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Take a Look at Morality!



Someone wrote about tolerance and acceptance of transgenders in our schools. Calling those that oppose this lifestyle, racist and haters!

Folks, I don’t want to just sit back and let this person rant and rave on my thinking about morality in this day and age!

Nothing about Godly truth about homosexual conduct is mentioned! The church cannot be intimidated by people who use these tactics to make Godly people look bad because we do not accept homosexual lifestyles!

Christianity is being looked at like we don’t love homosexuals, this is not true! We just don’t accept that which is against God’s plan for mankind and against God as the creator of humankind.

The truth is that homosexual conduct is sinful! Now, we all know what is good and what is evil. Here are just a few scriptures from the Bible about homosexual conduct… Leviticus. 18:22, 20:13 from the Old Testament. Here are scriptures from the New Testament, Romans 1:24-32; 1 Corinthians. 6:9-10; 1 Timothy 1:10-11.

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you must love homosexuals enough to tell them about what is acceptable in God’s sight, not man. Christ loved sinful humanity enough to endure public scorn, ridicule, and yes physical abuse, to bless it! So we Christians must love homosexuals enough to do the same, to bring souls that will be judged before our Heavenly Father. We are not the eternal Judge on Heaven or Hell! God is.

Now about judging, we are not to judge inappropriately, nor by one’s own standard, rather judgment is God’s, nor are we to be judging in a biased and harsh way! According to Matthew 7:1 and Luke 6:37, to claim that Christ’s prohibition of judging means that Christians are not to label any conduct as sinful or inform those engaging in that conduct of the need to repent is transparently false.

The hypocrisy is that those who seek to exempt homosexual conduct from moral condemnation on the basis of Christ’s words about judging condemn as mean, hateful, unchristian those who dare to inform others of the Bible’s teaching about homosexual conduct. If they believe the proscription of judging means that it is not our place as flawed humans to condemn any kind of conduct is sinful? They apply their alleged sensitivity to judging quite selectively: it is wrong for you to judge their conduct, an offense worthy of contempt, but it is fine for them to judge yours. When one sees such blatant contradictions, it is a clue that something other than a pursuit of truth is at work.

This nation was founded on Godly principles and teachings. Look how far we have come in leaving Godly values and principles behind, just to be tolerant and acceptable to state mandates.

Tenia Smith
Front Royal


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An open letter to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin



You previously professed a commitment to bipartisanship, which is a reasonable position because only half of America elected President Biden. You should also acknowledge that in the last election, Americans chose to expand Conservative influence in the House of Representatives, contradictory to election forecasts. You should acknowledge that many citizens likely voted against the incumbent President as a demonstration of disgust with his controversial characteristics, rather than as an affirmation of the Biden/Sanders advertised manifesto. There is absolutely no mandate for the transformation of America that the Democrat party is now embarked on. The human infrastructure (Reconciliation Bill) initiative is a linguistic fraud and everyone knows it. The invention of this new term only fools ignorant people, and that is a very small segment of the American public.

Also, embedded in the Reconciliation Bill is a provision to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, which is not supported by the majority of the public. Hispanic Americans who obtained their citizenship by following our lawful immigration process are some of the most ardent opposition to that proposal. The biased media has purposefully not sought to educate the public on that element. No ‘law and order’ politician should be able to support that provision.

Democrat politicians in conservative states who vote for the proposed Reconciliation Bill are committing career suicide. Is this the legacy you want to leave as a representative of West Virginia?

While you may consider that passing a bill addressing actual infrastructure projects, with bipartisan support that a majority of citizens could benefit from, will offer some political cover that enables you to be a loyal party member and vote for a subsequent grossly expensive social entitlements Reconciliation Bill, but that would be a risky gamble inconsistent with your moderate political reputation. This Bill is nothing short of the radical left’s wish list that is not consistent with the political views of the American majority.

You swore a solemn oath to defend our Constitution. A core principle of the Constitution is individual freedom. The breadth of expanded entitlement programs included in the proposed Reconciliation Bill conflicts with that principle because the more aspects of citizens’ lives that the government controls, the less individual freedom they have. Instituting more entitlements just creates a form of economic slavery to government control at the expense of individual liberty. The proposed multi-trillion-dollar Reconciliation Bill will virtually install a ‘cradle to grave’ socialist philosophy that is inconsistent with American values which have contributed to making us the most exceptional country in the world and will irreparably damage your reputation. So, I hope you will reconsider your support for this reckless legislation and vote to continue to protect individual freedom.


Gary Kushner
Bentonville, Virginia

(Editorial (RB) notes on several of Mr. Kushner’s assertions:
1/ Regarding social welfare programs pushed by Democrats: “A core principle of the Constitution is individual freedom.” – While “individual freedom” is not mentioned in the introductory paragraph of the U.S. Constitution, “promote the general Welfare” is the fourth and final goal listed after “establish Justice”, “insure domestic Tranquility” and “provide for a common defense”.

2/ re: “only half of America elected President Biden” – half plus 7 million, as opposed to the minus-3 million popular vote deficit Mr. Trump “won” the presidency by in 2016.

3/ re: “Americans chose to expand Conservative influence in the House of Representatives” – but they remained in the minority there; Republicans have lost their majority in the Senate.

4/ re: “provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens” – Many refugee/immigrants traveling to the U.S. southern border during the Trump Administration became “illegals” due to policy initiatives put in place at the border which needlessly halted and held up the legal entry method and route for weeks, if not longer. So, many of these “illegals” were created by Trump Administration policies making legal entry nearly impossible.)


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Stonewall District School Board candidate, Linda Martin



Greetings Stonewall residents, new and old!

My name is Linda Martin and I am running for School Board in Stonewall District.  My goals are to ensure that Frederick County Public Schools maintain a focus on core subjects and provide parents with full transparency into what is being taught to their children.  Across the country there is an unfortunate trend of introducing ideas that are divisive, of dubious accuracy, and irrelevant to the skills our children need to obtain good jobs.  We need school board members who understand our community and who will vigilantly guard against political indoctrination in our schools.  Our children’s lives should not be the subject of radical experiments in social engineering.  As a conservative I will stand against this trend.

I know our community well, having been born at Winchester Memorial Hospital and being a longtime resident of Stonewall District.  I attended Stonewall Elementary and graduated from James Wood High School on Amherst.  My family has long roots here – my father Rudolph Martin owned and operated Rudy’s Garage on Welltown Pike until he retired.  My three children attended Apple Pie Ridge Elementary and graduated from James Wood High School.

I am intimately familiar with the trajectories our students may take, both to college and in the trades.  I earned degrees from Massey Junior College (Fashion) and Shenandoah University (Business), and have been an entrepreneur in Frederick County for many years.  I founded and operated Linda’s Nutritional Centre and Naturally Yours with my daughter Zorina Sale.

Growing up on Welltown Road before there was even an I-81 gave me a deep love for the beauty and history of our county.  I now desire to give back to the community by serving on the School Board representing Stonewall District.

I advocate renewed concentration in schools on core curricula, rejuvenation of vocational school options, and the elimination of ideological and divisive programs such as critical race theory.  A vote for me is a vote for no-nonsense education.  Come and meet me at New Covenant Christian Church on July 24th, at 2pm if you support conservative values in education.

Linda Martin
Stonewall District School Board

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Negative stereotyping – what does it say about you?



Recently, some residents speaking publicly or writing on Facebook have described others in the community as “communists”, “socialists”, and even more derogatory labels such as “evil”. Given the extreme likelihood that these speakers/writers know they are not telling the truth about other people, it is time to talk about “Communication 101”.

Those of us who are supposed to accept the negative labels could be amused, yet not likely so. Many different reactions are possible. One reaction seemingly not possible for those I speak of is recognizing that those who make others out as stupid and/or evil just for disagreeing with them have more accurately described themselves.

When stereotypical exaggerations, even untruths, are used as labels, that is the result: The perpetrators are their own victims. To explain, it is clear evidence that the speakers and writers of this ilk do not know and don’t care to find the correct words to describe others with whom they disagree.

Linda Allen 
former Front Royal resident

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Can we talk about Olive’s Fund?



Humane Society of Warren County

Friends and fans of the shelter, I’d like to talk with you a little about Olive’s Fund, and how that works with our shelter budget. Olive’s Fund is the money that we use to pay for “Above and Beyond” care of our shelter animals. We love going above and beyond, so much so that it sometimes becomes hard to say NO. As it stands, I’ve said YES more times than we have funding for in this program, and I need your help to get back on track.

Olive’s Fund is different from the regular shelter budget. We have general funds which we use to pay for vaccines, spay and neuter surgeries, electricity, and all the regular things that a shelter pays for. Typical shelter care for the animals is food, vaccines, a healthy diet, preventatives, and a nice comfy place to wait for a family. Many animals come in needing more than that, and that’s where Olive’s Fund comes in.

It all started with a dog named Olive. She was a stray puppy that came to us after being hit by a car. Funding was not available, but our community stepped forward to save her. The Olive’s Fund was created in honor of that special community effort. We know you want us to save everything that comes in the door, and we do too- and that’s how we got in our predicament.

Since the beginning of the year, we have said YES $2,887.37 more times than our donors generously gave. It’s extremely difficult to say no to sick or injured animals, but I will need to if we cannot get Olive’s Fund back in the black. In addition to the overspending, we have 2 surgeries that we want to do that are waiting on funds.

I’m sorry to ask, but this has been a really challenging year in terms of sick kittens and injured dogs. Here’s what I said yes to so far this year, at a cost of $12,965.52:

Junior (cancerous mass)
Zelda (Emergency C-section)
River (leg amputation)
Jennifer (postpartum emergency)
Uma (blood work)
Ember (urinary stones surgery)
Gato (Entropian surgery)
Tater (cancerous mass)
Geppetto (dental)
Yeti (gunshot wound)
Boots (dental)
Eileen (leg amputation)
Tiger Lilly (dental)
Chevy (leg amputation)
Pumpkin (cancerous Mass)
Ariel (Eye removal)
Paisley (blood work & exam)
Amy (tail amputation)
Lizzie (blood work, eye exam)
Sunkist (Dental)
Stray Cat (Respiratory Emergency)

So there you have it – I’ve said YES more times than we had donations for, and now that funding is negative.

Two more animals are waiting, and the next one could walk in the door at any moment. That’s the struggle of an animal shelter. It’s unpredictable, and we want to save them all.

I’m asking you to please consider a donation to Olive’s Fund so that we can make up the negative of $2,887.37, and fund the next two surgeries. I hope you can understand why I said yes, always thinking that tomorrow’s check would get us back on track.

Keep reading to see the next animals who need us once we get back into the black.

Call me with your questions at 540-635-4734, or stop by and see me M-F 8 am-4 pm.
Thank you,

Meghan Bowers
Humane Society of Warren County

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Front Royal/Warren County and Social Tolerance – sadly ‘Same as it Ever Was’ 



re: School Board declines transgender policy updates for WCPS

As I attempted to digest the incomprehensible news that our county’s school board is attempting to defy state mandate by refusing to grant trans youth access to appropriate bathrooms, I was reminded of an era in the not-so-distant past. It was 1958, and Warren County was one of just a few localities in the state committed to massive resistance. In a nutshell, the county was so intent upon keeping schools segregated, despite state law, that it would rather shut down its schools entirely than allow Black students to mingle with White.

And here we are again: Warren County is so committed to antiquated, oppressive ideals that it would rather risk the loss of state funding or other legal action than usher its schools into a safer and more inclusive future.

And helping chart this illicit course is sitting Town Councilmember Gary Gillispie, who proclaimed that affirming trans identities “is not good for our children.” Mr. Gillispie was “sworn in accordance with the laws of the State” into his office, according to Front Royal’s Municipal Code, yet stood boldly before the School Board urging it to violate a mandate that the state had set, which reads: “Each school board shall adopt policies that are consistent with but may be more comprehensive than the model policies developed by the Department of Education.” He seemed oblivious to how this might fly in the face of his duties as an elected official.

What actually harms our children, literally putting their lives on the line, is fostering an atmosphere of hate; of invalidating trans identities; and of teaching other kids that gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and gender non-conforming students are “other” and less deserving of protection. Children imbued with intolerance grow into adults who can perpetuate oppressive structures, or even commit direct violence – marginalized youth often become adults suffering with mental illness or addiction, which in many cases has led to suicide.

Courtney “Eshay” Key, Jaheim “Barbie” Pugh, Alexandria Winchester – These are only three of the trans and gender non-conforming lives stolen last year, the deadliest year on record for transgender people. An overwhelming portion of those lives were Black, indigenous, and other people of color, some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Imagine if we fostered love, compassion, and acceptance in our most formative years inside our school system. Would we have reached 200 trans murders since 2013 in our country? Though Warren County seems content to perpetuate the status quo of anti-trans violence, fortunately, just like in 1958, the rest of Virginia will keep dragging us along as it leaves this hate-filled era in the dust.

Laura Lee Cascada
Front Royal, Virginia

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An open letter to Sheriff Butler:



Congratulations to you and your men on their recent arrests of the people responsible for stealing ATVs, possession of drugs, and multiple other charges. They also scored a large drug bust, and sadly, arrested a man who had killed a motorcyclist. Great police work! But that’s where it all falls apart. The legal system puts them back on the street.

The guy who crossed the centerline in collision with motorcycle believed under the influence of drugs had previously been arrested about twenty times and was still on the street.

The alleged ATV thieves were well known to law enforcement but were out on the street again.

Mr. Capps, a felon, was found with a weapon and a considerable amount of drugs. Again, why was he on the street?

It would appear that the vast majority of arrests were of repeat offenders, all of which avoided jail time. It must be frustrating for you and your deputies to arrest felons only to have them released over and over again. Somewhere the system is badly broken. It is only a matter of time until a more massive tragedy occurs, only to have the question – why weren’t they in jail?

D.C. recently dismissed over 3000 misdemeanor warrants and has started a program to address charges via computer. These charges range from simple assault to driving on a suspended license. I have no idea how this will work, but it was started “to remove the stigma of an arrest” – I am concerned about the feelings of somebody believed to have broken the law?

Continue the outstanding work. Unfortunately, you will always have a job, but you should expect the judicial system to do its job too.


F. Schwartz
Warren County, Virginia

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