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Goodlatte speaks at Rotary luncheon, calls for better enforcement of existing gun laws



Above, Virginia Sixth District U.S. House Congressman Robert Goodlatte was the featured speaker at the Front Royal Rotary luncheon on Friday, March 2. However, Denise Eastham, pictured below, was the meeting’s emotional focal point announcing some endowments left by her late husband Jim. Photos/Roger Bianchini

WARREN COUNTY – In what some constituents might consider a rare sighting in the northwestern outreaches of Virginia’s Sixth U.S. Congressional House District, Congressman Goodlatte addressed the weekly luncheon of the Front Royal Rotary Club on Friday, March 2.

Goodlatte was the featured speaker, though for many the emotional high point of the noon gathering at the Blue Ridge Shadows Holiday Inn was the appearance of Denise Eastham, widow of long time Rotary member, former Front Royal mayor and local banker Jim Eastham, who passed last November after a courageous bout against pancreatic cancer. 

Mrs. Eastham announced some endowments to local agencies and Rotary left by her husband; and received a little help from her friends in tracking down a certain local tree cutter, whom she insists is going to get paid by her husband for including their property in some tree work, whether he wants to or not. 

But back on the political side, Goodlatte opened by acknowledging his post-2017 Election Day decision not to seek re-election in the 2018 Congressional mid-terms.  That November 2017 state election saw Democrats erase all but one of the Republican’s 16-seat majority in the State House of Representatives.  Citing his future political retirement, Goodlatte said he would miss his constituents, though he admitted some remained “grouchy about me”. 

Goodlatte then traced some recent actions and issues on the federal scene.  One presidential initiative Goodlatte reserved judgment on was President Trump’s plan announced in recent days to impose hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.  The Sixth District delegate noted the plan was “making Wall Street nervous” as the specter of a trade war with China and Europe looms.  

Otherwise the House Judiciary Committee chairman generally towed the Trump Administration and Republican partisan line on things like tax reform and lowering corporate tax rates; what he termed “mandatory spending programs” like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid – they will not be eliminated, but reformed he said; infrastructure spending – singling out nearby Interstate 81 as a target for major improvements; immigration reform, including a long-term fix for DACA addressing the situation of people brought to the U.S. illegally as children, many of whom remember no other home and have become productive members of American society; and finally the issue at the forefront of many people’s minds after another mass school shooting – legislative action on gun control. 

In fact, the first three questions asked by Rotary members during a brief question-and-answer session following the delegate’s remarks were about access to semi-automatic weapons and school safety.  Goodlatte responded that he does not support a blanket ban on assault rifles of the kind used in the Parkland, Florida high school shooting that left 17 students and teachers dead.  Rather, the delegate said he thought Congress should focus on keeping such weapons out of the hands of people “who should not have them.” 

Instead of an emphasis on new laws limiting public access to semi-automatic weapons like those used in Parkland, Florida and last year in the Las Vegas concert shooting that was the worst mass murder in U.S. history; Goodlatte said he believed a “lack of enforcement of current laws” was the primary problem on the gun control front.  He called for increased prosecution of people who provided false information on gun purchase forms.  However, Goodlatte did indicate support for banning so-called bump stocks that essentially turn semi-automatic rifles into the machine guns they were designed to be used as in war zones. 

Asked what measures he would “support on Capitol Hill to protect students in school now” Goodlatte pointed to increased training to assure that existing response protocols during attacks were followed and met.   

The Congressman also dismissed the idea of raising the age at which semi-automatic assault weapons could be purchased from 18 to 21.  He noted states generally controlled age restrictions and observed that people are allowed to enlist in the U.S. military at 18. 

Congressman Goodlatte treads carefully on the volatile gun control issue, calling for better enforcement of existing laws and improved training of first responders.

Tax reform and loopholes 

During a brief interview with the media following the meeting, Goodlatte said he believed the boon to U.S. business from the Republican-Trump tax reform bill would eliminate the $1.5 trillion revenue deficit created by the bill’s largely corporate and top income bracket tax cuts.  Of the previous 35% U.S. corporate tax rate – a rate he called the highest in the developed world, reduced to about 21% by the Republican plan – Goodlatte admitted that some major U.S. corporations did not pay that rate when it was in place, at least on paper. 

“There are many, many, many companies that pay the full 35%. But there are some big ones, like GE (General Electric), that some years don’t pay any corporate tax. So, that’s also part of the tax reform – they will be paying more under this system.  Not as much more as I think they should have been,” Goodlatte said, stating he would have liked to have seen more in the way of closed loopholes in the tax reform plan, but believes overall the plan “will be better for the economy.” 

He added that he still believed spending cuts, including for programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that he mentioned earlier, must be addressed or “shame on us.” 

Trump tariff threat 

Of the Trump tariff plan, Goodlatte elaborated, “I’m still looking at them – it’s a decision that the president gets to make.  Congress can respond and we’re looking at whether we should respond.  I am very concerned about these huge trade deficits that we run year after year after year.  It hurts the U.S. economy greatly when other countries send their products here and they set up barriers of various kinds to keep our products out of their countries.  And this is one response that the president has identified that he is taking.  But, as I mentioned in my remarks, it has some repercussions for doing so.  So, I think we need to look at this.” 

And the elephant on the Hill 

He also said that as Judiciary Committee chair he and his committee were keeping up with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 

“We have followed the matter very, very closely.  But we have said we are not going to try to duplicate, replicate the investigation,” the congressman began, then pivoting toward other investigations and investigative agencies.  “We have been very concerned about FBI actions taken in their investigation of wrongdoing of former Secretary Clinton and her affiliates.  And we’ve been very concerned about potential misuse of authority by the FBI in their seeking to do the investigation here in regard to the so-called Russia influence matter. 

“However, we have always said that Mr. Mueller should continue his investigation and that I support that investigation.  When he files a report we will certainly look very carefully at what he has to say.  But I also will say that there has been nothing that he has shown us so far that would indicate collusion by the Trump campaign with whatever involvement Russia had with attempts to influence our election, which I do think took place.” 

Just as images of Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos and happy-hour FBI employee “secret societies” began dancing in this reporter’s head, Goodlatte Chief of Staff Pete Larkin interrupted to say it was time for the congressman to “get going” – which is obviously why he is chief of staff, and a timely one at that.  However, he did leave me a staff press contact point by which to submit any follow-up questions.

Perhaps surprisingly, Congressman Goodlatte said he supported the special prosecutor’s investigation and believes there were Russian attempts to meddle in our electoral processes. However, he added he has yet to see any incriminating evidence of Russian collusion here.

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Local News

Blue Ridge Wildlife Center Patient of the Week: Striped Skunk



This infant Striped Skunk was spotted all alone and wandering outside of his den. If mom dies or does not return to the den, babies who are typically too small to leave the den will venture out to find her.

Photos / Blue Ridge Wildlife Center

After monitoring the situation for a few days, it became apparent that mom was not returning and the baby came in for care.

Although thin and dehydrated upon admission, this kit was eager to eat on his own once rehydrated. We expect him to do well and be releasable later this year!

If you have unwanted skunks denning near your home, please do not intervene until AFTER baby season is over in the early fall to prevent creating orphans.

Generally, skunks are not aggressive animals and actually make good neighbors! They are most active at night and eat insects, rodents, and carrion (dead animals)—making the environment healthier for everyone.

If a skunk is behaving oddly or appears ill, or if you believe there are babies in need of help, do not try to handle them yourself. Skunks are considered a high-risk rabies vector species and handling or feeding them can result in life-threatening consequences for you and them. Call your local permitted rehabilitator as soon as you believe there is an issue.

Did you know?

Skunks do not have an infinite amount of liquid in their scent glands to spray, so they only use it when they think their lives are in danger.

Skunks will typically stomp their front paws to warn potential predators and they will even raise their tail as a threat at those who ignore this first warning. Finally, if the threat continues, they will spray. This spray causes eye irritation and has an extremely potent smell meant to distract and discourage predators from continuing their threatening advances.

Once they use their full amount, it can take days for skunks to “recharge,” leaving them potentially vulnerable to predators looking to test their luck.

Stay away and don’t get sprayed! Give skunks ample room to move away from you and try not to make quick movements. Sudden movements can make animals nervous and send them into defense mode. Keep pets on a leash when outside in an un-fenced area to help prevent them from being sprayed!

Looking for an easy way to help native wildlife? Become a monthly BRWC donor! For as little as $5/month, you can provide year-round, sustainable support that helps us fulfill our mission.

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Community Events

Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center Annual Fireworks Show



The Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center is pleased to again host the 2022 Independence Day Celebration. This year’s event will be on Friday, July 1st, at the 4-H Center; 600 4H Center Drive, Front Royal.

Parking will open at 5:00pm and festivities will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will continue throughout the evening, including live patriotic music performed by the American Legion Community Band. Also, food trucks will be set up so guests can enjoy some dinner while listening to the band until the capstone event of a professional fireworks display – which is sure to produce many “oohs and ahhs!”. Food trucks include: Fearless Eats (burgers and hot dogs), Rutz BBQ, Mike’s Concessions (pizza, funnel cakes, and cotton candy), Sugar Creek Snowy & Sweet, and Lemon Squeezers.

Parking will be available and Warren County Sheriff Department will be present for security and egress traffic support. A voluntary donation (recommended $5 per vehicle) will be requested at the gate to help offset the cost of the event.

New 4-H Center Director Katie Tennant says “We heard such great feedback about last year’s show that we contracted with the same vendor to provide another spectacular event! I am excited to help host this annual celebration for the community and meet more of the residents and businesses who support us throughout the year. This event would not be possible without the generous sponsorships we receive.”

The Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization with a mission to facilitate experiential learning programs for youth, families, and adults. Since 1981, the 4-H Center has offered year-round, research-based programming to the youth and families of Northern Virginia. In addition to nine weeks of summer 4-H camp, the Center offers a full range of day and overnight camps, environmental education and team-building programs, and conference and meeting facilities and services. The 4-H Center provides meals and lodging for campers and adult guests, as well as access to the Appalachian trail, a challenge course, outdoor pool, pond fishing, sports fields, and horse stables.

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Local News

Bethel Assembly of God hosts memorable flag presentation service



Bethel Assembly of God (111 Totten Lane, Front Royal, VA 22630) was honored to host Sergeant Major (US Army Retired) James McGruder on Sunday, June 26th, 2022, for a very memorable flag presentation service. The service was arranged by Tim Wolfe, a church member and Warren County resident, and was planned to coincide with the church’s annual Independence Day celebrations.

SGM McGruder entered the U.S. Army in February 1983 and attended Basic and Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He was awarded the MOS 13B Field Artillery. After basic training, he was assigned to Fort Hood, Texas as part of the 1st 92nd Field Artillery, 8 Inch Battalion (BN).

Sergeant Major (US Army Retired) James McGruder

SGM McGruder deployed to Iraq with Alpha Battery 5-18 Field Artillery as part of Desert Shield/Storm in November 1990. While in Iraq, he risked his life to extinguish a fire in a M548 ammunition carrier in order to save the M110 Howitzer’s combat ammunition load; he took this action selflessly, without hesitation and without formal recognition of his heroism.

SGM McGruder is passionate about mentorship and ensuring the future success of the NCO Corps. In 2003, as the Senior Professional Development NCO for the Field Artillery Branch in the Human Resources Command (HRC), SGM McGruder managed over 24,000 Soldiers and expertly advised the Branch Chief and Sergeant Major on military education requirements, career progression and Military Occupational Specialty structure. While assigned to HRC, SGM McGruder was selected over more than 26 NCOs to serve as the President of the Human Resources Command, Sergeant Audie Murphy Club.

SGM McGruder has also been instrumental in developing young Officers. In July of 2009, SGM McGruder was selected by the Cadet Command CSM to serve as the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3, United States Army Cadet Command, Fort Monroe, Virginia. His selfless service and devotion to mission accomplishment made lasting impacts in training operations and opportunities throughout the command.

SGM McGruder on August 7, 2014 had the distinct privilege of introducing former president Barrack Obama prior to him signing The Veterans Affairs Overhaul Bill.  This bill signed into law a 16.3 billion dollar measure to help overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs, the agency that in recent months had faced intense criticism for long wait time for health care and manipulation of records. This was the first time in American history that an active duty Sergeant Major had ever introduced a sitting president.

SGM McGruder’s last assignment was at Fort Belvoir Garrison operations, where he served as an Enlisted Advisor to the Garrison Commander. After more than 32 years of military service, SGM McGruder retired on February 28, 2015. SGM McGruder is married to the former Tammy Buerl and they have been married for 34 years. They have two children, daughter Jamecia and son James.

The Flag Presentation Service honored Pastor Steven A. Schetrom II for his dedication to the community. Bethel Assembly of God is a growing and community-minded church working to positively impact the Front Royal-Warren County community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As an example of its dedication to the community, the church is currently working to distribute gift bags to community agency employees and volunteers to show their appreciation and support for the hard work those individuals do in the community.

Weekly services are held at Bethel Assembly of God each Sunday at 10:30am. The church also hosts or sponsors several small groups each week. The church’s mission is “to be a vital community of loving disciples committed to building one another up so that each reaches their full potential.” More information about the church can be found online at or by emailing

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Front Royal Virginia

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Financial advisor Bret Hrbek receives Edward Jones Spirit of Caring Award



Bret Hrbek, an Edward Jones financial advisor in Front Royal recently received the firm’s exclusive Spirit of Caring Award designed to recognize those financial advisors who exemplify the values, culture and spirit of giving back.

Hrbek has demonstrated unyielding dedication to giving back, which has positively impacted his clients, colleagues and community.

The award is given to only one financial advisor in each of the firm’s 316 regions and is determined by a vote of his peers.

“Edward Jones is a partnership. That structure is not just financial, it’s a philosophy,” Hrbek said. “We work together, help each other and all share in the rewards of working with long-term individual investors. That brings out the best in everyone. I am humbled to be this year’s recipient of the Spirit of Caring Award.”

The Edward Jones branch-office business model, with more than 15,000 branches throughout North America, allows the firm’s nearly 19,000 financial advisors to identify what matters most to each individual client and create personalized strategies, with the goal of developing long-lasting relationships to help keep them on track toward their goals.

Hrbek’s office is located at 986 John Marshall Highway, Front Royal, Virginia.

Edward Jones, a FORTUNE 500 firm, provides financial services in the U.S. and through its affiliate in Canada. The firm’s nearly 19,000 financial advisors serve more than 8 million clients with a total of $1.7 trillion in client assets under care. Edward Jones’ purpose is to partner for a positive impact to improve the lives of its clients and colleagues, and together, better our communities and society. Through the dedication of the firm’s 50,000 associates and our branch presence in 68 percent of U.S. counties, the firm is committed to helping more people achieve financially what is most important to them. The Edward Jones website is and its recruiting website is Member SIPC.

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Local News

Rotary Club of Warren County names Rotarian of the Year, Jennifer Avery



Every year the Rotary Club of Warren County awards one dedicated outstanding club member as Rotarian of the Year. This year the award goes to Jennifer Avery!

One of the biggest contributions Jen makes to the Rotary Club of Warren County is social media, photos, videos, community engagement, and public relations in general.

A few highlights of the year Avery shared included registering the club with We See You, Warren County through the Warren Coalition, representing Rotary at the Humane Society’s Polar Plunge, creating the club’s LinkedIn profile, and expanding social media reach.

Avery reflects on the year, “Helping the homeless has grown into my biggest passion. It comes easy and is so rewarding to see how the community has responded so enthusiastically and graciously! My Rotary family has been incredibly supportive through grants, event participation, and donations. I feel so grateful and so do the men we have helped at the House of Hope.”

In addition to 2021-2022 Rotarian of the Year, Avery was recognized earlier this month by Reaching Out Now with the Service Above Self award at the “Eye to See” Leadership Gala, April 2022 the Outstanding Community Service Award by the Front Royal Presbyterian Church, and 2020 BRAR Community Service Award by the Blue Ridge Association of Realtors.

Avery has served on several boards over the past few years including Front Royal Women’s Resource Center, House of Hope, and Humane Society of Warren County. She is a member of the Rotary Club of Warren County serving as the past PR Chair. However, top of the priority list of important roles Jen plays is MOM to Shiloh (15), Jordan (13), and Easton (12).

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Local News

Mayoral and council candidates file paperwork ahead of deadline



The list of Front Royal Town Council and Mayor candidates has been finalized after the June 21, 2022, 7 p.m. deadline to appear on the ballot in the November 8 general election.

Warren County Registrar Carol Tobin said in a Friday email that a lone candidate has filed in the mayoral race. Vice-Mayor Lori Cockrell is stumping for that seat after current council member Joseph McFadden nixed his announced plan to run for mayor.

Back in February, both McFadden and current council member Gary Gillispie announced their intentions to seek the Republican nod for the mayoral seat, but Gillispie did not submit the documents needed to qualify as a candidate, nor did he file to appear on the November 8 ballot. His term expires on December 31, 2022.

Per the Town Charter the election is supposed to be nonpartisan, but since the Warren County Republican Committee began endorsing candidates over a decade ago most conservative candidates have almost always sought out the committee’s nod.

Four candidates will vie for three seats, each for 4-year terms, on the Town Council in the general election: Joshua L. Ingram, Councilman Zachary W. Jackson, Councilwoman Amber Faith Morris, and H. Bruce Rappaport.

Ingram, who ran in a previous council election, serves on the Front Royal Planning Commission. The council appointed Jackson earlier this year to fill the vacancy created when E. Scott Lloyd resigned. Morris won a special election last November to fill Jacob Meza’s unexpired term that ends December 31, 2022. Rappaport has run for council twice before, including losing to Morris in the special election following Meza’s resignation.

Letasha T. Thompson did not file campaign documents; her term expires on December 31, 2022.

Lloyd’s resignation this year necessitates a special election to fill his unexpired term that ends December 31, 2024. Potential candidates have until 5 p.m. August 19 to file documents, according to Ms. Tobin.

She stated in the email that “there is one candidate that has filed documents at the present time for that seat and that is Thomas Hall Sayre.”

Sayre was elected as a Front Royal Town Council member on May 2, 2006, and re-elected on May 5, 2010. He was elected to the Warren County Board of Supervisors on November 3, 2015, and served one term before losing the Shenandoah District seat to current Supervisor Walt Mabe.

Tobin said there is still a process of qualifying and certifying these candidates with the Department of Elections before placing them on the ballot.



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