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Rotary Club of Front Royal providing free Doc Smith food boxes and Coats for Kids



The Rotary Club of Front Royal is partnering with the Department of Social Services to provide free Doc Smith food boxes and Coats for Kids. The Doc Smith Food Basket program has existed in Warren County/Front Royal since 1916. The Rotary Club of Front Royal has sponsored the food box program since 2003.

The deadline for applications is Monday, November 30. Applications can be dropped off at the following places:

  • Department of Social Services – 465 W 15th St (they have a drop box for contactless delivery)
  • Warren County Community Center – 538 Villa Ave – Friday and Saturday, November 20 and 21
  • Drop box at First Baptist Church -14 W 1st Street (in doors facing 1st Avenue)
  • Call or email First Baptist Church – 540-635-2122 or

Food boxes and coats can be picked up on Saturday, December 19, from 10:00am – Noon, at First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. Delivery is also available.

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Community Events

SAR conducts Multi-Patriot Grave Marking Ceremony



On March 18, 2023, the Colonel James Wood II Chapter, Virginia Society Sons of the American Revolution conducted a Multi-Patriot Grave Marking Ceremony at Dry Run Cemetery, Fort Valley, Virginia. This ceremony honored the Revolutionary War service of five patriots.

The participants. Front row from left to right: Dale Corey, Michael Wilson, Jocelynn Wilson, Sean Carrigan, Thomas “Chip” Daniel and Leland Cook. Back row from left to right: Mike Weyler, Dennis Parmerter, Paula Schwoerer, Will Reynolds, Mark Sink, Barry Schwoerer, Eric Robinson, Patrick Moore, Erick Moore, Paul Christensen, Michelle Phillips, Allan Phillips, Thad Hartman, Brett Osborn, Sean Cook, Gary Dunaway, Dave Cook, Bill Schwetke and Marc Robinson. (Photo courtesy of Ken Bonner)

There were five Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) Chapters, two Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Chapters and one Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.) Society participating in the commemoration. The following were honored:

Johann/John David Clem who was born in 1754. He married Elizabeth Sibert and they had 14 children. He owned land on both sides of Passage Creek in Fort Valley. He served in the war under the command of Captain Joseph Bowman in the County Militia.

David McInturf was born in 1762 and married Nancy Nichols first and then Catherine Munch. He was the father of 13 children. He was a patriot in the American Revolutionary War where he gave material aid to the cause.

Frederick McInturff was born 1758 and married Susannah Carrier. They were the parents of eight children. He served in the war as a soldier under Captain Joseph Bowman in the County Militia.

Joseph Golladay was born in 1758. He enlisted as a Private at Woodstock in 1776 and was at the Battles of Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth. He married Mary Holtzlander and had six children.

Jacob Golladay was born 1735 and married Eleanora/Elinore Doreathea Maquinet and had 10 children. He served as a Lieutenant in the Shenandoah Militia during the American Revolutionary War.

The color guard preparing to march, from left to right: Brett Osborn, Allan Phillips, Barry Schwoerer, Mike Weyler, Patrick Moore, Mark Sink, Sean Carrigan, Thomas “Chip” Daniel and Paul Christensen. (Photo courtesy of Thomas “Chip” Daniel)

The ceremony was emcee’d by Dale Corey and Marc Robinson. Virginia Society 2nd Vice President Michael Weyler presented greetings and a wreath for the State. Wreaths were presented by David Cook (German Society), Thomas “Chip” Daniel (Colonel James Wood II Chapter), Bill Schwetke (Culpeper Minutemen), Sean Cook (Fairfax Resolves), Michael Wilson (Colonel William Grayson), Ken Bonner (Sgt Maj John Champe), Paula Schwoerer (Elizabeth McIntosh Hammill, DAR), Michelle Phillips (Pack Horse Ford, DAR), Jocelynn Wilson (Providence Society, C.A.R.) and Leland Cook (Family). There were several descendants of the Golladay’s to include Fairfax Resolves compatriot David Cook and his family. There was a musket salute led by Color Guard Commander Brett Osborn.

The musket squad preparing to fire. (Photo courtesy of Ken Bonner)

Color Guardsmen who participated in the ceremony included Sean Carrigan, Paul Christensen, Dale Corey, Thomas “Chip” Daniel, Erick Moore, Patrick Moore, Brett Osborn, Dennis Parmerter, Allan Phillips, Will Reynolds, Marc Robinson and Jim Simmons from CJWII; Dave Cook, Sean Cook and Leland Cook from Fairfax Resolves; Gary Dunaway from Williamsburg, That Hartman, Michael Wilson and Michael Weyler from Colonel William Grayson; Bill Schwetke from Culpeper Minutemen and Barry Schwoerer and Mark Sink from Sgt Maj John Champe SAR Chapters.

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Community Events

The Valley Chorale invites you to their 2023 spring concert, “Of Love, War & Triumph”



The Valley Chorale invites you to their 2023 spring concert, “Of Love, War & Triumph,” showcasing a reflective hour of exquisite and thought-provoking music under the guidance of Artistic Director & Conductor Mr. Drew A. Young.

The concert will be Sunday, April 23, at 3:00 pm, at Calvary Episcopal Church, 132 N. Royal Ave., as they delve into the pivotal moments of life – love, loss, joy, and despair – through song, exploring what defines us as humans and Americans. The Spring 2023 concert encompasses traditional Appalachian folk music and new compositions from contemporary composers, offering a contemplation on the essence of our collective identity.

Tickets for the concert are $12 for ages 18 and up, with children admitted for free, and will be available for purchase starting April 1 on their website, The program will last one hour. For more information, call 540-635-4842 or email

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Community Events

Christianity in Ireland before St. Patrick



On Thursday, March 16, 2023, at Samuel’s Public Library from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., public servant Connie Marshner shared the information gleaned from two years of online study with a captive audience. The subject was Christianity in Ireland before St. Patrick, in which Connie deconstructed the idea that Christianity began with Patrick, revealing instead that Ireland was deeply influenced by the east well before the saint arrived.

Connie Marshner (left) and Erin Rooney, Adult Reference Supervisor at Samuels Public Library. Photo by Brenden McHugh.


Using a quote from a pope dated well before Patrick’s arrival as a slave in Ireland, in which the pope addressed a Christian community already established there, Connie established a cornerstone for her assertion. Within that context, a story unfolds in which monasticism spreads from the deserts of Egypt to the island, leading Ireland to become a force to be reckoned with in the history of Christianity. She also traced the pre-Christian background of the country, its immersion in the practice of slavery, and its Brehon law that Christian priests, the new druids, would later preserve.

As the lecture progressed, it became obvious from the images of architecture and illuminated manuscripts that Connie shared that whatever rebuttals various scholars might make to her theory, an intimate relationship existed between Ireland and Egypt, at least in its Christian manifestation. While the relationship between the two lands may be the subject of conjecture beforehand, at least after the faith began to spread, there was a palpable connection between east and west, revealed heavily in shared symbolism and practices woven throughout the cultural record.

Connie was pleased with the turnout and how engaged, and inquisitive her audience turned out to be. “They were very attentive,” she said afterward as people lingered to examine a table displaying the library’s book resources on the history of Ireland and several books that Connie brought to showcase, detailing specifically the religious history of Ireland. “Sometimes you can tell when you’ve lost the audience,” she said. “Nobody fell asleep.”

Connie has an M.A. in Gaelic Literature from University College Cork. She has been seen serving on the town of Front Royal’s planning commission.

Erin Rooney, Adult Reference Supervisor at the library, said, “It’s just been a very big pleasure to be able to have a program that is of interest to the community.” She said, “We love being able to provide programs of all interests to our community. It’s close to St. Patrick’s Day. Irish history is a prominent interest in the area.”

How the Irish saved the War of American Independence


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Community Events

Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival® and local businesses partner with Sherando High School Art Department students on Festival-inspired coloring book



Coloring book enthusiasts are in for a special treat this spring thanks to a partnership between the Sherando High School art department and Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival®. Last year SHS art teacher, Jillian Legge, approached the Festival with the idea of a community project and fundraiser for her students to design a Festival-inspired coloring book highlighting popular Apple Blossom events. “This project is so much more than just learning in the classroom. It showcases the artistic talent of the students in our schools and helps raise funds for our program. Most importantly, it has been an incredible self-esteem booster for the students and provides an opportunity to bring joy to the community,” Legge stated. The high school art department has a strong need to raise funds for upgrades like new pottery wheels, light tables for image transfers, art supplies, educational experiences, and trips for the students. Engaging the next generation of festivalgoers continues to be a priority for the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival® and this partnership has opened another door to working with and supporting local students. This project has proven to be a perfect fit for both organizations.

High school participation has been an integral part of the Festival since its inception. High school bands march in our parades, showcasing their musical talents. Elementary students sing and perform on stage during the Coronation of Queen Shenandoah. The coloring book project reveals the incredible artistic talents and shares a glimpse of their personal interests. SHS student, Connor Sanders shared, “In creating the 10K race page, I saw this as an opportunity to combine my love of art with my love for sports. I wanted it to be more than a coloring page, allowing for creative expression where each person can incorporate their own drawings by adding faces to the runners, as well as bib numbers.”

Students used a variety of techniques and drawing styles including hand and digitally drawn. Hand drawn art was created on paper and then digitally uploaded while the digitally drawn art was captured on tablets and computers using a stylus. Some student design inspiration came through shared event and venue photos, while others ventured out to capture photos of the landscape to incorporate into their art. SHS art student Annalise Sison described her inspiration as, “For my piece in the coloring book, I started by looking up different Apple Blossom parade floats. Once I picked one, I went to downtown Winchester and took pictures of the Handley Library. Using older images of the parade float I chose and my photos of the library as references, I drew out a rough idea of the coloring book page. After that, I uploaded the sketch onto my computer and used it as an outline to draw my final piece digitally on my art tablet through Medibang Paint. I don’t have much experience with drawing architecture, so this was a good experience for me, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity!”

Twenty-seven Sherando High School artists ranging from freshmen to seniors shared their talents in the production of the Festival coloring book and students approached local businesses requesting their financial support and being distribution outlets for the project. Four seniors in the art department recognize that they are paving the way for the next generation of art students and helping to enhance the classroom experience. These seniors understand that this project will support new resources for the classroom for years to come. SHS Senior Alleigh Nowell stated, “As a senior, I was excited for the opportunity to help contribute to a better art program for my younger brother who will be taking art as a freshman next year.”

Art students who participated in the coloring book project had such a great experience that many are volunteering at the Festival’s Souvenir Store and helping spruce up the floats for the Grand Feature Parade.

Coloring books will be sold for $10/each. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the coloring books will support the Sherando High School art department. Books are on sale at the following locations beginning on Monday, March 20, 2023: Sherando High School, West Oaks Farm Market, Richards Fruit Market, Winchester Book Gallery, Lantz’s Pharmacy and Spring Valley Farmers Market. Books will be on sale at the Apple Blossom Souvenir Store in the Apple Blossom Mall in early April.

Special thanks to the generous financial support provided by Lantz’s Pharmacy, Kingspan, Commercial Press, United Bank, Stephens City Family Dentistry, Gore’s Meats, West Oaks Farm Market, Marker Miller Orchards, Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum and the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival®.

For more information, visit

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Community Events

Save the date for Warren County High School DECA’s BBQ fundraiser, March 25th



On Saturday, March 25, 2023, from 12:00pm to 4:00pm, WCHS DECA will be selling ½ pound of Carolina-style pulled pork BBQ and 2 chicken leg quarters for $20.00 each. The BBQ sale is a fundraiser being conducted by DECA to help pay the costs of fourteen DECA members attending the DECA International Career Development Conference in Orlando, Florida, in April.

44 Warren County DECA students attended and competed in the Virginia DECA State Leadership Conference March 3-5, 2023 in VA Beach.

To order your BBQ pork and/or chicken, please either call 540-635-4144, ext. 44210 or email your order to

Please assist us with providing these students with this worthwhile educational experience!

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Community Events

Bella Astin to reign as Queen Shenandoah XCVI



Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival® President Sharen Gromling is pleased to announce that Isabella Louise Astin has accepted the role of Queen Designate XCVI for the 2023 Festival. Known to family and friends as “Bella, the third daughter of Sean and Christine Astin who resides with her family in California will be returning to Winchester.

This year’s theme: LIVE. LOVE. BLOOM reflects the love of the Bloom community as it nears 100 years of celebrating. How very appropriate it is that the Festival continues to make connections with those the community learned to love over the years and celebrities who loved the Festival back. As the area gets ready to welcome Bella Astin as its new queen, take a look back at the “Astin years.”

In 2004 Sean Astin was the Festival’s Grand Marshal. It was a coup for the Festival as Astin had just finished the three Lord of the Rings films and was known, additionally, for his roles in Goonies and Rudy. As a family man whose daughter, Bella, was not born until July of the following year, he and the Festival began a relationship. The relationship has lasted nearly 20 years. Ten years later, 2014, the Astins returned to Winchester for Alexandra Louise Astin, Ali, to become Queen. Her sister, Elizabeth, followed four years later as Queen in 2018.

This year as Isabella Louise Astin will become the third Astin daughter to be Queen, her father, Sean, winner of multiple acting awards, her mother, Christine, who is an Academy Award nominated producer, and her two sisters will watch as Bella takes the stage on May 5 to be crowned.

Bella is a senior at Oaks Christian High School. Her interests include, as well as her usual studies, acting, photography, and film. She is a FemStem student which raises women’s voices in science, technology, engineering and math. She volunteers at the local animal shelter and often photographs the puppies looking for their “forever homes.”

Bella is an activist for animal rights and for the environment. Bella interned with the Felidae Conservation Fund to help wildcats in the California landscape. Her inspirations are Jane Goodall and Steve Irwin and Bella hopes to produce documentaries of animals in need around the world. Bella envisions herself behind the camera focused on animals.

Queen-designate Bella will attend the Village at Orchard Ridge Queen’s Dinner held in her honor at 5:00 pm on Thursday, May 4. She will appear at various Festival events on Friday, May 5, prior to her crowning at the all-new production of the traditional majestic Coronation, presented by Morgan Orthodontics, showcasing the talent of the youth in her court. She will ride in the Hang 10 Car Wash Firefighters’ Parade on Friday and then dance evening away at the Realty ONE Group Old Towne Queen’s Ball, presented by Insurance Center of Winchester held in her honor. Queen Bella will reign over the Glo Fiber Grand Feature Parade on Saturday as she sits on her throne atop the Queen’s float accompanied by her maids of honor, little maids and pages.

The Astins are eager to return to Winchester to Live. Love. Bloom once more.

For the full Festival schedule, go to for all the events, times, tickets, and other festival information.

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Thank You to our Local Business Participants:


Aders Insurance Agency, Inc (State Farm)

Aire Serv Heating and Air Conditioning

Apple Dumpling Learning Center

Apple House

Auto Care Clinic

Avery-Hess Realty, Marilyn King

Beaver Tree Services

Blake and Co. Hair Spa

Blue Ridge Arts Council

Blue Ridge Education

BNI Shenandoah Valley

C&C's Ice Cream Shop

Card My Yard

CBM Mortgage, Michelle Napier

Christine Binnix - McEnearney Associates

Code Ninjas Front Royal

Cool Techs Heating and Air

Down Home Comfort Bakery

Downtown Market

Dusty's Country Store

Edward Jones-Bret Hrbek

Explore Art & Clay

Family Preservation Services

First Baptist Church

Front Royal Independent Business Alliance

First Baptist Church

Front Royal Women's Resource Center

Front Royal-Warren County Chamber of Commerce

Fussell Florist

G&M Auto Sales Inc

Garcia & Gavino Family Bakery

Gourmet Delights Gifts & Framing

Green to Ground Electrical

Groups Recover Together

Habitat for Humanity

Groups Recover Together

House of Hope

I Want Candy

I'm Just Me Movement

Jen Avery, REALTOR & Jenspiration, LLC

Key Move Properties, LLC

KW Solutions

Legal Services Plans of Northern Shenendoah

Main Street Travel

Makeover Marketing Systems

Marlow Automotive Group

Mary Carnahan Graphic Design

Merchants on Main Street

Mountain Trails

Mountain View Music

National Media Services

Natural Results Chiropractic Clinic

No Doubt Accounting

Northwestern Community Services Board

Ole Timers Antiques

Penny Lane Hair Co.

Philip Vaught Real Estate Management

Phoenix Project

Reaching Out Now

Rotary Club of Warren County

Royal Blends Nutrition

Royal Cinemas

Royal Examiner

Royal Family Bowling Center

Royal Oak Bookshop

Royal Oak Computers

Royal Oak Bookshop

Royal Spice

Ruby Yoga

Salvation Army

Samuels Public Library

SaVida Health

Skyline Insurance

Shenandoah Shores Management Group

St. Luke Community Clinic

Strites Doughnuts

Studio Verde

The Institute for Association & Nonprofit Research

The Studio-A Place for Learning

The Valley Today - The River 95.3

The Vine and Leaf

Valley Chorale

Warren Charge (Bennett's Chapel, Limeton, Asbury)

Warren Coalition

Warren County Democratic Committee

Warren County Department of Social Services

Warren County DSS Job Development

Warrior Psychotherapy Services, PLLC

WCPS Work-Based Learning

What Matters & Beth Medved Waller, Inc Real Estate

White Picket Fence

Woodward House on Manor Grade

King Cartoons

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RSVP by Friday, March 17, 2023
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FRUMC Book Sale @ Front Royal United Methodist Church
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10:00 am Words of the Wild @ Sky Meadows State Park
Words of the Wild @ Sky Meadows State Park
Mar 25 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Words of the Wild @ Sky Meadows State Park
Sensory Explorers’ Trail. Take into your heart the peace of wild things. Absorb the transformative words of writers who loved the natural world, read aloud by two Shenandoah Chapter Master Naturalists. Walk in silence at[...]
1:00 pm Commemorate National Vietnam Vet... @ Veterans Park
Commemorate National Vietnam Vet... @ Veterans Park
Mar 25 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Commemorate National Vietnam Veterans Day @ Veterans Park
This event is being held to honor veterans of the Vietnam era for their service to the country during that time period.  There will be a formal color guard ceremony, wreath presentation and a firing[...]
11:00 am National Vietnam Veterans Day @ National Cemetery
National Vietnam Veterans Day @ National Cemetery
Mar 29 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
National Vietnam Veterans Day @ National Cemetery
This event will be held 11:00, National Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia.  It is to honor Vietnam Era Veterans for their service to the country.  It is being conducted by the American Red Cross and the Colonel[...]
6:30 pm Front Royal Wednesday Night Bingo @ Front Royal Volunteer Fire Deptartment
Front Royal Wednesday Night Bingo @ Front Royal Volunteer Fire Deptartment
Mar 29 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Front Royal Wednesday Night Bingo @ Front Royal Volunteer Fire Deptartment
Bingo to support the American Cancer Society mission, organized by Relay For Life of Front Royal. Every Wednesday evening Early Bird Bingo at 6:30 p.m. Regular Bingo from 7-9:30 p.m. Food and refreshments available More[...]
5:00 pm No Foolin’ Warren County Rocks @ First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
No Foolin’ Warren County Rocks @ First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
Mar 31 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
No Foolin' Warren County Rocks @ First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
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9:00 am Breakfast with the Easter Bunny @ Living Water Christian Church
Breakfast with the Easter Bunny @ Living Water Christian Church
Apr 1 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Breakfast with the Easter Bunny @ Living Water Christian Church
Living Water Christian Church will once again be hosting our Pancake Breakfast with the Easter Bunny on April 1, 2023, from 9am – 12pm. Come on out and enjoy a great breakfast, pictures with the[...]