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Christopher Morrison cites ‘call to service’, work on local issues in reelection bid



I am not running on a partisan platform, even though I am a Republican (nor could I anyway due to my employment with U.S. Govt).
I am not endorsed by either party. This position as a Town Councilman is not about what the Democrat or Republican party wants me to do. It is about what the people want. I represent them, not some lobbyist in DC, special interest group or political ideology.

We need to come together and rise above all of the confusion that is tearing us apart. What we do on the Council should matter to every citizen in Front Royal. And because it’s so important for us to represent everyone, I’m not out seeking partisan endorsements like the others on the ticket. I’ll represent everyone. Just like when I served in the Military. It wasn’t my job to write the US foreign and domestic policy. It was my job to help enforce it. And I did so with impartiality and dignity serving my country for many years in both the Coast Guard and the Army.

My call to service is what prompted me to join the Federal Government where I continue to serve my country as a proud and productive Federal Employee. But I’ve learned that the most important politics is local. So I served on the Town Planning Commission. I did not take that role lightly. And when I was appointed to Council, I continued to represent the people of this Town as I have always served, with impartiality and fairness. And now that I am up for election, I hope that the people of Front Royal will take the fact that I have everyone’s interest in mind to heart and vote me back in. I’ll continue to serve them as best I can in an impartial and level-headed way. One that is not swayed by the opinions of one partisan group or another.

Christopher Morrison
Town Council Candidate
Front Royal




    October 17, 2018 at 11:43 am

    Well-reasoned explanation by Councilman Morrison as to why he is running for Town Council. My only reservation regarding him is that he works “out of the area.”

    He did come off well in the C of C Forum, providing more lucid answers to questions from the moderator than most of the others. I think that he deserves serious consideration.

    • Linda J. Allen

      November 5, 2018 at 1:24 pm

      The fact that Morrison cannot take a Republican or Democratic nomination/endorsement happens to inherently correspond to the Town Charter which states that town elections are to be non-partisan. Leave it to the Republicans to break the rules. How trustworthy are people who seek such endorsement from the Republicans when it is against the legal framework of the town? How much do they even know about the functions of Town Council? the Code for the Town? Watch the videos of meetings and check for your self on who is prepared for the meetings by studying their packet in advance and who has the capacity to ask appropriate questions before a decision is made. It is amazing yet Morrison makes sense and knows why he speaks and votes as he does and will tell you more if you are interested.

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