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Former EDA Board members Biggs, Sealock say no sexual harassment settlement with Jennifer McDonald ever existed



(Editor/writer’s note: In Part 2 of our coverage of former EDA Executive Director Jennifer McDonald’s testimony at a conference call meeting of creditors at her first Bankruptcy hearing we pick up with further exploration of her claim of a $6.5 million settlement and debt to her by the EDA Board of Directors from an alleged 2015 out-of-court Voluntary Settlement Agreement regarding a sexual harassment claim by the then EDA executive director against her board. We believe the claim relates to a post-McDonald resignation social media-circulated document which indicated McDonald was made sexually uncomfortable by initial dealings with a potential EDA business property client. Our recollection of that document’s content was that despite her expressed discomfort, the EDA board allegedly sent her back to the property alone to meet with the client at which time some sort of sexually tinged encounter was claimed to have occurred.)

We ended our first story following EDA lead civil case attorney Cullen Seltzer’s explanation to the creditors meeting that after investigating McDonald’s claim of a sexual harassment settlement agreement with the former EDA board, the EDA’s civil case counsel was of the opinion no such agreement exists.

Following reference to a series of Fifth Amendment pleas in response to questions about that settlement it was noted, “McDonald did respond to an earlier question as to who had negotiated the Voluntary Settlement Agreement with her, citing then-EDA Board Chair Patricia Wines (deceased) and then-Treasurer William “Billy” Biggs.

We first contacted the lone surviving EDA Board of Directors member McDonald cited as negotiating the 2015 Voluntary Settlement Agreement, nearly three-decade EDA Board member and long-time Board Treasurer William “Billy” Biggs. Though dealing with the aftermath of a stroke he suffered in July 2013, Biggs remained on the EDA board for over five more years, eventually leaving for age-related health issues in October 2018.

So, does he recall that alleged sexual harassment negotiation resulting in the EDA board, on his and Wines’ recommendation, awarding McDonald a $6.5 million out-of-court settlement there is no known finalized legal documentation of?

“It’s pathetic. It makes me mad as hell – there’s no truth to it at all,” Biggs began gathering a head of indignant steam. “And she’s relying on a dead person and someone, me, who had a stroke to corroborate her story – it really burns me up.”

Asked if his stroke may have affected his memory of the alleged negotiation and resultant $6.5-million Voluntary Settlement Agreement, as the former EDA executive director and her counsel might eventually try to assert in court, Biggs replied with emphasis, “I remember it NOT happening!!!

Billy Biggs, right foreground light shirt, directly across EDA meeting table from Jennifer McDonald in Sept. 2018, about a month before his retirement and three months before McDonald’s forced resignation. Royal Examiner File Photos by Roger Bianchini

Rather than his perceptions after his stroke, Biggs lamented one example of them years earlier. “You know, Roger, we’ve talked about this, I helped her get that job. I can’t believe I misjudged her like that. But what finally started getting to me was the lies, all the lies – I called her a liar at a (EDA) meeting. And when she started talking about all the money she won gambling, what was it, three years in a row – $600,000 here, $400,000 there, another what, $500,000? Nobody does that,” Biggs concluded of such a gambler’s continued run of luck against odds stacked in the “house’s” favor.

In late January 2018 Jennifer McDonald displays alleged winning slot machine tax receipts in her EDA office for a Royal Examiner story on her ‘gambling luck’ at Charles Town’s Hollywood Casino.

“You know the number of people’s lives she’s affected? – The whole community, not to mention the poor sheriff (then-Sheriff Daniel McEathron) and his family,” Biggs observed of the ripple effect of McDonald’s alleged embezzlement and misdirection of EDA, County and Town assets to her own and others’ benefit. McEathron is believed to have committed suicide not long after retiring after having been implicated as a partner in McDonald’s DaBoyz LLC real estate company allegedly used to move EDA land assets as part of the embezzlement conspiracy at the root of the EDA civil litigation.

In fact, that ripple effect was a topic of conversation at the December 1 Warren County Board of Supervisors work session when $2.8 million in legal fees on EDA civil litigation was mentioned as part of a Strategic Agenda Action Item of reducing the County’s legal fees in the future. Those are county taxpayer dollars paying those legal bills seeking to recover lost EDA assets from McDonald real estate and cash assets. And that ripple effect legal expense has snowballed to include defense of the EDA against the Town’s civil claim against it. And town side ripples, in addition to its EDA civil suit costs, may eventually include operational and debt service costs from the town council’s plan to create a second, independent EDA that will be solely supported by Town taxpayer dollars.

A lot of material was taken by an FBI-led task force from the locked down executive director’s office at EDA headquarters on April 16, 2019 – anybody find a certified copy of a 2015 sexual harassment settlement agreement?

Speaking of the Town of Front Royal, current Vice-Mayor Bill Sealock was a member of the EDA Board of Directors in 2015 when McDonald alleges the sexual harassment claim was negotiated by Biggs and Wines, but approved one would assume, by the entire EDA Board of Directors.

Did he recall signing off on a Voluntary Settlement Agreement payoff of $6.5 million to the then EDA executive director, we asked Sealock.

“I don’t know anything about it – it didn’t happen. I don’t know anyone that knows anything about it. I was flabbergasted she even said it. You’d need the entire board to approve something like that,” Sealock replied, adding, “It reminds me of that time I, the entire (EDA) board had to parade down to the courthouse to say that closed session document she produced in court approving her sale of a piece of property with our signatures on it … was a forgery.”

Former EDA Board member Bill Sealock on the job last month as Front Royal’s Vice-Mayor. He corroborates Biggs’ recollection of no negotiation or board approval of a $6.5 million sexual harassment settlement with Jennifer McDonald.

Now it appears both former and current EDA Board of Directors members, as well as the current EDA’s civil litigation counsel, believe a second document referenced by the former EDA executive director to be a forgery.

Two questions seem particularly pertinent with an online bankruptcy hearing looming mid-month:

  1. will that most recent document regarding the alleged 2015 Voluntary Settlement Agreement ever be introduced as evidence in a courtroom? and:
  2. will the EDA’s contention the sexual harassment settlement agreement McDonald referenced as an outstanding $6.5-million debt to her is a lie, and any documentation in support of it a forgery, have any impact on the bankruptcy judge’s rulings on motions, particularly the EDA’s motions, for exceptions to McDonald’s bankruptcy filing?

Stay tuned as the only EDA financial scandal court proceeding currently in motion, continues online December 16 from a Harrisonburg Bankruptcy Courtroom.

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EDA in Focus

EDA reminds rental tenants, Small Business Loan Program clients to now send payments to WCGC



Starting October 1, 2021, the Warren County Finance Department will take over and manage payments made to the EDA for rents and the Small Business Loan Program (RBEL and IRP). The EDA will no longer be accepting payments at their office or office address.

Please continue to make your check or money order to the EDA. You must hand-carry or send your payments to:

Warren County Government
ATTN: Finance Department
220 N. Commerce Ave.
Front Royal, VA 22630

Any payments sent to the EDA will be returned. As a result, you may incur fees for late payment. We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

(Press Release)


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EDA in Focus

EDA briefed on structural and legal options in closed session; gets open session updates on committee work during transition phases



The EDA Board of Directors met Friday, September 24, for their regular monthly meeting. The Board went into closed session for approximately 90 minutes to discuss transition, personnel, 2018- 2019 draft audits, loan restructuring, and disposition of property. The Board returned to open session at approximately 10:20 a.m. Jeff Browne, EDA Chair, opened the session with an overview of the transition. Browne asked each board member to report on their assigned transition project.

EDA Board Chair Jeff Browne, red shirt at the head of the EDA ‘roundtable’, prepares to get committee chair reports on their work as the EDA transitions toward new staff and possibly a new administrative structure under consideration by the County Supervisors. Supervisors Chair Cheryl Cullers and Walt Mabe were present for the briefings. Royal Examiner Photos by Roger Bianchini

Search Committee-Transition: Dr. Tom Patteson, reported the committee met and reviewed applications. Three applications were submitted to the county administrator. The county and EDA will work together in selecting replacements for the Administrative Assistant and Executive Director.

Finance Committee-Transition: Jim Wolfe reported the “numbers” on the 2108 and 2019 audits are final. Jim Wolfe stated the management letter will be revised and recommended a special meeting for next week to finalize and accept the audits for 2018 and 2019. The Board agreed and the date of the meeting will be announced. Mr. Wolfe will also be meeting with the finance personnel at the county in the next several weeks.

Marketing Committee-Transition: Scott Jenkins, Chair reported the 38-page PowerPoint presentation is complete. The marketing material can be tailored to specific clients. The marketing is targeted on the Core Industries: Advance Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Information Technologies, and Food Processing. Scott reviewed documents and key data. The marketing material is organized and stored on the EDA network. The September Marketing Committee report included other updates and visions including Small Business opportunities, focus on the Strategic Plan, and marketing opportunities with VEDP, Site Selector Guild, and Trade shows in 2022.

Administration Committee-Transition: Jorie Martin reported Gretchen Henderson prepared an Operation Manual for future reference. The manual is detailed in all the operations of the office including resources to use. The new administrative assistant as well as the EDA Board are well prepared to transition smoothly. Mrs. Martin reported The EDA now has the capability to update portions of the website in-house. This week a meeting section was added so the public can go to the site and see upcoming meetings.

Jorie Martin launches into her Administration Committee report, noting that departed Administrative Assistant Gretchen Henderson had prepared what she termed ‘a bible’ for EDA administrative operations for her successor, wherever they are located, to work from. Below, Asset Committee Chair Greg Harold reported the development of ‘The Stage Gate’, a comprehensive document standardizing the process for disposition of EDA-held property.

Asset Committee: Greg Harold reported the transition and updates on the assets of the EDA were complete. Doug Parsons worked closely to make sure all projects are up to date.

Greg Harold presented the Project Management – Stage-Gate: The Stage-Gate is a comprehensive document standardizing the process for disposition of property. The document will be reviewed and discussed at length at the October board meeting.

Motions coming out of Closed Session: The Board approved the technical revisions to the EDA By-Laws adopted at the August meeting. The Board approved the Board Chair, and Secretary to sign documents for the restructuring of the EDA debt with First Bank and Trust. All documents will be reviewed by legal counsel.

Other items that the Board of Directors addressed included an expression of gratitude for all the work done by Executive Director, Doug Parsons. Jeff Browne expressed and the boards’ appreciation for all the hard work and effort to bring the EDA where it is today. Through Doug’s efforts, the EDA has sold property, expanded business, and brought new business to the town and county.

The next monthly EDA Board Meeting is scheduled for October 22, 2021.


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EDA in Focus

County moves toward restructured EDA staffing in hopes of restored municipal cooperation – 6 CUPs approved, 5 for short-term tourist rentals



At its meeting of Tuesday evening, September 21st, the Warren County Board of Supervisors made the first official move toward an altered structure of its, and the Town’s, Economic Development Authority futures. That move was unanimous 5-0 approval, on a motion by Delores Oates, seconded by Walt Mabe, of County Administrator Ed Daley’s presentation of a “Request to Create a Warren County Office of Economic Development”. As reported in our recent story, County work session takes unexpected turn on EDA front – ‘Reunited’ operational option broached, the supervisors elected to have Daley forwarded an idea originally slated for Closed Session discussion at a September 14 work session, in open session that day. That idea is to have an Economic Development Director’s staff position under the municipal government umbrella, rather than as a staff position hired by the board of an independent Economic Development Authority (EDA), albeit an EDA board appointed by the municipal government or governments that created it.

In response to Tony Carter’s question about involving the existing EDA Board in this restructuring process, County Administrator Ed Daley, below, said they were alerted to the potential of it prior to Doug Parsons announced resignation. Royal Examiner Photos by Roger Bianchini

As we understand it from subsequent conversations with Daley following last week’s supervisors’ work session, that in-house EDA director’s position would work in the best interest of both the county’s municipal governments, networking what it appears at this point will continue to evolve into two unilateral Town and County EDAs. Now theoretically, both the existing WC EDA and FREDA – the Front Royal EDA that is in the interview stage of establishing a board of directors – could create their own independent Offices of Economic Development with their own executive directors. But the impetus after last Thursday’s resurrected Town-County Liaison Committee meeting appears to be to work together to select an executive director who will work to the mutual benefit of both municipalities while networking with two EDA Boards of Directors.

Confusing? Perhaps – but it would cut payment of the six-figure salary range position in half if both municipalities could agree on the concept and a person to fill that conceptual central administrative position. For with a statewide trend toward regional EDA cooperation in a highly competitive economic development environment, what future would this community’s economic development have with dueling EDAs competing, not only with other regional governments’ economic development structures but with each other’s, particularly when the WC EDA has control of significant portions of economic development properties inside the town limits?

The answer to that question has, perhaps, already been given in the pending October 1st departure of WC EDA Executive Director Doug Parsons, to a county directly to our east where as one local observed upon hearing the news, “Warrenton isn’t suing Fauquier County” (or perhaps more accurately, its EDA).

And a move toward “us and us” from “us versus them” in County-Town relations was a reoccurring theme for several supervisors involved in last week’s first Liaison Committee meeting since January. Both Board Chair Cheryl Cullers and Delores Oates commented on the positive feeling they carried out of that meeting that the deteriorated relationship featuring hostile litigation involving the Town and existing WC EDA, and canceled face-to-face meetings of elected officials on matters of mutual interest, might be turning a corner. Of course, as the third county board member at that Liaison Committee meeting, Walt Mabe, wondered during it: Why can’t we return to one, re-tooled EDA working to both the County’s and Town’s benefit, with one executive director not alleged to have had their hands in both municipalities’ economic development pockets?

And in a loosely related item, as part of the September 24th WC EDA monthly board meeting, departing Executive Director Doug Parsons’ last, the agenda includes the information that the long-awaited 2018 and 2019 EDA audits have been completed by the contracted auditing company and are awaiting EDA Board approval. Stay tuned for more developments on the auditing front. – Maybe the completed audits could even establish exactly how much of whose money went where and is owed to who by whom, negating the necessity for the continued dueling Town-WC EDA civil litigations. As previously reported, the sitting council ignored then-Mayor Gene Tewalt’s 2019 advice to accept the offer of the WC EDA to sit down with accountants rather than attorneys to follow the money to establish exactly who was owed what on the back end of the EDA’s now $62-million-dollar financial scandal.

Shenandoah Shores Short-Term Tourist Rental applicants Jilian Greenfield and Richard Butcher brought the supporting ‘troops’ comprised largely of neighbors in support of their application to head off any continuation of a questionable Shores POA assertion the use was forbidden by neighborhood covenants. The Public Hearing count was 13-0 in support of their proposal, which passed unanimously.

But off that “movie script”, in other business the supervisors approved six Conditional Use Permit (CUP) requests Tuesday, five for Short-Term Tourist Rentals, and one for alterations to a Kennel Permit. See all these discussions, public comments, and votes in the County video; and see the meeting agenda cover page with the full list of CUP application public hearings linked here:


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EDA in Focus

County work session takes unexpected turn on EDA front – ‘Reunited’ operational option broached



What had been an hour-plus work session update on Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) by County Project Manager Jeff Hayes took an unexpected turn about an hour and a quarter into that work session at the conclusion of Hayes PowerPoint presentation. I say “unexpected” because the only open session agenda cover sheet item was Hayes’ CIP report. However, the board elected to take what was labeled “Closed Session” discussion of “Personnel re: Economic Development Authority” into open session discussion.

What followed was County Administrator Ed Daley’s presentation on organizational opportunities presented by the pending October 1st loss of the second and final member of the two-person EDA staff. As previously reported, following Administrative Assistant Gretchen Henderson’s August 27 departure to the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission, Executive Director Doug Parsons announced his resignation, effective October 1, to take the EDA executive director’s job in Fauquier County.

Warren County Administrator Ed Daley explains the operational dynamics of realigning the EDA staff within the County’s administrative structure inside the WCGC. Royal Examiner Photos by Roger Bianchini

And what Daley presented to the board in open session echoed what EDA Board Chairman Jeff Browne told Royal Examiner in the wake of the pending loss of the entire EDA staff – this can be an opportunity, rather than a derailing of the EDA’s recovery from the multi-million-dollar financial scandal uncovered in 2018-19 under previous executive and board leadership. And while Browne focused on replacement personnel selection as the opportunity, Daley used that as a jumping-off point to explore previous supervisors discussion dating to early 2020 about an organizational realignment of the EDA. The County has already taken on the role of Financial Agent of the EDA. Continuing the broached realignment would bring the EDA staff into the Warren County Government Center, functioning more like a County Department. That option was first considered by some supervisors in the wake of the Town of Front Royal’s decision to operationally withdraw from the half-century-plus old joint EDA, in favor of creating its own unilateral Front Royal EDA (FREDA).

In Dec. 2019 file photo, then-Mayor Gene Tewalt at an EDA Board meeting. Tewalt urged Town Council to accept EDA-offered negotiations to determine exactly what the Town’s losses in the EDA financial scandal were – but council wasn’t listening. Will they now? Then EDA Board Chairman Ed Daley is at far left, flanked by Greg Harold, Doug Parsons, Jeff Browne, standing, a partially obscured Gray Blanton, and Jorie Martin. Now Supervisors Chair Cheryl Cullers is seated behind Mayor Tewalt.

That decision was driven by the Town Council’s decision, against the advice of then-Mayor Gene Tewalt, to civilly sue the old EDA for a larger portion of the allegedly embezzled and misdirected EDA assets related to County and Town business dealing handled by the EDA. Rather than costly and divisive litigation, Mayor Tewalt urged council to accept the new EDA leadership’s offer to have staffs simply sit down and follow the money to determine who was owed what. However, a council majority wasn’t listening to its then mayor. Consequently, the Town and EDA are currently engaged in dueling civil litigations.

And while Daley’s presentation began as a logistical exploration of processes of incorporating the EDA into the county governmental apparatus, it took a turn when one supervisor posed a legal question. “I’m going to call the elephant out in the room,” North River Supervisor Delores Oates said in pointing out that the existing EDA was jointly founded by the county and town governments over a half-century ago, and legally remains a Town-County EDA. So, can the County legally bring the EDA into its sole administrative oversight, she wondered.

“If I were sitting where you sit, I would invite the town council to participate in a staffed economic development department that works for the EDA but can also work for us in the County and the Town on economic development projects,” the county administrator replied. And as Daley pointed out, neither EDA currently has a staff, though at least one, the old EDA, has an exceptionally competent and proactive re-tooled board of directors.

“And I think that would be the best tactical advantage for the community, is if we would actually collaborate and not create independent organizations. Because otherwise we’re spending twice the money to do the same job,” Oates said in response to Daley’s suggestion.

Fork District Supervisor Archie Fox wondered how close to day-to-day EDA operations the county supervisors really wanted or needed to be. Below, North River Supervisor Delores Oates called ‘the elephant out in the room’ – the fact that legally the existing, co-founded EDA remains the ‘FR-WC EDA’. So, can the Board incorporate it into the county governmental apparatus were that path chosen?

The first face-to-face discussion of this latter option of reestablishing a jointly functioning Town-County EDA will apparently take place this Thursday, at the first Town-County Liaison Committee meeting since the Town Council decided to cut those quarterly meetings off in the wake of initiating the now dueling Town-EDA/County civil litigations. Daley noted that Liaison Committee opportunity was presented by the inclusion on Thursday’s Liaison agenda of a Town presentation on the status of development of its unilateral Town EDA.

Members of both council and the board of supervisors have recently suggested an altered, more collaborative Town-County path forward from the divisive and litigious one launched by council during the tenure of Interim Town Manager Matt Tederick. So, it will be interesting to see how Thursday’s Liaison Committee discussion develops with a new town manager involved; and how the full council will react to the idea of realigning into a jointly functioning EDA apparatus, possibly including collaboration in selecting the new FR-WC EDA staff were a speedy, positive reaction achieved.

The EDA discussion begins at the 1-hour-16-minute-30-second mark of the linked county video; Oates calls out the “elephant in the room” at the 1-hour-44-minute-45-second mark. The Capital Improvement Project PowerPoint and Q&A takes up the first hour-and-15-minutes of the video. And between the CIP and EDA portions of the work session, Board Chair Cullers gave an update on news of the birth of her newest grandchild Tuesday evening. – Welcome to the world on September 14, 2021, Ella Louise.

About those CIP projects

Prior to that turn toward the EDA and Town-County relations regarding cost-effective cooperation versus costly, counterproductive competition in future economic development initiatives, there were some interesting turns on the CIP front. Those included discussion of downtown Front Royal parking issues and the County’s ability to impact those issue with owned property in the Historic Downtown Business District vicinity. Also, under board scrutiny was the cost and effectiveness of air purification devices under consideration for other County facilities after being installed at the Warren County Courthouse to allow more normal judicial proceedings to be reinitiated during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Discussion of the potential effectiveness against, not only the COVID-19 Coronavirus but other virally spread illnesses was broached in considering the purchase of as many as 60 of the machines at a cost of $2100 per unit.

County Project Manager Jeff Hayes had the floor with a power point review of Capital Improvement Projects for the first hour-and-15-minutes of work session.

See Hayes’ CIP power point on renovations to the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office; the Parks & Rec Department Splash Pad Pavilion; Rivermont Volunteer Fire Company 2 renovations; Shenandoah Farms Company 6 renovations; the Morgan’s Ford Boat Landing project; and Juvenile and Domestic Court renovations and related parking issue, including the observation that you “don’t build a court facility over or under a parking deck – BOOM!” (due to domestic terrorist concerns).

On the downtown parking deck front, Ed Daley noted that the Winchester City Council was scoffed at for proposing a downtown parking deck 20 years ago, adding that now the city has four.

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EDA in Focus

EDA develops transition plan through staffing losses



The Front Royal/Warren County EDA’s Executive Committee met on September 10, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. to discuss personnel matters arising from the upcoming vacancy of its executive director, and a transition plan for continuity of EDA operations.

The Executive Committee is developing a detailed plan to handle all aspects of the EDA’s operations including business retention and attraction, finance, legal, personnel, and day-to-day office operations. Both the Board and the Executive Director are confident that this plan will ensure a seamless transition and ensure the EDA remains a competitive entity for investment and expansion of businesses in Warren County.

(From a Sept. 10 Press Release by the WC EDA)

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EDA in Focus

EDA dealt a staffing blow as executive director joins administrative assistant in moving on to new horizons



On Tuesday, September 7, both Warren County Economic Development Authority (EDA) Board of Directors Chairman Jeff Browne and Executive Director Doug Parsons confirmed Parsons’ resignation, effective October 1. So, the EDA will lose its two post-financial scandal staffers within three weeks. As previously reported, Administrative Assistant Gretchen Henderson resigned last week to take a higher-paying job in the field of accounting across the EDA office hallway at the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission (NSVRC).

Parson’s new job will require a little more travel than across the hallway – 18 extra miles each way from his West Virginia home, he told us – as he will assume the Economic Development Authority Executive Director’s position in Fauquier County.

Doug Parsons, upper right white shirt and tie, joins his Administrative Assistant Gretchen Henderson, below under the watchful eye of the Royal Examiner camera, in accepting offers ‘they couldn’t refuse.’ Both EDA board meeting file photos are from Dec. 27, 2019, when this dynamic duo was still relatively new on the job. Royal Examiner File Photos by Roger Bianchini

We first spoke to Browne, who, while admitting the staffing losses were a blow coming in rapid succession as they have, preferred to look on the bright side. “Certainly it is tough short term. We were lucky to have them both for two years as they helped us through difficult times in recovering from what we inherited here,” Browne said of the re-tooled EDA Board’s navigating the aftermath of a $26-million to $62-million financial scandal alleged to have revolved around the EDA’s former executive director, Jennifer McDonald.

“But long-term, I look at this as an opportunity to find folks who will help navigate us into the future as we finish resolving our legal situations, and continue to refocus on this community’s economic development and retention. In the meantime, EDA Board members are stepping up to keep working with prospects and developing opportunities. I can only wish both Doug and Gretchen the best in their new endeavors,” Browne concluded.

We then reached Parsons by phone at the EDA office and asked about his experience of landing in the Warren County EDA job at a rather chaotic point in its half-century-plus history.

“It’s been a pleasure to serve as Executive Director of the Front Royal/Warren County Economic Development Authority over the last 28 months. The Board of Directors here has been the best I’ve ever worked with. Many of them have volunteered an incredible amount of their time to rebuild this organization. Chair Jeff Browne is essentially working 40 hours a week, and several others are putting in nearly that amount of time. I want to thank the Board of Directors, the Warren County Board of Supervisors, the County Department heads and staff, and everyone else that worked in collaboration with us to untangle the past and to help us with recruiting new business and assisting our current businesses.

“The taxpayers of Front Royal and Warren County now have an EDA they can be proud of that is working to bring more jobs and investment to the community. My successor will have many assets with which to work and great people to help accomplish the goals in the EDA’s strategic plan. I wish the people of Front Royal and Warren County the very best,” Parsons concluded.

And on that bright side that Browne chose to focus on – the multi-talented and very committed EDA Board of Directors Parsons lauded, remains in place as the County endeavors to fill the EDA staffing gap with people of comparable character and talent to those it has lost in this ninth month of 2021.

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