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Locals join nationwide demonstration in support of Mueller investigation



Demonstrators show why they gathered on short notice, not only in Front Royal, but in as many as a thousand locations across the nation on Oct. 8 to support the integrity of the federal investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Demonstration Photos/Roger Bianchini

Two days after the 2018 mid-term elections, on Thursday, November 8, local Democrats and independents, many tied to the weekly Vigil for Democracy demonstrations in Front Royal against the actions and agenda of President Donald J. Trump, joined people nationwide in demonstrations in support of the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Front Royal was one of over 900 localities where demonstrations dubbed “Nobody is Above the Law – Mueller Protection Rapid Response” formed at 5 p.m. local times across the nation.  Here Vigil for Democracy organizer Len Sherp, who has led weekly gatherings in protest of President Trump’s agenda since March 2017, led 25 people and Rusty the dog in a march from the Front Royal Town Gazebo to the South Royal Avenue side of the Warren County Courthouse.

While not permitted on such short notice, Sherp said he had informed town police of the planned demonstration and was told it could proceed as long as public right of ways were not blocked and normal foot or vehicular traffic was not interrupted.

Front Royal demonstrators begin their march to the Warren County Courthouse chanting ‘Hands off the Mueller probe – Trump is not above the law’

Led by Len Sherp, Rusty the dog and Bob Hill the march approaches the Warren County Courthouse

“Hands off the Mueller probe, Trump is not above the law” local demonstrators chanted as they marched with American flags and signs expressing support of the Mueller investigation into foreign meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

The group stopped in the shadow of the seat of justice in Front Royal and Warren County to repeat the chant for about 10 minutes to passing motorists on Royal Avenue before marching back down East Main Street to their Town Gazebo staging area.  As they had walking westbound and during their stop at the courthouse, they again repeated the “Hands off the Mueller probe” manta eastbound through Front Royal’s Historic Downtown Business District.

We asked Sherp why the demonstrations under the auspices of were called so soon after Trump forced the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions the day after the 2018 mid-term elections.

Pro-Mueller demonstrators stopped at the county courthouse to express their opinion that the president is not above the laws of the nation

“We’re here because once again the president has demonstrated he has absolutely no fealty to the law, good government, and doesn’t care about anything except himself,” Sherp replied, adding, “The dismissal of Jeff Session within 24 hours of the results of the election, followed by the appointment of Matthew Whitaker who is completely unqualified for the job – not to mention is a partisan Trump loyalist who’s on record having dispute with some directions of the Mueller investigation; not to mention he laid out a blueprint on CNN on how to suffocate the Mueller investigation.”

The Whitaker blueprint Sherp mentioned was a Justice Department defunding of the Mueller probe.

With Constitutional lawyer and former acting U.S. solicitor general Neal Katyal, Trump advisor Kelly Ann Conway’s husband co-authored a NY Times article stating the Whitaker appointment is unconstitutional. TV photo MSNBC broadcast/Roger Bianchini

Sherp said he sees three basic motivations for a long-anticipated Trump move against the attorney general, opening a path against the special counsel investigation into Russian meddling on his behalf during the 2016 campaign.

One is to eliminate the Mueller investigation before a Democratic majority is seated in the U.S. House of Representatives on or about January 6, 2019, with powers to subpoena Trump records and tax returns.  Second is to distract from the result of the Tuesday mid-terms which Sherp described as “a repudiation of him as president”.  And finally and most pointedly Sherp said, that after a pre-election hold on special counsel investigation actions, a new round of indictments is anticipated – potentially including Trump’s eldest son Donald Junior.

The White House increasingly finds itself at ground zero of an escalating constitutional crisis – TV photo CNN broadcast/Roger Bianchini

Vanity Fair magazine and The Daily Mail have reported that Donald Trump Jr. has told friends he fears he may soon be indicted for perjury connected to the Trump Tower campaign meeting with Russians.  While Trump Junior’s attorney denies his client has made such statements, Vanity Fair has also reported that the president is “very depressed” about the prospect of his eldest son facing indictment for actions related to his campaign.

That depression, Sherp pointed out, could relate to the fact some sources have indicated that the president himself led discussion developing a “Russian adoptions” cover story for his son about the Trump Tower meeting overseen by Donald Junior.  The adoptions cover story was allegedly developed during an Air Force One flight back from a European trip.  Trump had been overseas when Donald Junior released emails related to setting up the Trump Tower meeting just before The New York Times was poised to release them.

The pre-Trump Tower communications indicated that Donald Junior initially believed information provided by a Russian attorney at the meeting would “incriminate Hillary” to which he replied enthusiastically “if it’s what you say I love it.”

The investigation thus far

Mueller is a former federal prosecutor and was FBI director under two presidents, George W. Bush who appointed him to a 10-year term, and Barack Obama who asked him to stay on until he appointed Comey in 2013.

Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel for the Russian election interference probe by Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein in May 2017.  Upon his appointment as special prosecutor, Mueller was lauded from both sides of the political aisle as a man of unblemished integrity.  Mueller has also been described as a lifelong Republican.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been charged by the Trump Justice Department to get to the bottom of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and identify all players, foreign and domestic. TV photo NBC broadcast/Roger Bianchini

Mueller’s current appointment came amidst heavy pressure from both sides of the political aisle in the wake of the president’s firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey.  Comey had been overseeing the FBI’s investigation into Russian efforts to impact the result of the 2016 presidential election in favor of Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Comey has stated that prior to his firing, the president asked for an oath of personal loyalty and that the FBI director back off any investigation of his then National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Flynn is one of six former Trump aides or appointees who have since pled guilty or been convicted on charges related to the special counsel’s investigation into Russian electoral interference.  Thus far Mueller’s investigation has resulted in 35 indictments, 32 against people, 26 of those Russian nationals, including 12 Russian GRU intelligence operatives, as well as 3 Russian companies.

In addition to Flynn (guilty plea), among those convicted or pleading guilty to charges stemming from the special prosecutor’s investigation into Russian efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election include one-time Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort (convicted and guilty plea); Trump foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos (guilty plea); Trump campaign aide Rick Gates (guilty plea); Republican operative and lobbyist Sam Patten (guilty plea); and Trump’s long-time personal attorney and so-called “fixer” Michael Cohen (guilty plea).

Most of those entering into plea arrangements with prosecutors are believed to have agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s team regarding their knowledge of activities surrounding Russian contacts or information transfers designed to aid the Trump presidential campaign.

‘Big Victory’ or Real Problems?

Sometimes pictures speak for themselves – photo attributions as above/TV shots from NBC, CNN, MSNBC and NBC affiliate News4 as shown in photos

While the president has publicly claimed a “Big Victory” and “Tremendous success” in the November 6 mid-term election, gains made nationwide by Democrats, particularly in gaining a decisive U.S. House of Representatives majority initially standing at 223-205 with estimates the Democratic majority could rise to as much as 230 seats, spells trouble for the president.

As Sherp noted, it is the U.S. House of Representatives majority party that controls committees with subpoena, not to mention impeachment, powers over the president.  And Sherp is far from alone in seeing Trump’s “the day after” forced resignation of Attorney General Sessions and appointment of his avid loyalist Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General as the first step in a presidential effort to kill the Mueller investigation.

After Sessions recused himself from matters related to the Russia probe due to conflicts of interest involving his work for the Trump campaign and his own personal meetings with Russian officials in that capacity, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein inherited creation of and oversight of Mueller’s investigation.

Trump has repeatedly berated Sessions for his recusal, something legal experts say he had no choice but to do.  The president’s ire has focused on his top administration law enforcement appointee taking himself out of a position to shield the president from potential legal consequences of the Russian investigation.

Acting Attorney General Whitaker appeared to audition for a job at the Trump Justice Department with television appearances and op-eds during which he termed the special prosecutor’s investigation a “witch hunt” and something that needed to be brought to a halt or defunded to the point it could no longer function.  Whittaker also expressed a belief that broadening the Mueller investigation into the president’s personal or business finances would be “a violation” of the special prosecutor’s mandate to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Now Trump has placed Whitaker in a position to act on those stated beliefs.  A question for many is if Whitaker does act to kill or stymie the Mueller investigation will he simply be putting a period on a potential obstruction of justice charge against both himself and the president.

But with administration dominoes being put in place to move against Mueller, citizens across the country are not waiting for the hammer to drop.  Like Len Sherp and 25 companions here, they are taking to the streets nationwide to show they will not take interference in or obstruction of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe lightly.

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Local News

Fourteen graduate Warren County Volunteer Fire Academy



The 2019 Fire Academy Graduating Class at their final live fire training event. Photo courtesy of Warren County Volunteer Fire Academy.

On Wednesday, January 22, 2020 the Warren County Department of Fire and Rescue Services graduated 14 volunteers from its 2019 Volunteer Fire Academy.

This five month training program certified these students in CPR, First Aid, Hazardous Materials Operations, Firefighter Level I and Level II and various other ancillary certifications. To achieve these certifications, students invested over 320 hours of classroom and hands-on learning and many more hours at home or at their respective volunteer fire station. These students read multiple text books that when combined, consist of over 2000 pages of course materials. They completed 22 written and practical benchmark quizzes, four practical skills assessments, three written state exams, three state practical skills exams, and four live fire training exercises.

Fire Chief Richard E. Mabie stated “it is my honor to see these 14 individuals achieve great success and I look forward in watching them serve their communities as newly certified firefighters.” Graduates of the program include (listed by name and station affiliation):

 Michael P. Crawford, John H. Enders, Station #1 (Clarke County)

 Peter A. Flint, Rivermont, Station #2

 Andrew W. Hoffman, Front Royal, Station #1

 Amy N. Holsinger, North Warren, Station #10

 Jennifer W. Horne, North Warren, Station #10

 James S. Kowalewski Jr., Linden, Station #4

 Ciara T. McArdle, North Warren, Station #10

 David R. Moler, North Warren, Station #10

 Terry D. Miller, Linden, Station #4

 Dallas J. Neely, Rivermont, Station #2

 Jordan J. Richardson, Warren County, Station #6

 Madelyne G. Riggs, Warren County, Station #6

 Melody N. Riggs, Warren County Station #6

 Andrew N. Volz, Rivermont, Station #2

During the graduation ceremony, special achievement awards were presented to Jennifer Horne for Outstanding Academic; Andrew W. Hoffman for Outstanding Performance; and Andrew N. Volz for Top of the Class.

To learn how you can become a community volunteer at your local fire and ems station, visit or contact our Fire Administration Office at 540-636-3830.

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EDA in Focus

EDA sells 404 Fairgrounds Road property



404 Fairgrounds Road

The Front Royal/Warren County Economic Development Authority (EDA) has announced the sale of its 404 Fairground Road property to Excelsior Enterprises.

Warren County businessmen Jack Donohue and Dan Beller are the new owners and will immediately begin converting it into state-of-the-art rental office space, complete with a kitchenette, printer, conference room, WiFi, coffee, and other amenities. This renovated space will be available by spring for small businesses and entrepreneurs. All parties interested in renting office space at this location are encouraged to call 540-692-0697.

The additional acreage at the site will also be developed into a new facility for Timber Works, Mr. Donohue’s expanding Warren County company. For nearly a decade, they have been serving the Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia regions, offering tree trimming and removal, land clearing, stump grinding and forestry mulching. Timber Works prides itself on quality, safety, and customer service. The company is highly rated on Google and Yelp and has received the Angie’s List Super Service Award 3 years in a row. Their website is and they can be found on all major social media platforms. Timberworks has five employees and plans to add another crew in 2020.

“We’re excited to sell this property to Excelsior Enterprises and look forward to seeing this property develop into new space for start-up and small business and expanded operations for Timber Works”, said Doug Parsons, Executive Director of the WCEDA. “We’re working hard to sell our properties and shore up our financial situation”, Parsons said. “On behalf of the EDA’s Board of Directors, we want to thank Mr. Donohue and Mr. Beller for their investment in this property and in Warren County.”

All proceeds of this sale will go toward paying down the EDA’s debt.

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Local News

Front Royal Hometown Takeover Update



Thanks to all who came out to the HGTV HOME TOWN TAKEOVER submission brainstorming last night!!

Though we are trying to put together a winning video that represents the MANY reasons we should be chosen, we are strongly encouraging EVERYONE to submit their own videos (sharing individual reasons why FR should WIN)! What are you passionate about in our Hometown? What do you love most about our community–history, nature, attractions, the people… the list is too large for just one video! WHY should HGTV select our community? LET’S ALL TELL THEM!

It’s easy to submit online – contact us if you need help:

If anyone wants to collaborate on a theme video together, feel free to share ideas on our Facebook page at Front Royal Home Town Takeover or on Instagram at #frontroyalhometowntakeover. Please encourage children and youth to submit entry videos! Let’s make HGTV notice how special Front Royal is!

Background about the HGTV CONTEST EFFORT:

All are invited on our mission to TAKEOVER Front Royal with positivity, unity and inspiration to drown our streets and social media with uplifting discussions, photos, stories and videos about our 22630!  Our community TAKEOVER could land a literal takeover by HGTV! Watch this video interview to learn more! The Home and Garden Network is accepting nominations for its largest ever renovation project and a group of community residents believe that Front Royal is the perfect town for the project.  “When I saw the post on Facebook, I was so excited because my kids and I always watch the show together and wish it could be set in Front Royal. This could be the thing that turns the frown upside down and the tragedy into a success story and a come back story,” said Melanie Salins who was inspired to coordinate a committee to lead collaboration for the project.

The deadline to apply is February 4th, and the TAKEOVER committee is hoping that the entire community will join them in making a case for Front Royal to be selected as HGTV’s winning town. We are seeking beautiful photos of our community, video testimonials, historical pictures, and heartwarming stories to include in our submission and on our Facebook page “FRONT ROYAL HOME TOWN TAKEOVER.”

Our social media campaign will be led by local social media strategist, Mitchell Smith, who hopes this #FRONTROYALHOMETOWNTAKEOVER campaign of sharing inspiration throughout our community will continue long beyond our application process. In addition to Smith and Salins, committee members include Letasha Thompson (FR Town Council), William Huck (C&C’s Frozen Treats), Delores Oates (WC Board of Supervisors), Amber Morris and Beth Waller (WHAT MATTERS). Waller added, “This unifying endeavor is exactly what our community needs and I firmly believe that there’s no other town better to win the honor. Let’s put Front Royal on the map, shine a light on our amazing qualities and prove that when we overcome our hardships and thrive together, ANYTHING is possible.”

You are invited to log onto Facebook or Instagram to share your ideas, photos and videos and to submit entries yourself to nominate Front Royal at

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Local News

Warren County School Board is seeking your input regarding the qualities of a new superintendent



WCPS is seeking community input as they search for a new superintendent to lead our school system. All members of the community, parents of children, students, and any other interested citizens are encouraged to log on and fill out the survey that will take less than five minutes to complete. At the conclusion of the survey, there is a section for comments and suggestions.

Don’t miss your opportunity to have a voice in this process.

Enjoy this WHAT MATTERS interview with Dr. J. David Martin, President of Real Synergy, the retired superintendent lead search form committed to ensuring our community successful onboarding of the perfect candidate.

From Warren County Public School website:

The Warren County School Board is in the process of searching for a new superintendent. The members of the Board are seeking your input regarding the qualities the new superintendent should possess. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey by rating the following statements Most Important to Least Important. You are asked to complete this survey one time. Paper copies can be obtained from the Warren County School Board office located at 210 N. Commerce Avenue Front Royal, VA.

Click here to go to the survey.

Warren County Public Schools, Front Royal, VA

The Warren County School Board is seeking a superintendent to lead the school division as it continues to pursue its Trek to Excellence, in accordance with its strategic plan. Candidates must meet the legal requirements to be licensed or be eligible for licensure as a superintendent in Virginia. Central office and building ­level experience are preferred. A doctorate degree or progress toward a doctorate degree is preferred but not required. The successful candidate will be required to live in Warren County.

Applications are due by February 16, 2015.

The Warren County School Board, with input from staff and the community, has identified qualities, skills and experiences needed for the  next superintendent. A successful candidate must demonstrate ability and success in the following areas, which are listed in no particular  order of importance.

  • Strong communication and effective team building
  • Visibility and involvement in community activities
  • Visionary educational leadership
  • Fostering community and/or intergovernmental partnerships
  • Developing and implementing strategies to recruit, grow, and retain high ­quality teachers
  • Communicating effectively within the school division and also externally throughout the school division, region and state
  • Using his or her position to promote and advocate for the educational interests of the students, staff, and community at-large
  • Being an instructional leader
  • Understanding budgeting and resource management to ensure continuation of quality teaching and learning processes
  • Leading by example to inspire others and instill confidence
  • Goal setting and monitoring of achievement.

Warren County is located in the northern Shenandoah Valley where it is surrounded by majestic, rugged mountains, is home to the “Andy  Guest” Shenandoah River State Park and serves as the northern entrance to the Skyline Drive and Shenandoah National Park. The population of Warren County is approximately 38,700.  The school division serves 5,400 students in eight schools, grades K­12, two alternative programs, and a career/technical center.

Warren County Public Schools is led by a School Board of five members, all elected by popular vote. The Superintendent serves at the  pleasure of the School Board and carries out the policies established by the School Board.

Applicants must complete the School Board’s required application package. You may obtain the application from the Warren County Public School’s website at A completed application should be mailed to:

Mrs. Catherine R. Bower, Chairperson
Warren County Public Schools
P. O. Box 1916
Front Royal, VA 22630-­0040

Real Synergy, L.L.C. is assisting the Warren County School Board in the search process. Inquiries and questions should be directed to:

Dr. J. David Martin
President of Real Synergy
phone: 540-­270-­9637


Are you or your group in need of a free video that could be created to help market your cause or event? Beth’s WHAT MATTERS Warren videos post on Facebook and YouTube.

Learn more Beth’s nonprofit, WHAT MATTERS, a 501 (c) (3), at – check out the “Community” section to request a TOWN TIP or WHAT MATTERS WARREN BETHvid or contact her at 540-671-6145 or


WHAT MATTERS is a 501(c)(3) that focuses on local and global outreach to help spread the word, support and raise funds for causes that matter (primarily through Facebook). WHAT MATTERS has ZERO overhead as 100% of the expenses are funded by Beth’s real estate business thanks to her clients and supporters. Every cent raised goes to the cause she’s promoting and most are matched by Beth. If you’d like to get involved, or travel to Africa with her on a future trip to work with the children of Light up Life Foundations, please visit

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Local News

Computerized shredder of sensitive documents marketed by area lawyer



Local launch of ‘Shred/Cube’ scheduled for March 2020

Fifteen years ago, a Warren County attorney had a dream.

Sometime in the next couple of months, probably the first week of March, the dream will come true.

At that time, Nancie Williams will offer a prototype of her invention, a white, inch-square cube in a small green box, to professional establishments in the Northern Shenandoah Valley to test for its efficacy in totally destroying data that, until now, has been sent to the computers’ Recycling or Trash bin, deleted, and forgotten about.

Unbeknownst to many computer users, files deleted in this manner remain accessible on the hard drive and can be extracted by even lower-skilled hackers. Nancie’s invention, the Shred/Cube, aims to solve this very common issue.

Simple to use: Plug the Shred/Cube in to USB port and you’re ready for permanent virtual world deletion. – Courtesy Photos

The Shred/Cube is a small device that plugs into a computer’s USB port and requires no installation or external downloads to be used. Once inserted, the device places an icon on your desktop that opens a very simple and user-friendly control panel. Users can drag and drop any files onto this virtual control panel to either “shred” or “disintegrate” them, the former being used for the home and office while the latter meets the Department of Defense’s (DoD) standard for unclassified file disposal. Nancie’s team has tested her product’s usefulness at permanently destroying computer files by using the best-known file recovery methods available on the market, with zero successful recovery attempts.

Nancie, who resides with husband Arnold and their two young children in Middletown, came to the area from Alexandria in 2005. She first joined the Warren County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office before continuing in private law practice, which she continues to do from her office, Northern Valley Law LLC in Front Royal.

The dream began, and, by and by, she devised a computer attachment, on paper, that became a reality more than a decade later when she sought out a technician who would buy into her model and turn it into a piece of equipment. To turn the dream into reality, in stepped Alex Stieb of Stephens City, founder of Lux Foundation Solutions, a designer building and engineering firm. Alex, a family man with four young children, is a self-taught, from age 10, computer nerd and immediately knew what his new attorney friend was talking about.

Alex Stieb and Nancie Williams happily toss a dream between them as the little white Shred Cube’s launch date draws near.

Said Nancie, “Up until Alex and I met, folks had routinely pooh pooed my concept … he came along, believed in the product, designed it (along with a core group of a dozen others with varied technical backgrounds) and here we are with a fully functional ‘Shred/Cube’, ready to test market, hopefully on March 1 or thereabouts.”

Around that date, Nancie says, 1,000 Shred/Cubes will be placed on the market locally. The likes of doctors, dentists, hospitals, law firms, government entities including colleges and schools that keep highly confidential records of clients, patients, teachers, students and so on are the targets of this initial marketing effort by Shred/Cube LLC.

Fully patented and tested, the cost of the small, white cube in the Nancie-designed green box, will be $149.99. A Warren County Rotary Club member, Nancie Williams (known prior to her marriage to Arnold Williams as Nancy Kie) will first address her Rotary club on her invention, and be open to invitations to other organizations who want to hear about it. The U.S government, perhaps?

If it is successful, what do Nancie and Alex see for their invention?

“We’ll sell to the highest bidder,” Nancie smiled.

The Shred/Cube will soon be ready for marketing.

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Local News

Disposition of Solar Panels



The Front Royal Warren County Economic Development Authority (WCEDA) is advertising for any party interested in purchasing the solar electric system currently stationed on top of the EDA Building at 400 Kendrick Lane, Front Royal.

The system must removed at no cost to the EDA and the roof must be left in good repair. The EDA has a deadline of April 30, 2020 to complete the removal of the system. Details of the solar electric system are available at the WCEDA offices.

Interested parties may inspect the system in person at the WCEDA offices. The successful bidder will hold the WCEDA harmless during the removal process and add the WCEDA as an insured to their insurance policies.

Submit your interest, in writing, no later than Noon Thursday, February 6, 2020.


Doug Parsons
Executive Director
Front Royal/Warren County EDA
P.O. Box 445
Front Royal, VA 22630

540-635-2182 (office)

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears @ Samuels Public Library
Jan 25 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Goldilocks and the Three Bears @ Samuels Public Library
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Moving Mindfully: Finding and ke... @ Ruby Yoga
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Aspiring Artists @ Samuels Public Library
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Toddler and Preschool Story Time @ Samuels Public Library
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10:15 Toddler story time | 11:00 Preschool story time Wednesday, January 29 and Thursday, January 30: Puppies are cuddly! Puppies are cute! Our stories, songs, and craft will be about our friends, the puppies! Siblings[...]
10:15 am Toddler and Preschool Story Time @ Samuels Public Library
Toddler and Preschool Story Time @ Samuels Public Library
Jan 30 @ 10:15 am – 12:00 pm
Toddler and Preschool Story Time @ Samuels Public Library
10:15 Toddler story time | 11:00 Preschool story time Wednesday, January 29 and Thursday, January 30: Puppies are cuddly! Puppies are cute! Our stories, songs, and craft will be about our friends, the puppies! Siblings[...]
7:00 pm Love Revival – FREE Monthly Comm... @ Love Revival Ministry Center
Love Revival – FREE Monthly Comm... @ Love Revival Ministry Center
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Love Revival - FREE Monthly Community Dinner @ Love Revival Ministry Center
Free Community Dinner for everyone! Come enjoy a hot meal on the last Friday of every month at Love Revival Ministry Center.
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Books and Barks @ Samuels Public Library
Feb 1 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Books and Barks @ Samuels Public Library
Come to our extremely popular monthly program that gives developing readers the chance to read and relax with a trained therapy dog.  For beginning readers and up.  Choose a time slot at registration, which begins[...]
11:00 am HSWC Polar Plunge @ Northern Virginia 4-H Center
HSWC Polar Plunge @ Northern Virginia 4-H Center
Feb 1 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
HSWC Polar Plunge @ Northern Virginia 4-H Center
The Humane Society of Warren County will hold their 1st annual Polar Plunge event on February 1st at the Culpeper Lake, located at the Northern Virginia 4-H Center in Harmony Hollow. “Plungers” are asked to[...]
2:00 pm World of Lego @ Samuels Public Library
World of Lego @ Samuels Public Library
Feb 1 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
World of Lego @ Samuels Public Library
Children ages 5 and up are invited to explore all the amazing things you can do with Legos.  Registration begins January 1.
10:15 am Toddler and Preschool Story Time @ Samuels Public Library
Toddler and Preschool Story Time @ Samuels Public Library
Feb 4 @ 10:15 am – 12:00 pm
Toddler and Preschool Story Time @ Samuels Public Library
10:15 Toddler story time | 11:00 Preschool story time Wednesday, January 29 and Thursday, January 30: Puppies are cuddly! Puppies are cute! Our stories, songs, and craft will be about our friends, the puppies! Siblings[...]