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Local attorney implores Warren County to take action



As you may recall, much earlier this year or late last year, I don’t remember which as it’s been so long now, I wrote to each of you and told you that you need to task your County Attorney with filing or joining various actions against manufacturers of opioid drugs. Please find enclosed a copy of an article from Loudoun Now which my paralegal cut out and brought to me. She lives in Loudoun County and thought I would find this article interesting since I had previously written to your Board and to the EDA about such.

I have also written to you on numerous occasions, also without acknowledgment or a response, which is most curious and leading me to conclude that I’m wasting my breath trying to address my elected officials and/or government employees with my concerns.
Apparently, you either ignore various suggestions I have made or you think they are meritless. I’m not sure which, but it is somewhat insulting that none of my correspondence has been acknowledged and/or acted upon.

Previously I wrote to you about various things Loudoun County is doing and how they are much more proactive in recruiting businesses as well as keeping them. They are not satisfied with the creation or opening of new fast food restaurants as Warren County seems to be.
Once again, Loudoun County is helping to lead the way in the Commonwealth. But what is odd, Warren County could have done so and been the subject of this article before Loudoun. It seems to me that Warren County is utterly incapable of being a leader and taking risks. Why
is that? Are our elected officials lacking in fortitude or foresight? Why must every other county do something before Warren County does? Why can’t Warren County be a leader rather than a follower?

Warren County must start to lead not just our own citizens, but the Shenandoah Valley region and Northern Virginia. We have a vast amount of resources which we do not utilize for our economic benefit or for the betterment of our citizens. This is a waste. In fact, it may be a
sin. I am forced to think back to the parable of the talents being buried and not utilized to produce. That is exactly what Warren County has done and continues to do. It’s sinful and shameful.

The citizens of Warren County deserve better than to be left by the wayside. The opioid crisis costs our county thousands and thousands of dollars weekly. Not only does it cost Warren County in emergency services, but it causes people to not produce income, not to spend, not
to lead to the generation of sales tax revenue, and inhibits people’s ability to pay their taxes, thus costing the people of Warren County countless dollars. The sheer economic impact of the opioid crisis is not fully realized by the County until you start to analyze all facets affected
by the opioid crisis. It seems that you wish to do absolutely nothing. Continuing to fund the “joint task force on drugs” is an absolute laughable decision. Clearly, drug intervention and task force efforts are an exercise in futility. If the drug task force were working, we would
not have a worsening of the drug problem in Warren County, we would see a reduction in use and/or problems associated with drugs. But the exact opposite is true. Everything about drugs is worsening in Warren County. Therefore, it is high time to examine our efforts.
Clearly, our present and past efforts have been an abject failure and to say otherwise is merely sticking your head in the proverbial sand. But maybe that is what you all are used to doing and have become quite apt at doing so.

I strongly suggest that you invite me and some other people, who have not previously been involved in this issue, to bring a fresh set of eyes to the problem and to begin to address it in a new and more creative approach.

Once again, I await your response to this letter. Although I don’t expect much since previous attempts at addressing concerns to you have fallen on deaf ears.

David W. Silek, Esq.

Editor’s note:  The above letter was recently mailed to Warren County Administrator Doug Stanley and each of the county supervisors by Mr. Silek, who practices law in Front Royal and Vienna, VA.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jim Coats

    August 25, 2018 at 7:50 am

    Perhaps Warren County vision for our future is different than Louden County. Perhaps Warren County wants to remain a rural section of Virginia with a few fast food resturants and tranquility instead of a booming business priority of making money in a crowded metropolis. Perhaps the majority of Warren County residents moved to Warren County to escape the city Louden has become. Perhaps

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