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Town Talk: Meet Bryan Keyser, Love Revival Ministries



In this edition of Town Talk, we meet Bryan Keyser from Love Revival Ministries. Love Revival is located at 119 Chester Street in Front Royal. The best contact is on their Facebook page, or call them at (540) 216-4437.

Love Revival Ministry Center is a multi-church regional hub for believers to come together, worship and seek revival for the area.

Their next event is a ‘Free Community Dinner’ on March 27th where they’ll be providing to-go meals.

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Town Talk

Town Talk: Meet Dr. Tripp Bradd, Skyline Family Practice



Dr. Tripp Bradd from Skyline Family Practice joined our publisher Mike McCool in the Royal Examiner studio recently. Tripp brought us up-to-date with his medical journey, some innovative technology used in his practice and a discussion on the COVID-19 virus.

Dr. Bradd mentioned his blog in the interview. If you are interested in his journey, check it out here.

If you are in need of a local doctor, Skyline Family Practice is accepting new patients. Here’s their contact information:

Skyline Family Practice
841 North Shenandoah Avenue
Front Royal, Virginia 22630
Phone: 540-636-7000
Fax: 540-636-7029

Dr. Bradd has added some new staff members recently:

Dawnya Finerfrock, FNP-BC – Dawnya is the newest team member.

Karen Marshall, FNP-C – Karen come to Skyline Family Practice in December 2018 and we are excited she is such a good fit.

Dr. Bradd is hiring for a Nurse Practioner. Contact his office for details.


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Town Talk

Town Talk: Meet Joey Snider



Joey Snider is the CEO of JR Snider, Ltd. JR Snider is more than just a plumbing company. Royal Examiner’s publisher Mike McCool talks with Joey about his company, their values and what sets them apart from others. Find out more about the water you drink too.

Here’s some additional information about improving your water quality:

Whether you are on well or city water, there are plenty of reasons to install a water-conditioning system.

Creating better water for your home. When your water is cleaner and more efficient, that means your household is more efficient. Sinks and tubs will have fewer stains. Drinking water will taste and smell better. Plumbing will be less corroded. Household appliances and fixtures will operate more efficiently and last longer. Your household deserves quality water that’s free from stain-causing impurities, foul odors, nuisance particles or just unpleasant taste. That’s why J.R. Snider and WaterCare® are dedicated to making water good for life. As your professional WaterCare dealer, we will analyze your water and configure the precise whole house filtration system for your home.

Well Water

Well water almost always requires some softening and filtration to make it ideal for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. If you own a home with a well, ensuring the water is safe and contaminant-free is your responsibility. We recommend testing your water at least once per year—and we’re doing it for you free of charge.

Municipal Water

If you’re connected to a municipal water system, your water is going through some kind of treatment. But that doesn’t mean you have nothing to worry about. Government regulations require that city water be safe for humans to consume. However, there may be substances that are harmful to your home. Minerals can build up over time, and cost you plenty of money.

Types of Water Conditioning Systems

  • Ultraviolet (UV) Lights – There is a lot of complex science behind the process of UV water purification, but the idea is quite simple. Water runs through a steel chamber where it is exposed to the UV light, which deactivates bacteria and waterborne pathogens. This makes the water is safe to consume.
  • Reverse osmosis (R.O.) Drinking-Water System – Soft water is excellent for cleaning, showering, and laundry. However, some people would rather not drink it. Depending on how hard your water is to start with, it could still have high total dissolved solids (TDS), which can negatively affect the taste. That’s because the hard minerals are replaced by sodium, and there may be other contaminants in your water that a softener will not remove. A simple reverse osmosis system can remove that sodium along with other contaminants and dissolved solids, which makes a water softener and an R.O. system an ideal combination for most homes.
  • Whole House Chlorine Removal System – Chlorine protects water from bacteria until you’re ready to drink it–like the plastic wrap on packaged food. But you don’t eat food wrappers, right? So why should you drink chlorine? Our affordable systems safely remove chlorine after it has done its job and before you enjoy your water!
  • Water Softeners – Softeners are a type of water treatment that corrects hard water by removing the calcium and adding a very minute amount of sodium. Then the unit performs a self-cleaning backwash cycle that gets rid of the calcium.

Types of systems and the problems they solve:

  • Water Purification System – Blue-green staining, thinning pipes, lots of pinhole leaks – this is caused by a high or low PH. A water treatment system can neutralize your waters PH balance.
  • Water Softeners – White crusty buildup – this is caused by higher amounts of mineral deposits which are generally higher in hard water. Hardness refers to the total amount of calcium, magnesium, and occasionally other minerals (e.g. silicate) in your drinking water.
  • Iron Filters Or Reverse Osmosis – Red stains, sulfur (rotten egg) smell – this is caused by iron becoming oxidized in your water.
  • Sediment Filters – Washing machine filling slowly; clogged aerators on sinks – this is caused when sediment causes blockages in the strainers. A sediment filter acts as a sieve to remove these particles.

Free Water Test

Did you know that contaminated water can put a strain on your plumbing—as well as your body?

JR Snider will conduct an in-home water test and share the results FREE OF CHARGE.

A good water test result will tell you several important things, including your water’s pH, whether you have iron (and if so what type–ferric or ferrous), and what types of dissolved solids (such as calcium or manganese) are present.

Get Your Free Water Test Today

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Real Estate

Town Talk: Meet Chad Pangle, Whitetail Properties



Chad Pangle was born and raised in northwest Virginia in the small town of Strasburg. Hard work, hunting, and outdoor life have always been a way of life for him.  He grew up fishing the Shenandoah River and hunting along the Blue Ridge Mountains. As a boy, he spent summers on his grand-parents small farm. He has lived and worked in this area for over 35 years.

For the past 12 years, Chad owned and operated a concrete construction business as well as a real estate investment company. He is passionate about my relationship with God, his family, the real estate business, and hunting trophy deer. He is blessed to be supported by his fiancé, Jaclynn and fifteen-year-old son, Cayden. Chad believes God clearly led him to this opportunity with Whitetail Properties and he is eager to help people find their dream property.

Watch this Royal Examiner video and get to know Chad Pangle.

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Local News

Town Talk: Coming soon to Royal Examiner



The Royal Examiner  will be starting a new feature, “Town Talk”, hosted by Publisher Mike McCool. This feature will introduce you to local businesses, non-profits, political figures and others who influence Front Royal/Warren County.

We hope to feature many of our Facebook friends – those who have lots to say about how things should be done in our community. Many think they could do better, and we want to talk to them. Maybe it does take a village, so let’s let the Town Talk!

Are you ready? We’re ready to fill the schedule! Send Royal Examiner an email (to with the topic you want to discuss and your contact information. Let’s get the conversation started!

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