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WATCH: Relocation of the local vehicle decals
January 5, 2018

Town Staff was notified by the County of Warren that the 2019 Virginia Inspection Stickers will be moved to the left corner of the windshield; therefore, the Town and County local vehicle decals will have to be moved as well. Per the Virginia State Police Media Release the move is “due to the automobile manufactures crash avoidance technology that utilizes the center of the windshield and placement of items in that area including stickers could prevent crash avoidance system from operating properly”. Council is requested to discuss with the County of Warren a course of action for the relocation of the local vehicle decals that may stay in place until December 31, 2018.

Click to download Work Session Agenda.

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There are 4 comments

  • Keren says:

    Why not eliminate them completely? Almost every other county in the state of Virginia has eliminated them. Charge us the same rate annually, but eliminate the actual sticker. That would be safest, in my opinion.

    • C Nickens says:

      I agree!

    • Robert Hooker says:

      Hi Keren,

      The article is speaking of the Va. state inspection sticker. The only way to keep the vehicles on our roads safe to drive is with the vehicle safety inspection. Otherwise most people wouldn’t keep their cars in safe working condition. Unfortunately Warren County does not require an emissions inspection so we are forced to put up with trucks (and cars) that are overly loud and blow smoke everywhere.

      The thing with the sticker is that the police want to see it in plain view for ticketing purposes. However I would think that bigger brains could have come up with a better idea than having them in the drivers field of view. Either that or car manufacturers could find a better spot for crash prevention technology other than the dashboard of cars (what if a leaf gets on the windshield and blocks the view?)

      My 2 cents…

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