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Front Royal Business District Revitalization $ 700,000 in Community Development Block Grants
January 6, 2018

RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe today announced $2,149,346 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for four projects in Virginia. This funding will support projects that improve sewer infrastructure and foster economic development in localities across the Commonwealth.

“This program has long been providing funding for projects that improve the quality of life for thousands of Virginians every year,” said Governor McAuliffe. “Through Community Development Block Grants, we are able to address needs across the Commonwealth including critical infrastructure, such as water and sewer service, as well as improve economic development opportunities, ensuring job creation in rural areas. I congratulate the four grantees and look forward to the success of these projects in Virginia.”

Since 1982, the federally-funded CDBG program has been administered by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development. Nearly three hundred non-metropolitan cities, counties, and towns are eligible for this program in the Commonwealth. Most of the approximately $16.5 million Virginia receives annually is allocated among local government applicants through a competitive process using objective scoring criteria developed in consultation with eligible localities. Other funds are available through several open-submission funds where projects that meet thresholds established in the CDBG program design are eligible for grant offers as long as funding is available. Most CDBG projects, in accordance with federal law, principally benefit low- and moderate-income persons or communities. Other projects are targeted for the prevention or elimination of slum and blighting conditions or in response to community development needs of a particular urgency.

“Through the CDBG program, we are utilizing all available resources to continue addressing community issues associated with housing, economic development, health, and safety,” said Secretary of Commerce and Trade Todd Haymore. “We are able to leverage this program together with local and private resources to maximize opportunities and ensure that all communities have the tools they need to flourish in the new Virginia economy.”

CDBG Community Economic Development Grant Award:

Locality Project Name CDBG Award
Scott County Riverside Development Phase III $ 250,000

CDBG Construction Ready Water and Sewer Grant Award:
Locality Project Name CDBG Award
Amherst County Old Town Madison Heights $ 500,000

CDBG Competitive Grant Award:
Locality Project Name CDBG Award
Town of Front Royal Front Royal Business District Revitalization $ 700,000
Town of Narrows Narrows Business District Revitalization $ 699,34

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  • Rea Howarth says:

    This is good news from Gov. MacAuliffe. Front Royal is very fortunate to have received full funding. I would love to see some of that money going into making sure that all rentals, particularly housing, meet safety and sanitation codes. An inspector is sorely needed.

  • Kenneth O. Dameron says:

    It would be nice to know what restrictions, if any, are placed on this $700K. That is, does the Town have to spend it for the projects envisioned when we applied for it (in 2014?)? Or, can the Town Council spend it on projects as they see fit? Finally, is there a “matching” requirement–that is, do we have to pony up funds to match or augment the grant?

    Anyhow, congratulations to those who wrote the grant application and for their persistence after just missing on the previous awards.

  • Kathy says:

    Front Royal is the gateway to Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Caverns. Why oh why isn’t Front Royal taking advantage of these attractions? There are so many possibilities with hiking, kayaking, canoeing enthusiasts from D.C. and other areas clamoring for more amenities in this area. Front Royal could be made into an outstanding outdoor sports center, and the economic benefits would be tremendous. All we need are some forward thinking people to make this happen.

  • Curtis Siever says:

    If they would spend that $700,000 making Main St. a walkable shopping amenity the entire town would gain from shopping, taxes, and new stores being attracted to the downtown area.
    Close Main St. from Royal Ave to Chester St. this would allow for outdoor dining areas and street performers etc.

    Curtis Siever
    NextHome Realty Select

    • Ed Dumire says:

      Wonderful idea!
      My wife, Barbara Dumire, owner of Ole Timers Antiques has been saying this for years! Or, at least make E Main Street a one way street with diagonal parking. Thanks for your post.

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