets so the shelving is exposed. This way, you can show off your best dishes while keeping them near the stove so you can easily use them whenever the occasion arises.

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Warren County Market Report – March 2019



Watch this video for a quick summary of Warren County real estate for March 2019. Charts demonstrate the changes in the market, so be sure to click play!

In general summary:

  1. Pending sales are UP by 23.5%.  We are making up for the decrease we experienced in closed units last month!  GREAT!
  2. Average Median Sold $254,500 this is an 11% increase from last year.
  3. Average Days on Market 103.

*If you would like a copy of this report emailed to you, please send request to

Resource: 2019 Market Stats by ShowingTime
MRIS: Statistics calculated April 4, 2019

Jennifer Avery, Realtor for NextHome Realty Select
BPOR, SRS, CNE, E-Pro Certified | Licensed in VA | 540-683-0790
210 E Main Street, Front Royal VA 

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What is Universal Design?



Universal Design is an approach to architecture and design that seeks to make spaces accessible to all people, regardless of age, size or ability. The term was coined by Ronald Mace, an architect who focused on making public spaces easier for people with physical disabilities to use.

Universal Design differs from other approaches to accessible design and assistive technology because instead of trying to meet the specific needs of individuals, it strives to integrate people with disabilities into the mainstream. In other words, it focuses on offering accessibility to everyone rather than helping people with disabilities cope with barriers that could have been avoided in the first place. Common Universal Design features include ramps, curb cuts and push-button doors, which not only assist individuals with limited mobility but also make spaces easy for all people to use.

Although typically used in public spaces, people can integrate Universal Design principles into their homes. Here are few ways this can be done:

• Replace door locks with keyless entry systems

• Have a full bathroom on the ground floor

• Use open shelving in the kitchen instead of cabinets with doors

• Install grab bars and no-slip flooring in the bathroom

• Replace faucets with touchless or single-lever controls

• Invest in a walk-in shower

With life expectancies rising and higher survival rates for people with disabling conditions, disability-friendly homes are increasingly in demand. Taking steps to make your home more universally accessible will likely prove beneficial and could become a selling point should your home go on the market.

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Accent ceilings: a great way to make any room stand out



When it comes to interior decorating, ceilings are rarely considered beyond the customary coat of white paint. But instead of ignoring your ceilings, think about highlighting them to make your rooms really stand out.

A jewel-toned ceiling in an otherwise neutral room will make the room look taller while adding a lively pop of color.

Tin ceiling tiles (or plastic ones made to look like metal) add a touch of old school glamour to any space, especially a kitchen.

If you have a home with unconventional ceilings that are vaulted or beamed, painting them will highlight the unique feature. Likewise, consider using wallpaper on a tray or recessed ceiling for greater impact.

Paint and wallpaper aren’t the only things you can put on your accent ceiling. Hang a tapestry on the ceiling for a bohemian look or decorate a child’s bedroom with polka dot decals for a modern take on the glow-in-the-dark stars you may have grown up with.

No matter how you choose to embellish your ceiling, make sure you don’t overwhelm the room by keeping the walls simple.

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NextHome announces new charity partnership with Canine Companions for Independence



NextHome has announced a new national charity partner, Canine Companions for Independence®, a non-profit with the primary purpose to enhance the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs. The partnership will drive national donation efforts from its local offices to generate additional funds that will provide Canine Companions assistance dogs to children, adults and veterans with disabilities free of charge.

The partnership with Canine Companions was revealed during the fourth annual NextHome conference, held recently. The three-day event in Las Vegas brought together hundreds of NextHome franchisees, brokers and agents from across the country to take a first peek on trending industry insights and introduce new programs, such as this partnership.

“As a firm believer in investing in your own team and giving back to local communities, it made perfect sense to associate NextHome with an organization that is equally dedicated to society by delivering the greatest resources to individuals in need,” states Chief Executive Officer James Dwiggins. “Our hope is that our match-made partnership with Canine Companions for Independence will enrich the lives of those people through the support of our offices, agents, followers, friends and families.”

Canine Companions introduced the concept of assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities in 1975. With professional instructors who possess hundreds of years of cumulative experience in both training assistance dogs and being able to instruct people with over 60 different types of disabilities, Canine Companions is now known as the largest provider of assistance dogs in the world.

“We’re excited about this new partnership with NextHome and appreciate that they share our belief in the value of collaboration and community,” adds Paige Mazzoni, chief executive officer of Canine Companions for Independence. “With the support from NextHome and their franchise with hundreds of offices across the nation, we’ll be able to unite more people with dogs in a powerful program that opens up new opportunities and new possibilities and allows us to expand the work that we do that improves the quality of life for so many people.”

NextHome is encouraging its members, friends, families and supporters to help raise funds to support the mission of Canine Companions for Independence. Donations will allow Canine Companions to continue to provide expertly trained assistance dogs and follow-up services free of charge to adults, children and veterans.

To learn more about the new partnership and ways to support Canine Companions for Independence, please visit

By RISMedia Staff

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How to integrate the millennial pink trend into your home



If you’ve been following design trends, you’ve probably heard about millennial pink. This rosy hue started to explode on the fashion, advertising and design scenes as early as 2012 and seven years later, there are no signs of it going away. Here are some tips on how to use this generation-defining color to decorate your home.

Think about undertones
Millennial pink varies in shade from a vibrant grapefruit color to a beige pink or peachy salmon. In general, it’s a color almost pale enough to be a neutral while still distinctive enough to bring drab rooms to life.

Whatever variation you choose, make sure to consider the shade’s undertones when deciding how to use the color. Cooler pinks (shades with blue-grey rather than peach undertones) go well with white, grey and wood accessories while warmer, more salmon pinks go best with other warm shades.

Start small
Begin with a few pink touches to see how the color matches with the rest of your decor. For instance, start with pink throw pillows and bed linen before going for a pink couch or painting an entire room. Other unique and tasteful ways to use the color include integrating a millennial pink accent wall in your living room or a pink-tiled backsplash in your kitchen.

If you’re worried too much millennial pink could make your home look dated in a few years, enlist a design expert to help you. They’ll advise you on how to achieve a timeless look rather than one that could quickly fall out of fashion.

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